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Chapter One: Symptoms

(AN: Italics mean Jaden's narration)


Oh. Hey. I'm sorry… I can't talk for long… ya see, Alexis just went into labour… and well… I gotta be there, since I'm her husband and all. What? You didn't know she and me were married now? Well… we've been married for about 10 months and well… right now… If you thought Alexis was a screamer when we make love, you should hear her right now when she's giving birth, she screams even LOUDER. Oh, you want the story right from the beginning? Well, I'll tell ya. Just sit down on that computer chair, with a snack on your desk, preferably far away from the computer and I'll let the narrator tell the story, while I get back to my wife here.

(Nine months ago)

'Oh man… the flu shouldn't last THIS long.' Jaden thought, as he heard vomit noises coming from the bathroom. He had made all the precautions he had made when Alexis was sick. The main one being calling her boss over at the lounge, telling her that she couldn't sing tonight, and he was about to call their doctor.

Alexis staggered out of the bathroom just as Jaden was about to get on the phone. "I think the worst is over." She said. She was about to sit down, but Jaden just went over to Alexis, and sat her down. "Hey, don't drain your strength honey."

"Thanks… Oh… I feel like hell today…" Alexis said.

"Look, if I knew what was wrong, I'd fix it right now, but I don't." Jaden replied, truthfully.

"THEN FIND OUT WHAT'S WRONG!" Alexis yelled.

"Sheesh… Even your mood is going crazy, 'Lex…" Jaden said. "Man. Something tells me I should've divorced you…"

"WELL, WHY DON'T YOU DO IT THEN?" Alexis yelled again.

"It was a joke." Jaden said.

"Hey, I may not be laughing now, but I apologize." Alexis replied.

"No big deal." Jaden said. He then called her doctor. "Hey Doctor Green. It's about Alexis. She's been having these symptoms as of late."

At his office, Doctor Robert Green, who was the doctor for both Jaden and Alexis, was looking over files. "So what are these symptoms?" He asked.

"Mood swings, nausea, basically, flu-like symptoms, and these lasted longer than your average flu." Jaden answered.

"So, when does she exhibit these symptoms?" Doctor Green asked.

"The morning." Jaden answered truthfully. "So it's morning sickness."

"How about you come in later today, and, I can run some tests?" Doctor Green asked.

"Sure." Jaden answered. "See you then." Both parties hung up. He then turned to Alexis, and said, "Don't worry. I talked to Doctor Green, and he'll run some tests on you, then he can find out what's wrong."

"Thank you." Alexis said. "I know he can find what's wrong with me, and I know he'll find it in good time."


Jaden had been waiting for awhile. Even Atticus, who decided to go with them for moral support, was getting impatient. "Oh man… couldn't he work faster?" Atticus asked.

"Hey, he is our doctor, after all." Jaden answered.

"Still… what if my sister has cancer or something?" Atticus asked.

"ATTICUS! Morning sickness is NOT a cancer symptom!" Jaden yelled. It was then that Doctor Green came out.

"Jaden? Can you come with me?" Doctor Green asked. Jaden just got up, and went over with Doctor Green to his office.

"Good luck, pal." Atticus said, as he went to the back with the doctor. "Hope it's nothing too serious."

Both Jaden and Alexis were sitting on one side of the desk, the doctor sitting on the other side. The doctor then began. "All right… here's what happened. We've run some tests to figure out what's going on with your wife."

"Yeah, I know." Jaden said.

"Well, basically this was consistent with the symptoms that you told me about, and well, I don't know how you tell you guys this…" The doctor continued.

"So, what's wrong with my wife?" Jaden asked.

"Nothing." Doctor Green said. "Well… like I said, I don't know how to tell you guys this but give both of you the cold hard truth."

"So, what is it?" Alexis asked. "Am I going to be ok?"

"Are you both prepared for what I'm about to tell you?" Doctor Green asked as he prepared to tell both Alexis and Jaden the results of the tests that he ran on Alexis.


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