Rhythm of Love
Chapter Three

After spending not even a day with the three boys, Sakura had come to a definite conclusion.

They all had some serious issues.

However, during her time spent with them she realized many things about the boys. Sasuke came from a rich family background, he had an older brother named Itachi and since he was the heir, the business was handed down to his brother instead of him. Clearly fed up with his pampered life, Sasuke took music as his escape and soon here he was.

Neji had a somewhat similar background but his life was slightly different. When he was young, his Mother had passed away and his Father was left to raise him. He didn't like the way he lived, the way his Father bowed down to his Uncle, who ran the family business so he decided to become something that would bring fame, honour and respect to him and his Father, just the two of them.

And lastly there was Gaara. Growing up Gaara never experienced the life of a normal teenager, his older brother and sister always pestered him and just like Sasuke, music was his only escape. He seemed to calm him down and he seemed as peace. That was when he met Sasuke and Neji and with that their little push, Gaara agreed and here he is.

"Your voice needs to be on a higher key." Neji suddenly broke her thought train.

"Alright." Sakura nodded and tried again, reciting the scale over again in the higher key, just how Neji wanted it to be done.

"Better, continue to practice with that." With that Neji soon disappeared again behind the curtain.

Sakura's eyes showed confusion, what the hell does he do behind the curtain all the time?

"Can you play any instruments?" Gaara's voice broke the silence that started to emit in the room after Neji departed.

Her cheeks slightly tinted pink at his piercing aquamarine gaze, "Oh um, I can play the piano..." She answered.

"Anything else?" his voice showed no interest.

She shook her head indicating that it was a 'no'. Gaara nodded and once again picked up his drumsticks and continued to practice what seemed like a familiar song. She turned her head slightly and it landed on Sasuke who had returned.

He was now sitting at a table and angrily gazing down at sheets of paper that lay placed in front of him. Frustrated, Sasuke ran a hand through his raven black hair and continued to mutter incoherent things under his breath. He seemed clearly annoyed at the papers.

"This shit's ridiculous." He cursed resisting the urge to push the papers off the table.

"Obviously but you must review and sign the terms of agreement." Gaara simply replied.

"I'm going to get my lawyer on this." With that he roughly pushed his chair back and stalked out of the auditorium.

Sakura sighed; once again she was left alone with Gaara. Gracefully jumping off the stage, she walked towards the boy who was busying himself with his drums. She stood a few inches away from him, near the base drum.

He instantly stopped playing and gazed up at her, his right eyebrow raised "Anything you need?"

"No um, when can I go home?" she squeaked, surprised on how her voice came out she mentally cursed herself.

She was supposed to sound confident and determined not helpless and afraid. Well, it wasn't her fault that she was stuck working with three hopeless boys who had lesser emotions than a brick itself.

"You will need to make arrangements for that. We will be leaving Tokyo soon and traveling to Yokohama."

At first Sakura didn't respond. It took a while for her brain to process the information she had just received.

Leaving? What! She couldn't leave! She still had tell her Mother about this and say good-bye to her friends and what about her University application? Was she just going to say no to Tokyo U and say bye-bye to her dreams of becoming a cardiologist?

What she even thinking!

How could she had just dropped her normal life just like that and made her way here to be part of a band that she wanted nothing to do with. All the things she worked so hard for were being washed away with her stupid rash decision of coming here!

She couldn't even sing, she was nothing compared to their former singer Kora, nothing. Sakura groaned, this time Ino definitely deserved to die. Not only were they going to find her dead body in a ditch but they were going to find her pretty blonde hair chopped off as well.

"Why are we going to Yokohama?" she asked confusion etching completely across her face.

"That is where the studio is." He merely said as he picked up his drumsticks and continued to gently tap the nearest drum.

"W-What if I d-don't want t-to go?" she stuttered the possibilities raging in her mind of her possible future she could have here in Tokyo.

Gaara dangerously narrowed his eyes however his voice didn't falter, "That is your decision. You have not yet signed the contract."

And then it hit her.

He was completely right! She hadn't signed the contract yet and that means she could just waltz back to her normal life, putting this behind her and pursuing her dreams once again.

But then something nudged her, at the back of her head. She instantly knew what it was, correction, who it was.

Inner Sakura.

"What the hell are you doing? Hello! One in a life time opportunity!" Inner Sakura spoke with much intensity.

"This not what we want though." Sakura lamely responded.

"Wake up girl! This is what you want! I would want this any day! Think about it, the money, the fame, the high life. This a freaking dream come true and you're going to throw it away to become some boring cardiologist! You've lost your mind girl." Inner Sakura shouted.

"But that's what..." Sakura paused her thoughts.

Was she really going to give up her lifelong dream for glamour, fame and money? Was she really going to go through with this?

"I'll be back." She muttered right before she bolted out of the auditorium.

Gaara merely shook his head and paid no heed to her sudden disappearance, he could immediately identify the look in her eyes, she was having doubts. Doubts on what she wanted to do, how her future was going to end up and if she really wanted this.

He had experienced them as well in the beginning but he knew in the end he had made the right choice. This was who he was, music was his everything and he was not planning to part with it anytime soon.

Sakura made an instant right and leaned herself against the hard cold wall. She steadied her breathing, she needed time to herself, she needed time to think.

Was this what she wanted?

Was she absolutely positive this was her future?

Why hadn't this occurred to her earlier?

"Ah so you're Sakura."

A deep voice interrupted the questions that swarmed through her clouded mind. She tilted her head slightly to her right and looked to see who it was.

There stood a man with silver hair that was spiked in the strangest way; it stuck out in various directions. However that was the not the only strange thing about him, his face was covered ¾ completely, it was though if he was trying to hide something. They only thing that was visible was a single onyx orb.

Sakura nodded quickly and in return the strange man chuckled.

"Kakashi Hatake at your service."

The fabric near what appeared to be his lips moved slightly which probably indicated that he was smiling at her. Sakura returned the smile at the older man.

At least he didn't have issues.


Author Note: Yes, I know it's been a very very long time since I updated last. I don't know what happened to me. I was on the website and I remembered my account, logging in, I instantly saw the story. Going over it, I remembered how horrible I was at writing and how I've improved over time. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote it but it must have been a hell of a good idea at that time. Feeling bad that I just left it there, I thought why not add another chapter? So here it is I would love feedback but I don't know if I'll continue to update it. It was something that just hit me and who knows, I might just continue it. Thanks for everyone that reviewed the previous two chapters : )