Ok, now that this story is finally completed I would like to provide the readers with some explanation in advance.

Since I wrote this whole thing as one big long piece I decided to post it that way. However, the story is in three parts. The first is the Naruto gets turned into a girl / gets stalked story. The second is the Naruto gets pregnant (still as a girl) story, and the third is the Naruto returns to being a guy story. The first part is more or less independent of the second two and can be read that way if you prefer. Likewise, if you prefer girl!Naruto, you are free to skip the last section.

Thank you so much to all the wonderful reviewers along the way who encouraged me to see this story to completion.

Disclaimer: 'Naruto' and all the Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto. Not to me.

Red Eye Blue

It all started with a prank. Well, it was Naruto, so that was what you would expect. Naruto loved pranks, and even know that he was getting older (eighteen this year!) and people said he ought to know better, that part of his personality hadn't grown up. If anything, the pranks had only gotten worse, because Naruto had gotten sneakier, and his ninjutsu a lot better, which made his pranks a lot harder to see coming and a lot more devastating when they hit home.

Kakashi, who was like a father to Naruto, had the theory that Naruto's tricks were a way of getting back at people, getting back at the villagers who had never really cared for him the way they should have taken care of a young orphan left under their care. Face to face, Naruto did everything he could to win people's approval, but maybe a subconscious part of him wanted to punish them as well.

Iruka, who was also like a father to Naruto, but tended to be a lot gentler than Kakashi, wondered if the pranks weren't related to the Kyuubi in Naruto's belly. Everyone knew foxes loved to play pranks. Granted the giant, evil youkai wasn't your everyday fox, but there was no reason to believe it wouldn't have a playful side too, one that would somehow have rubbed off on Naruto.

If you asked Naruto, he could have just told you that pranks were incredibly funny, and getting older hadn't changed that yet.

This particular prank hadn't been entirely Naruto's own bad idea either. You see, almost everyone his graduating class had recently started to get a little annoyed with Neji, who had, ever since a particularly difficult mission in which he had get TenTen, Lee, and even Gai-sensei out of a crunch that had seemed to spell certain death – developed an attitude even more arrogant and irritating, if possible, than he had even had before. Granted, at first, everyone had been grateful – but that had worn off after a month, when everything was starting to get back to normal, but Neji was still strutting around.

"We oughta take him down a peg," growled Kiba, after a run in with Neji during which the Byakugan user had told Kiba to "keep working, and you'll improve eventually." He was repeating the incident to Naruto, Shikamaru, Choji, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, and TenTen over a couple of beers. Rock Lee wasn't present because he refused to drink alcohol, arguing that it was poison to the body. Sasuke wasn't present, because, ever since returning to Konoha a few months before, he was, if it was possible, even more anti-social and unfriendly than before.

"Yeah," Ino said, darkly. "And last week, he told me that if I stopped blow-drying so much, it might make my hair a little silkier and less frizzy. And he sort of flipped his own hair back when he said it. Can you imagine! The nerve! He was definitely implying that his hair was better than mine." She made a deep, irritated sound deep in her throat. "Please TenTen, please give us permission to get back at him."

TenTen, who was, after all, Neji's teammate, and owed him her life, shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Part of her thought she ought to calm Ino down a little bit, the other half had recently found herself getting annoyed at Neji too. She sighed and didn't reply.

Shikamaru, who didn't like Neji all that much anyway, grinned suddenly. "Well, maybe just a little something, right, TenTen?"

TenTen shrugged and sat back in her chair. Her annoyed side was starting to win the battle over her grateful side. "Why not?"

"Yeah!" Kiba cheered.

Everyone sitting around the table looked at each other. "Well, what should we do?"

Eyes started shifting towards Shikamaru, the smart one, or towards Naruto, the one who was good at pranks.

"Hmmm…" said Shikamaru. "I could think better with another drink."

Sakura took the hint and motioned the waitress over.

"Hey," said Naruto. "What would piss Neji off the most?"

"Umm…" they all thought.

"Cut his hair?" Chouji suggested. "While he's sleeping?"

They all shuddered. "We'd never be forgiven." "He'd kill us."

Kiba cleared his throat. "He's a little uptight with girls, right? What if Naruto, you do your sexy jutsu, and Neji tries to pick you up? Then, just when Neji tries to kiss you, or whatever, you change back, and we all laugh our asses off."

Naruto scowled.

"Actually," said Shikamaru, "that would be pretty hilarious."

"It's not too mean," Sakura decided.

"And the best part is, he couldn't get back at us, because then he'd have to admit that he tried to kiss Naruto."

Even TenTen started to giggle a little bit. "I know what kind of girls he likes," she said. "I can help."

"Ok," said Shikamaru, "Let's do it!"

They all turned to Naruto, eyes full of a new, evil light.

"Uh…" he said. "Guys…?"