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"Do you Aang take Katara to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"I do…"

"Do you Katara take Aang to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"I do…"

"Then Katara and Aang I wish you two the happiest of a marriage and I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride." The happy couple leaned in and gave one another the best kiss they have ever shared. Separating their lips they starred deeply into one another's eyes.

"I love you…" Aang said placing his forehead against his now official wife.

"You should know I love you too…" Katara returned the comment. A laugh came from the crowd. The couple looked out to noticing Song laughing in Sokka's still bandaged arm. Sokka looked up and smiled at the couple who still stood at the alter. They made their way down the aisle smiling at the crowd of people who came to celebrate their marriage. Stopping at the gate of the Southern Air Temple they were surprised by the many people who greeted them.

"Congratulations!" One man yelled. Aang and Katara ran out to Appa who was decorated with ribbons and a beautiful white sash. Momo sat on top of Appa's head wearing a hat. The newly married couple boarded Appa who grunted and gave a flick of his tale sending them into the air.

"Thanks for watching Song, Sokka!" Katara yelled waving good bye. The many earth and water benders boarded their rides to follow the couple. They all headed towards the Northern Air temple for the reception. Sokka on the other hand stayed at the Southern Air Temple because he still wasn't completely up to snuff on his health. His arm, leg, and stomach were still bandaged and he walked with a limp. He didn't really mind staying behind because he could spend time with his niece who looked even more beautiful than ever. Her spots were completely gone, her cough had subsided, and you could actually hold her hand without her yelling in pain. She was completely healed. Sokka went back inside smiling down at his niece as she cuddled up in his arms in her newly fitted water tribe coat.

"You know, you are an airbender, so it looks like we should get you the proper clothing don't you think?" Sokka said holding the small infants chubby hands. "I mean something like Aang's outfit." Sokka explained. "But we shouldn't worry about that right now. You know I never did give you that outfit I got back at the village when you were still sick." Sokka went to his quarters. Song let go a whimper. "Yeah you probably want to get out that stuffy fur coat, so how about we try on that outfit?" Sokka began taking off her cloths and reaching for the outfit he had purchased no to long ago. He put the outfit on her and she looked much more comfortable. Song just smiled and reached out her arms, meaning she wanted him to hold her. "Alright…" Sokka said reached for her. Song looked up at Sokka who let loose a small yawn.

"Appa…" Song said out of the blue.

"Aw, you must be tire. I know I am after this 5 hour long wedding. What do you say we get something to eat and then go take a nap?" Sokka said leaving his quarters.

"Appa!" Song repeated.

"Yes, Appa…" Sokka said. Sokka walked to the kitchen reaching for Song's warm bottle and a granola bar him. He stood rocking the infant back and forth as she drank the last drop of her bottle. After so he held her up to his should and tried to burp the small infant but it didn't work. He held Song in front of him. "Why aren't you burping?" Sokka said. Song looked at him and smiled. All of a sudden she spit up all over him with a smile. "Ah! Song?!" Sokka said holding her far away from him. Song let out a small giggle before yawning again. "Ugh, well I guess I don't need to burp you anymore. Let's put you to bed." Sokka said keeping Song away from his soaked shirt. He turned the corner into Aang and Katara's room and placed her in her crib. "There we go. Good night." Sokka said in a calm voice. Just before he was about to leave the room he noticed a note. "Hey what's this?" Sokka began to read the short note.

Dear Aang and Katara,

I have found the time to come near the Southern Air Temple in about 2 weeks. I am deeply sorry that I can't make it to your wedding. The other warriors and I can't wait to see the young child I've heard so much about. Song right? Such a pretty name for most likely the prettiest baby. It's been such a joy to know that I will finally get to see all of you once again. We should be around for no more than 1 week. See you then.

With blessings of a happy marriage,

Suki and the Kioshi Warriors

P.S. Please keep my arrival a secret from Sokka. I want it to be a surprise!

