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Epilogue: One Week After

It's been a week since Adriana was born. In that week, Syrus and Joann married. You would've thought by now that we'd finally get a good night's rest, but Adriana's got other ideas most nights. Not that I'm complaining, of course. We took to parenthood like fish to water. Yes, before you start asking, I do change diapers. Then again, I guess Adriana's first year's gonna take a little bit of getting used to.

A loud cry sounded, breaking the silence in the night. Alexis shifted posture so she could get up, but Jaden stopped her, and said, "Don't. I'll go. It's my turn anyway." He then got up, and walked over to Adriana's room. "Shh…" Jaden sounded as he picked up his baby daughter, trying to calm down Adriana's crying.

He quietly sung her a little lullaby as Alexis woke up and walked into the baby room. "I'll take over from here." She said as Jaden gave Adriana to her. "Shhh… It's ok..." Alexis said quietly as she rocked their daughter to sleep, As soon as her cries began, Adriana was a lot calmer now, and Jaden just watched as Alexis put their daughter back into her crib.

"Wow. You are good." Jaden said.

"Hey, you're not that bad yourself, honey." Alexis replied, as she gave her husband a peck on the lips. "I guess opposites really do attract, right?" She asked.

Jaden allowed himself to think back to when they first met, to the day they confessed on the coast, watching the sunset, to their wedding, to Adriana's birth and finally, to this moment.

"I guess so." Jaden answered as he dimmed down the lights in the baby room.


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