I'd like to take the time to thank you all for staying with me through to the end.

I'll admit, this is the first work I've ever actually finished, and even though it didn't get the same ratings as other fics, I feel you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed typing it.

Therefore, it is with a light, thankfull heart, that I present to you, the final chapter of this epic saga...for now.

(Silence ensumes, Kyugan blinks as nothing happens, turning to find Kakashi huddled in the corner in the foetal position)

Kyugan: Kakashi (jounin flinches) What are you doing?

Kakashi: (blinks, eyes the surroundings warily (You're not going to hurt me?)

Kyugan: The story's almost finished, wanna end on a good note.

Kakashi: So...no more pain?

Kyugan: (Smiles and holds out a hand.) No more pain.

(Eye watery, Kakashi holds out a hand towards his onetime tormentor. The second their hands tighten around one another, a bandaged fist rams into his face, sending him flying into the wall.)

Kyugan: (shakes his head in disbelief) I can't believe he's that stupid...(turns his head to the Shinnigami of the Muay Thai underworld) Good job Appachai, have a cookie.

Appachai: (eyes white circles) APA!

Blossoming flames; the ending of a saga.

"Well…" Kakashi noted, trying his hardest not to chuckle as Recca and Domon laughed their arses off, watching the seething redhead smolder in his, or her he supposed, discomfort "this is oddly Karmatic."

"Stuff it sensei!" Naruto snapped, glaring angrily at the jounin, arms crossed over his, HER chest, shooting murderous glares towards Koku, who was making certain to stay well out of reach by the windowsill "And YOU! What the hell were you thinking?!"

"I didn't MEAN for this to happen." Koku pointed out, though he was eyeing the redhead up unabashedly from behind his sunglasses "Madogu, particularly those with serious magical power, can prove…decidedly unpredictable at times."

"You can say that again." Naruto growled, staring at 'her' new bustline with distaste, earning an amused snort from the oh-so-amused Kakashi as he leant against the wall.

"Funny, the amount of times you use that jutsu of yours you'd think this wouldn't mean so much." He chuckled, his smirk widening beneath his mask as the redhead glared spitfire at him.

"That's a JUTSU, this is my REAL body!" Naruto shot back, glaring at his teammates as they continued to bust a gut "And stop that! This isn't funny!"

"Come now Naruto-kun." Koku chastised good-naturedly, drawing a little closer as he did so "After all, you DID say you'd put your life on the line for your dreams right?"

"My life yes…" Naruto growled, shadows lining her eyes as she glared murderously at the Karyuu, before leaping across the room and throttling him in a very familiar manner "but not my MANHOOD!"

Tsunade, who had been present the entire time to ward off the various inquiring minds of Konoha, (the nurses in the hospital were the worst gossips as she knew from experience), simply snorted as she watched the perverted old dwarf get his comeuppance. "So what are we going to do now?" she asked at length, regretfully interrupting the elder abuse session with a nod towards the former blonde "Its obvious that without that gender-bending tekko, you can't control yourself, but as things stand you NEED the power of Kyuubi if you hope to fight at 100%"

Naruto scowled at said 'gender-bending' tekko, wondering what on earth she'd done to deserve this mess. "This doesn't change a thing." She replied at length "I promised I'd drag Sasuke back if I had to."

"Looking like that you shouldn't have any problems at all." Recca pointed out with a chuckle, "Hell, didn't you see Gaara? Guy was crushing hard and he's gotta be ten times as reclusive as Uchiha was."

Naruto glared hellfire at the enjutsu-shi, hurling a comatose Koku at him in anger, only for the old man to burst into flame and vanish upon making contact with the teen's skull, startling the adults in the room. "What the hell?!" Tsunade yelped, looking around in confusion, fists raised to ward of any attempts on her figure "A Katon Bunshin? Where in the hell is the real one?!"

"Actually…Koku-jiji is one of Recca-Aniki's Karyuu." Naruto supplied, sweat dropping at the look on the well-endowed sennin's face "Seriously, Saru-ji had files on this stuff…didn't you read them?" her face went deadpan "You've been skipping out on work again haven't you?"

