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I was cursed, even if I was blessed, from the start of my life. I was bestowed a sweet voice, sweet beauty, and intelligence, but I would forever be in danger – from myself or from anything around me. My balance would one day be the death of me, the evil faerie had said, and that day would be my 16th birthday. The third good faerie had already bestowed her gift – the gift of intelligence – so I could never escape the curse that enveloped my life.

Mother and Father were sad. They had wished to be able to see me grow up, fall in love, marry, and have children, but now they could only see me grow up and fall to my death, some way or another. Before that evil faerie had showed up, they had engaged me to a prince – Prince Edward, I think his name was. He was someone who was as unlikely to wed me as any other man.

Oh! Do forgive me for going ahead of myself. I think that my gift of intelligence was both a blessing and a curse. My mind worked much too quickly for me to keep up with its every thought. My name is Isabella, but no one who truly knows me ever called me that. It was simply too long a word and slowed down my thinking. I prefer to be called Bella. I am the Crowned Princess of Italy, a lovely country.

My Father is named Charlie von Swan, a German name, I know, but that is what it is. My Mother is Renee. She is a very lovely lady, much more graceful than I was at my best. Even with the help of my blessings, she was far more superior to me in many things. Other than me, she had never given Father any children; and I was cursed to die young. I almost pitied my parents.

That is enough about my family, I think.

Anyways, the curse caused me to lead a very precarious way of life. There had never been one day when I went by without a new bruise or scratch or cut or bump or ache somewhere on my body. I fall at the most unfortunate times – when the guards that were supposed to help me stay on my feet lost their attention for a second, when they needed to relieve themselves, when my ladies-in-waiting were on the other side of my bedroom, picking out my dress for the day.

Dresses I liked were short – ones that came to the middle of my calf. It was scandalously short, but any longer, and I double the times I trip and fall each day.

Tomorrow was to be the start of my last year of life. I was turning fifteen. My parents, however, were still convinced that I would be able to escape my impending doom, and invited Prince Edward and his family, the royal family of Austria, to the ball. And here I was in the enormous library, trying to distract myself by doing mathematics – the only thing that could slow my overly-quick brain.

"Bella!" Sophie, one of my ladies-in-waiting, called, "Have you forgotten what day this is?"

"No," I muttered, "of course not."

"Well, you seemed to have forgotten that dinner is to be served one hour early because the Austrian royal family will be arriving one day early for the ball." Leave it to Sophie to bring up everything that I had wanted to forget and succeeded to forget.

"Did you have to remind me?"

"Yes, because dinner is in one hour, the royal family is due in like thirty minutes, and you are in nothing fit for the greeting!!"

"Alright, you can dress me up." I sighed. So much for having some calming time. I stood from the very soft chair in the giant palace library, closed my arithmetic book, and followed Sophie through the palace halls into my room; but not before stubbing my toe on the plush carpet. Luck was on my side, as I fell face first into a pile of pillows. Where that came from, I did not know, but I was thankful for it.

After an hour of fussing, more tripping, and more fussing, I was finally presentable. I had to say, though, that my curse came in handy. When Sophie was bringing some powder for my face, which I did not need, I fell, knocked over a bottle of perfume. It flew, with good aim, into the small pot of powder and spilled its contents. Thus, by my perfect timing and aim, I was able to escape the horrid tortures of perfume and powder.

When I was ready, Sophie showed me a mirror, and I took in myself. I was actually pretty. My brown hair was flowing down my back with my tiara set on top, shining splendidly. My naturally pale skin looked darker in the presence of the pale yellow gown I wore. The gown itself was splendid. It was pale yellow with goldenrod flowers embroidered here and there. There was also a sunlight-yellow ribbon belt tied around my waist. I wore very little jewelry and no gloves, for I ruined most of them when I attempt to catch my falls.

Sophie cleared her throat, telling me it is time to go. I had heard the trumpets announcing the arrival of the Austrian family some time ago. Careful and trying not to fall, I began to make my way towards the dinning room.

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