Sokka starred at the note for a couple of minutes. "Suki's coming in?!" He was very surprised. He heard a rustle in Song's crib so he decided to take his surprise else where. He read the note over and over and day dreamed about his Suki. "Ah…" Sokka sighed happily. "Huh?" Sokka looked at the bottom of the letter. "This letter is two weeks old…TWO WEEKS OLD?! That means she is coming tonight!" Sokka quickly ran all over dusting and picking up preparing for Suki's unexpected visit. Sokka was very nervous but also excited to know that they were the only ones there, besides the other Kioshi Warriors. Katara and Aang weren't expected back until the day after tomorrow. Sokka was all ready, and just in time. A group of warriors were walking up the pathway.

"Hello?" A familiar voice sounded. Sokka turned the corner with a cloth in his hand.

"SUKI! Hey…" he said trying to keep his cool. Suki let a small giggle go before running up to Sokka and giving him a large hug.

"It's so nice to see you again. Oh my god, what happened to you?!" Suki said holding Sokka in front of her.

"Oh, nothing. It's really nothing." Sokka said trying to be strong.

"Sokka look at you! You are a mess. Your arm, leg, AND stomach are bandaged. What happened?"

"Really its nothing, just some weirdo and I got in a fight, its not big deal!" Sokka said placing his good arm behind his neck.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fine…"

"Well ok then." Suki gave Sokka a small peck on the cheek. "It's great to see you."

"Oh…Y-yeah…" Sokka said rubbing his cheek in love. Suki giggled again and pointed to his shirt.

"Having baby troubles?" Sokka looked down and saw the white stain from when Song spit up on him.

"Uh…um…" Sokka stuttered. "I'll be right back." Sokka ran to his quarters to grab a clean shirt to replace his stained one. He then ran back to the warriors who stood around enjoying the view.

"Wow Sokka, the view is breath taking." Suki said admiring the clouds and mountains that surrounded them.

"Yeah they are." Sokka said walking over to where the warriors stood. "Well you guys can come on in and get situated." Sokka offered. "You probably want some rest."

"Thanks Sokka. So where's the happy couple?" Suki said walking inside the giant temple.

"Oh they are at their reception still and after they are going on their honey moon."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah, they will be back in about 2 days though."

"Oh, ok…" Suki said placing her fans down.

"Yup..." Sokka said sitting down on Suki's temporary bed. A long silence engulfed the whole room. "So, how was your travel?"

"Um…it was…fun."

"Cool." Sokka said trying to get into a conversation.

"Oh yes…" Suki said sitting down next to him. Sokka looked over at Suki who starred down at her feet. Suki looked up and noticed him. Sokka quickly turned away and blushed bright red. Suki smiled and giggled. She gained to courage to pick her hand up and touched Sokka's face turning his head. They both looked at each other with great passion. They moved centimeter by centimeter closing in on each others face. Blood rushed to both their faces as they were only about 2 centimeters away.


"Aang, Katara…" A man approached the couple who talked to the other guests.

"Dad!" Katara said hugging her father.

"Oh my Katara, how I have waited for this day." Katara's father said departing from his daughter.

"But I thought you couldn't make the reception?" Katara said crying.

"The warriors let me go. They said they could handle the mission." He smiled.

"Nice to meet you sir." Aang bowed.

"Like wise young avatar." Hagoda returned the bow.

"How long can you stay?" Katara questioned.

"I can stay for about a week, but then I must go." Hagoda said.

"It would be an honor to invite you back to our home." Aang offered.

"That would be great." Katara's father accepted.

"Yeah, we can drop you off there on our way to Ba Sing Sai."

"Why are you two going all the way to Ba Sing Sai?"

"For our honey moon of course."

"Oh yes, well you two take care of yourselves out there."

"Don't worry dad, we will." Katara said holding onto Aang.


They were only 1 centimeter away now, but just as their lips were about to touch, a crying sound was heard. Opening their eyes they starred at each other.

"T-that's Song, I better go." Sokka said getting up. Suki just watched him leave and signed. All the warriors stood outside the door taking turns peeking in.

"No?" One warrior questioned. Suki bowed her head.