Hokage no Isan

An explosive entry! The flame and the leaf!

Recca charged forwards, landing a solid blow to Kurei's jaw, the younger flame wielder's fist sending his older sibling staggering back a step. Kurei reciprocated, his higher level of martial arts skill allowing him to land two blows, a kick to the stomach, followed by an uppercut. The two brothers had long since exhausted their ability to summon their inner flames, and were now simply pounding away at each other in a bloody free-for-all.

Outside the ring, their corresponding teammates watched on in shock.

Kirisawa Fuko, wielder of the madogu Fuujin, winced as the sounds of pulping flesh echoed round the arena, at her side, Koganei Kaoru, wielder of the Kogon Ankin, cheered out for Recca, urging him on. Another member of Recca's team echoed his efforts; Towering over all of his teammates, the giant known as Ishijima 'Oni no' Domon, who out of the entire team possessed the most madogu, roared his encouragement down at his rival and closest friend.

Behind the Mohawk sporting giant stood the ever-reserved form of Mikagami Tokiya, wielder of the madogu Ensui, his cool gaze watching over the match. Though he loathed displaying emotion in public, he too added his own silent encouragement to his rambunctious teammates' efforts.

Sheltered behind the active members were the Hokage support team, consisting of Kagehoshi, otherwise known as Kagero, and Sakoshita Yanagi. The former being Recca's mother, an immortal member of the Hokage ninja, and the latter Recca's precious 'Hime' and the team's medic. The latter winced as she buried her face into the older woman's arms, trying to block out the sounds, whilst Kagehoshi watched her son and stepson beat each other to death with a pained expression.

'Recca…Kurei…' she winced as a particularly vicious right hook sent Recca staggering, 'Why did it have to be this way?'


Recca righted himself and panted for breath, glaring across at Kurei, who was in a similar predicament.

"Man…for such a so called bad-ass…your punches sure are weak…"

Kurei glared at his younger sibling and growled.

"Fool…keep up the pointless banter…I shall be the one…to silence you…"

Recca snorted, still gasping for breath, as he wiped sweat from his brow.

"You're so…full of it…" he scowled at the older flame wielder, "So your life sucked balls…how in the…hell's that my fault?"

Kurei's eyes grew murderous as he lunged forwards, tearing into his younger sibling with renewed hatred.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FUALT!" he roared ramming his fists into Recca again and again, "WHEN YOU WERE BORN, MY LIFE ENDED!"

He slugged his sibling in the jaw, grabbing his arm and adding a knee to the stomach.


Recca's knee caught the psychopathic twenty year-old in the ribs, followed by a fist to the nose.


He grabbed Kurei's head and rammed his own into it, with enough force to shatter what remained of the man's mask.



On the Uruha Kurenai side, Joker, Raiha and Neon winced as their leader staggered back, clutching his abused forehead. Joker, the sole surviving member of Kurei's Uruha-Kurenai, tilted his head at the other two.

"Ano-sa, looks like Kurei'll be feeling that one tomorrow."

Raiha said nothing but his fists tightened somewhat, a stark contrast to the calm look that covered his handsome face.

'Kurei-sama…as your personal shinobi, I long to leap into the ring…but as such, I also understand that to do so would be an insult, I shall not interfere, until the end.'

Neon had covered her mouth and was wincing at the sight of her master's face, contorted in pain. She had not seen that look since Lady Kurenai had been killed, the day Kurei sealed off his emotions, but here it was, and it was all because of Recca.

'No…' she thought bitterly, 'it is because of Mori Kouran…him and his sick obsession with immortality…' she clenched her right hand over her left shoulder in an attempt to suppress the urge to shiver as she glared at the silhouette in the window above the arena, in the VIP section.

'I can almost see the disgusting look on his hideous face…' she growled.


Kurei shook his head, trying to clear it as he looked up.

'Why…why is he so strong?'

He glared at his younger sibling, trying to fathom the teen's stregth.

'It's true that he possesses the legendary Karyu…but their power is useless if he cannot summon his flame…' his glaze flicked to the gold bracelet around his arm, 'and he's as burned out as I am.'

Kurei's fist tightened, 'enough…whether it be by flame…' he moved forward 'or by my own blood stained hands…' he broke into a run, 'I will kill him!"


