They all danced. It was the celebration of his engagement. I think I made the wrong choice. No one calls me Yuki anymore. At least not in this world except for him. I fell with him . Maybe I'm just nervous of how our engagement will be sealed.

"Yuki, It's time", a voice came from her opened door.

"I'll be right down Kaname." I looked back into the mirror. My red dress made me look as one of them downstairs. I've still kept the secret of my engagement from my father and Zero. I met Kaname on tope of the stair case.

"Don't be nervouse, my love."

"I'm ready", I said.

"Then let us go".

The moment he took my hand I knew I had made the right choice. I loved him. We walked down the stairs. The music and every stopped when they saw us. I knew Kaname was a very important person in the vampire world. We walked across the dance floor to the center.

I felt so many eyes on me. I would become one of them, but there blood eyes told me they wanted me for there food and not as a Queen. My grip on Kanames's hand became tighter.

"Think you for coming everyone. I present my bride to be, Yuki Cross.'

I stared at everyone. Some facial expressions were hate or fine. Others stayed emotionless. Then they all bowed to Kaname and I.

"Enjoy the party", Kname said,

I never spoke a world to anyone in the beginning.. We spent the rest of the evening speaking to each guest. I stared very close to Kaname. I was careful of what I said.. some did seem pleased to have me around, but I wasn't sure if it was just for me or just my blood. The only one that could ever have my blood was Kaname.

After a while we disappeared from the party. Soon everyone would be gone. We ended up in a room. I was becoming tired. I just sat on the bed removing my shoes. Kaname still stood.

"Yuki, we still have to seal the engagement." Kaname move closer to sit next to me.

"Oh, I have forgotten. Whenever I was bitten by zero I was scared", I told him.

"There's nothing to be scared of. I'll try to make it less painful as I can."

"Alright, I trust you.'

"I leaned back onto the bed to give him access. He leaned on top of me. He kissed my neck. The he liked my neck . He just kept softening the skin by licking my neck. I just tried to relax and and wait wanting my fear to disappear. His fangs became longer. Then in a pinch his fangs sunk into my skin. I held back my tears as much as a could. He started drinking my blood. Draining me.

He soon stopped and lifted himself up. He raised his shirt sleeve and cut his pale milking skin. Blood ran down his arm onto the bed. He told me to drink and not be afraid. I put my lips to his wound I started to drink. At first his blood was salty and bitter than it became sweat and think as honey. He then told me to stop. His wound closed up . I started to feel a little dizzy.

"Were all done. You need your rest."

He undid the covers and tucked me in. He laid next to be with his arme's wrapped around me. Our engagement was sealed. If anyone knew of us now they could not object. We would be married. He would be marring a vampire and not a human any longer. I just hope the world of vampire will accept me and us together. I love him and he the same ever since he rescued me so long ago.