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This story is an alternate universe were the charters are a little different. Naruto is a little darker, smarter and a little lad back. Hinata does stutter but stops in later in the did I forget she's a pervert, but she doesn't show it till the fifth chapter. I don't hate Sakura ok, so all of you SHUTUP!!! Also I have no idea if I want to put this story as an harem or just Naruto and Hinata. I will also be putting up new chapters for my other story's coming soon. I'm also stating a new story called: Watch Me Grow. You will see Naruto's live but with so changes. One: Sarutobi will help Naruto in he's traning. Two: Naruto will not have mask. Three: Naruto will create other jutsu beside the sexy jutsu. The story will be a harem. Naruto will not have a bloodline. The story will have some crossovers. Namely Yu Yu Hakusho. Watch how Naruto gets the name Konoha no Shin Kitsune(Konoha Spirit Fox). The story's chapters are going to be long. You may not see the story tell next month or until I go on my summer break. Well thats it for me now on with the story.

Settings: After the chunin Preliminaries finals.

"Kakaski-sensai! I need a favor!" A blond boy with an orange jumpsuit said as he's hopping around. "Don't say another word Naruto. I can't train you." A masked one-eyed Jonin said. "Why not!" but before Kakashi could answer. Naruto figured it out. "HEY! Your going to train Sasuke aren't you!" Naruto shouted. "Naruto shut up! Your in the hospital!" Said a voice from behind.


"Sakura-Chan? What are you doing here?" Naruto asked looking at the pink haired girl. She looked at him like it was the most offensive thing she has ever heard. "I'm here to see Sasuke-kun. I mean he is the one that saved us from Orichimaru." She said with a matter-of-fact tone. " What are you talking about? It if wasn't for me Sasuke would be dead right now. If it wasn't for me we wouldn't have made it to the finals!" Naruto yelled with anger.


"I highly doubt that you alone got your scroll to pass the exam. You have a lot of stamina but your not that strong." Kakashi said without thinking, Sakura just nodded. She knew Naruto was right but she didn't what to admit it. So she stayed quieted.


"But I…" Naruto said with a little pain in his eyes.

"That's enough Naruto. If you could barely beat Kiba how am I supposed to believe that you got the scroll without help?" Kakaski said looking up from his book giving his student a glare. "Please Naruto do not lie to me." Kakashi said looking back down at his book.


Naruto was shaking with rage. I mean how could he. But maybe their was hope...maybe. "Sakura-Chan" She sow a glimmer of pain in his eyes but dismissed it as figure it was her imagination. I mean come on Naruto feeling bad, really.She turned her head unknown of what she just did.


At that point Naruto felt many emotion




And finally Heartbreak.


Disbelieve. 'How the hell can they not believe me.'

Anger. 'Those basters. Sakura saw what happen.'

Pain. 'I guess she Really isn't my friend. I guess i really am alone.'

Heartbreak. 'How could she do this I loved her.'

'So I its true I really don't have any friends…I guess I really am alone'

So put bluntly he felt like shit. With that his mask was shattered be on repair


They were expecting a combat form him but all they got was…nothing…but a sound of dripping water.


It felt like an eternity when he lifted his heads up from the shadows of his hair. The looks in his eyes sent a cold rush through there body. The look in his eyes could freeze hell over. In a heartbeat everybody in the hospital felt a massive killer intent that could be felt all the way to sound oto. 'This-this can't be Naruto. His killer intent is massive.' Sakura thought to herself as she fell to her knees.

'This is incredible. So…powerful. This isn't even the kyuubi's this all Naruto's. Its so powerful I can even see the aura!' Kakashi thought as he watched the hell fire surrounding Naruto.


A crowed was made. Every Ninja in the village stood there. A reddish black aura was surrounding Naruto like hellfire. Naruto was be on piss, but his face didn't show it. His face showed no emotions. Which scarred the hell out of everyone.


What got people were his eyes. They weren't his natural deep ocean blue. They were a mix of black and purple. In the center was a red swirl spinning with all its beauty.


"N-Nar-N-Naruto." Sakura said shaky. He turned his head slowly at Sakura. She was scared out of her mind. "I-I'm s-so-sorry." She stuttered. His look didn't change. All the hatred was on his tear stained face. "Naruto p-please don't look at me like that. Where friends remember." Sakura said in a pleading voice. Where was the dope that used to like her.


"Friends…Sakura" everyone was quiet and edge. Even the hokage was on edge. He himself can't even put up a killer intent that powerful. "You don't know what it means to be a friend to someone. I've tried to be your friend but now I know that someone like you are unable to have friends. in other words,"


He tilted his head back so everyone could see his eyes. He spoke the 7 words that broke her heart. "I regret calling you…my friend" and with that he calmly walked though the door. He stopped at the door and turned his head over his shoulder staring completely at Kakashi. "Kakashi…you always said 'Those who break the rules and regulation are trash…but…Those who don't care about their companions are worse then trash.' Congratulations." Naruto glared at him hotly "You trash." And with that he walked out the door. A lone tear rolled down Kakashi face while Sakura was on her knees crying. Not one moment did they think that Naruto would take this so seriously. Those eyes, they could see every bad thing they did to the blond. They all thought the same thing at the same time. 'I'm sorry Naruto.' Nobody notice that a purple haired genin was long gone from her stay at the hospital.

Sorry guy I'm going to put the rest of my stories on hold. I'll do one chapter for each. I'll be focusing on this story a lot more then the others. This basically book 1. Book 1 is basically forcing on the chunin exams so this is a very short story. This is a Naruto and Hinata fanfic.

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