Recca snarled in reply and lunged forwards, arm drawn back.


The two brother's fists collided with the other's cheeks, causing them to dent inward. The force of the blows caused dust to swirl around them, as if blown by a brief gale.

Time stood still, as did the combatants, neither seeming to show any signs of continuing.

Then they fell, both brothers falling face first on the broken arena floor in a broken heap.


Tatsuko stuck her head out of the rubble, her eyes scanning to see if there was any continued risk to her life. Seeing the prone forms of the two combatants, the dragon referee crawled out of the giant crack she'd sheltered in and dashed over.

"They're both down folks! Tournament rules dictate that there be a ten second count in such cases, and the one to stand first is declared the champion! Ten! Nine…!"


"GET OF YOUR ASS HANABISHI!" Domon roared, cupping his hands to add to the volume of his voice.

'Not that he needs to,' Mikagami thought, wincing, 'the gorilla's lungs could serve as a foghorn.'

Fuko and Koganei shared their teammates enthusiasm, yelling at their captain to get back up, Yanagi adding her own two cents after a moment or so.


"Two!" Tatsuko called out, raising her hand one last time, "One! And that's it!"

She looked up at the audience, waving a hand in the air.

"This match ends in a tie!" she called out, "As such, going by the points accumulated, the results are as follows:"

The digital scoreboard revealed the two teams current status.

Team Hokage: 2 wins, 2 losses and a tie.

Team Uruha-Kurenai: 2 wins, 2 losses and a tie

"Tournament rules dictate…um…"

Tatsuko looked flustered, scratching her head as she flicked throgh a booklet that appeared out of nowhere.

"Ano…this has never happened before…we have no rules to cover it…"

"Kurei wins." A voice called out over the speakers, Mori Kouran's unsightly face appearing on the monitor.


"As sponsor of this tournament I declare Kurei the winner."

The corrupt businessman began to laugh insanely, leering down at the startled members of the audience.

"I win! The healer girl is mine!" his laughter grew to full on cackles as the Hokage team huddled around Yanagi.


"Who cares?!" Kouran cackled, "I'm in charge here! I've let Kurei get away with too much! Now I'm calling the shots!"

"I think not…Chichiue."

The cackling stopped instantly as the deranged multi-billionaire gazed down at the forms climbing to their feet.


"Yeah, like I'll let you lay your filthy hands on Hime." Recca taunted, giving the image on the monitor the finger.

Kurei scowled at the man, his injuries apparently forgotten.

"Chichiue…I warned you that if you interfered with this match…nothing would be able to save you."

Noticing the look in his 'father's' eyes Kurei's scowl deepened.

"And did I not tell you that using THAT would only make things worse for you?"


A vein began pulsing on Kouran's forehead, his odd eyes seeming to bulge in anger, much like a toad.

"Kurei…you bastard…if you don't do as I say…I'll kill Tsukino, no matter what you say!"

Kurei's eyes widened as the demented figure raised his hand to reveal a button, his thumb hovering over it. At the same time, twenty goons were lowered down, holding a woman between them.

"HAHAUE!!" Kurei roared, dashing forwards, earning a startled look from Recca.

'Mother?' he gazed at the woman in confusion, 'but…she doesn't look anything like Kurei!!'

"Stop right there!" Kouran yelled, "Or I'll detonate the bomb inside her, just like with Kurenai!"

Kurei stopped, thirty feet away from the platform, fists clenched.

"Good boy…good dog…" Kouran taunted, smirking, "Now turn around and face the monitor."

Kurei did as he was told, the look on his face livid.

"Well?" Kouran said slowly, as if talking to an infant, "I'm waiting…"

Kurei's face changed to one of self-loathing and, to the shock of al present, save the Uruha members and Kouran's lackeys, kneeled down with his head to the floor.

"Forgive me father…for not knowing my place…"

Recca's fists tightened in anger, "Teme…" he glared at the screen, "YOU BACKSTABBING COCKBITE! WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU I'M GONNA FEED YOUR BALLS TO THE KARYU! YOU HEAR ME!"


Recca blinked in shock as he saw Kurei, still kneeling, trembling, "Do not provoke him further…for my mother's sake."

