People of the fan fiction world I'm afraid I can know longer write anymore. You see I have decided to go into the army. I am 18 and out of high school, It is time I did something with my life besides looking at Fan fiction. That doesn't mean my stories will be undone....well most of them. You see I'm giving this account to a friend of mine to continue the story's. He will also be doing another of my story's that I never got the chance to do. If you have ever seen the movie The Animal with Rob Schneider then you know the lay out of what Naruto will be. So with a heavy heart I will give this account to my friend who is new at this so please treat him with as much respect as you treat me. Time and time again and Naruto: a new light will now end it will be going off around Sunday. The rest of the story's will be up and active as I but they might be tweaked to his liking.

If you are angry at me well I'm sorry but I have to get my life on track so Goodbye everyone in the fan fiction world. This account will be called Ero-Drak. The name will be changed by Sunday.