Recca's eyes widened, "Kurei…" he stepped forward, "all this time…the reason you did whatever he told you…"

Kurei said nothing; he merely kept his head to the ground.

Kouran snorted, "That's right, know your place dog!" He shot his deranged look at the younger of Ouka's sons, "And you, unless you want to cause Kurei further grief, I suggest you follow his example!"

He lowered his thumb a little more, "On your knees! Lower your head! Or I'll show you just how Kurenai died!"


Outside the ring, Domon was trembling in barely restrained fury, the Mohawk-sporting giant, quite to his surprise felt an odd sort of kinship towards their psychopathic former adversary.

'A man can be driven to terrible things…in order to protect his family.' He thought.

"I think I understand Kurei a little." He said, causing his fellow Hokage to blink.

Mikagami nodded, 'Had it been me, I would have done the same to save my sister.'

Fuko spat, "Bastard, first he tries to kidnap Yanagi, now this?!"

Kagehoshi gazed down at Kurei with a pitying look on her face, which was shared by Yanagi.


Recca's hand trembled as he glared venomously up at the image on the screen, his face seeming hauntingly similar to Kurei's.

"Well?" Kouran taunted, "I'm waiting…"

Recca grit his teeth, clenched his fist and his glare intensified.

Then to the shock of all, got on his knees, lowered his head to the floor and bowed.

"Please forgive my insolence." He grit out between clenched teeth.


Team Ku, watching in the stands, with the exception of Fujimaru, were shocked to their core.

"Recca-dono…" Daikoku muttered, clenching his fists, while Minamio clenched his own.

Saicho was looking extremely angry, and even the eternally calm face of Kukai looked terrifyingly similar to his demonic persona.

Fujimaru noticed the looks on his teammates' faces and decided now would be a good time to show some tact and keep his yapper shut.

Kouran began to cackle again, his voice traveling around the arena.


He raised his hand, "YOU DISGUST ME KUREI!" he cackled, "I TAUGHT YOU TO HAVE NO EMOTIONS!"

He is sick grin became even more twisted.


To the shock of all, Kouran's thumb moved to push the button.



Kurei charged off the ground towards the monitor, hands outstretched as if to stop the madman, Recca likewise charging, the two brothers sharing identical looks of anger, fear and desperation as they ran.

As if in slow motion, the thumb came down, until the button was pressed.

There was a clicking noise.

The collective audience held their breaths as they waited for the explosion. When none came they looked down.

Mori Tsukino was still standing, a look of confused relief still on her face.


"What?!" Kouran shrieked, pressing the button repeatedly, shocked anger covering his face, a hint of fear in his insane eyes.

"Looking for this?" A voice called out.

Everyone spun round to reveal, to his or her shock, an old man leaning on a cane.

"GENJURO!?" Recca yelled, eyes bulging out of his head, "But you're…Neon killed you!"

The elderly Uruha member snorted.

"Not quite…what Neon killed was one of my creations…who do you think perfected the cloning technique which Mori Kouran based his research off of?" he stepped forwards, leaning on his cane, "I merely implanted memories into the copy, and let it get on with the tournament while I did my work behind the scenes."

He held up a small metallic device, with several torn wires.

"This is the bomb that was placed inside your mother Kurei, as per your orders I have removed it."

He tossed the lump of metal onto the floor and kicked it down into the abyss that surrounded the ring.

Kurei blinked, before regaining his calm demeanor, "I see…you used your clones death to act behind the scenes…very clever Genjuro." He smirked, "You always were the most cunning of the Uruha."

"Don't count your chickens!" Kouran screeched, "Men! Shoot them! Kill them all!"


The goons pulled out their guns, pushing the woman forwards to put her in the line of fire. That is, until Domon's Kuchibashi-o rammed into one of them, wrapping around another three and enabling the giant to launch himself onto the platform. Fuko used Fuujin to vivisect another pair, with Koganei dealing out painful death via acrobatics and the multi-skilled Kogon Ankin. Mikagami stayed with Kagero and Yanagi, as they made their way toward Tsukino, using his Hyomon ken techniques to freeze anything that got too close.

Seven unlucky figures attempted to make off with Tsukino, until team Ku leapt into the fray, finishing off four of them as the last three backed away. Suddenly, one was set ablaze and another bisected by a massive crescent moon shaped blade, as Kashamaru and Tsukishiro joined the fray. The last one attempted to run, when the massive form of Gashakura grabbed him, ripping him in two with his bare hands.

It was, in short, a massacre; when the last goon fell, Mori Tsukino was surrounded on all sides by a protective wall consisting of the members of Hokage, the remains of Uruha, and team Ku.


Kurei looked from his people to the enraged face on the monitor and smirked.

"You were saying…Kouran?"

Mori Kouran's face was a sight to see, insane rage filled every inch of it.

"Kurei," he spat, "you bastard…you're all bastards…"

His eyes bulged sickeningly, as he started to scream.


Recca's eyes widened as the madman raised another button, this one considerably larger.

"Everyone! Group together!"

"GO TO HELL!" Kouran shrieked, pressing the button so hard it shattered.

At the precise moment, Recca ripped off his tekko and began to draw a symbol in the air.

"Ryu no en, Go-shiki: MADOKA! KEKKAI EN!!!!"

Madoka, the self-proclaimed lord of the impenetrable barrier, erupted from the younger hokage's arm and enveloped the group, just as the explosion cut of Kouran's insane scream.


Recca floated, that's what it felt like, floating. The last thing he remembered was a brilliant flash of light, and then he'd lost all consciousness.

'Am I dead?' he wondered to the darkness, noticing the floating forms of everyone.

'Kurei…Saicho…Kukai…' his gazed washed over the Uruha members, before landing on is own team. 'Domon…Mikagami…Koganei…Fuko…Kaa-san…'

His eyes widened at the sight of Yanagi floating limply past him.



Recca shot straight up and winced, feeling as if he'd been run over by a truck.

"Are you feeling alright, young man?"

Recca jumped and looked around; He was obviously in a hospital room, judging by the smell of disinfectant, and his arm and head were wrapped in bandages. An old man sat across from him, wearing white robes and a strange hat with the kanji for fire over the front. He had a cheerful look despite his aged features and was smoking a pipe, despite hospital regulations.

"That was quite a spill you took." He muttered, "If it hadn't been for the patrol finding you, you'd still be lying in that crater."

He exhaled a plume of smoke from his pipe, smiling again.

"You're lucky to be alive."

Recca blinked and looked around, suddenly worried.

"Hime! Where's Hime!" he blinked, "And the others!" he added as an afterthought, moving to climb out of the bed. He winced as his ribs twinged and fell back as the old man placed a restraining hand on his chest, the grip in those wrinkled fingers surprising the teen.

"Easy," the man coaxed, "your comrades are doing fine, all thirteen of them."

Recca blinked, wondering what the man was on about.

"Thirteen…but there are…" he winced, "What do they look like?"

The old man frowned in thought, as he tried to picture everyone.

"A large young man in tiger shorts, two young women, two children, a man with long hair, four older men, another young man with a heart condition, a woman with two beauty marks and a large bald man."

Recca sighed at the descriptions, 'So team Ku and the others are fine…wonder where Kurei and the Uruha members went…"

Blinking suddenly he looked up at the man, confusion rife on his face.

"Wait…two children?"

At that moment a blonde projectile shot through the door, causing him to wince as it slammed against the wall


Recca screamed in pain as the figure latched onto his sore ribs, her blonde hair and size making it easy to recognize her.

"GACK! GANKO?" he yelled, wincing from the pain in his ribs, "What're you doing here?!"

The youngest Uruha trainee sniffed as she hugged him tighter.

"Reiran sensed trouble, so she used her madogu to travel to where you guys were!" Ganko cried, "I was sooooo scaaaared!!!!"

Recca winced as she bawled into his chest, sending a look towards the door where Reiran was smiling, the animated marionette having an apologetic look on her face.

He sighed and patted Ganko on the head, before eyeing the old man.

"Guess I owe you one…what's your name anyway old man?" He looked around, not recognizing the skyline outside, "And for that matter, where are we?"


Chuckling at the youth's manners, or lack thereof, the old man emptied his pipe, refilled and lit it, taking a deep puff.

"You're in Konohagakure no sato, the village hidden in the leaves." He explained, smiling at the confused teen.

"As for myself, I am known as professor Sarutobi, though my official title is the Sandaime Hokage."


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