"Urusei!" Tsunade snapped back, embarrassed at being caught out, before turning to the recovering Recca with a glare "Summon him back! We need to talk about this."

"Uh…Koku's kinda out of it at the minute." Recca stammered, not liking having the Hokage's full attention bearing down on him, even if it did give him an ample view of her cleavage "And even if I could, he'd wreck the hospital if I summoned him inside…he doesn't appear in human form unless he wants to."

"Great, another useless old pervert." Naruto muttered, only for her eyes to widen in realization of some fresh, unspeakable horror "CRAP ERO-SENNIN!"

"Jiraiya? What about him?" Tsunade asked, looking at the wide-eyed redhead in confusion "He just got back from a mission abroad, do you want me to send for him?"

"HELL NO!" Naruto swore, pulling the blanket up to her chin as if to shield her from the very mention of the man's name "The last thing I want is that mega perv seeing me like this!"

"Someone call for me?" a cheerful voice called out, a familiar mane of white hair popping through the open window, startling the life out of those inside "Miss me?"

"Like a hangover." Tsunade shot back, though she hid a slight blush as she turned her head away, arms crossed "And can't you use the door like a normal person?"

"But I am far from normal!" Jiraiya crowed, doing a bizarre dance on the windowsill "I am known throughout the lands as the wildest of men! The charmer of maidens everywhere! The Legendary-!"

"Ero-sennin." Recca and Domon deadpanned, causing Jiraiya to miss his step and crash face first into the floor, leg twitching. He wasn't down for long however, and promptly clouted the two teens faster than you could say 'perv'.

"Insolent brats!" the toad sennin groused, dusting off his hands as he left Recca and Domon in smoking heaps on the ground, turning to his decidedly nervous redhead apprentice with a glare "And as for you…"

"You wouldn't hit an invalid would you?" Naruto wheedled, pulling off the puppy-dog eyes no jutsu to great effect, only for Jiraiya to sock her twice as hard. For the on the legendary pervert, that particular technique was only effective if a girl used it, with men it just pissed him off. "Itai! That hurt you old fart!" Naruto roared, leaping out of the bed and grabbing the sennin by the collar like an enraged spider monkey, only to blink as she realized two things. Firstly, in doing so, the front of her hospital kimono had come partially undone. Secondly, her position on his chest gave him a bird's eye view of her own.

Jiraiya blinked, eyeing the rather well developed mounds in confusion, before raising a finger and poking one experimentally, eyes widening as he failed to detect the telltale lingering of chakra that was evident in the normal Orioke no jutsu transformation. Unwilling to believe it, he continued to prod the mound, only to blink as palpable killing intent washed over him, looking up in alarm to find what appeared to be Kushina-chan's reincarnation glaring down at him with raw, unbridled feminine wrath in her eyes.

"KONO ERO-JIJI!!" Naruto roared, trying to throttle the sennin as he had Koku before, only for Jiraiya to tilt over backwards, the two of them rolling in a dust cloud as they fought, fists and limbs exiting at random intervals, before dragging a recovering Domon and Recca in to the fray as the others watched on in disbelief from the sidelines.

"God damn brats…" Tsunade growled, feeling the usual Jiraiya related migraine starting up behind her eyeballs, turning to a rather numb looking Kakashi with a deadpan expression "Break it up."

Kakashi turned to eyeball the Hokage in disbelief, only for Tsunade to glare him into submission with a look that clearly said 'I outrank you bitch, deal with it', leaving the unenthusiastic Jounin to sort out the mess while she returned to the sanctity of her office, and the hidden stash of sake she'd hidden there.

"Yare-Yare…" Kakashi sighed, shaking his head morosely as he approached the murderous cloud of dust and flailing limbs with the air of long-suffering patience "Now-now children…" he called out, wincing as he realized Jiraiya would kill him later "What say we settle down and-!"

Whatever Kakashi was about to say was drowned out as he made the mistake of getting to close. The murderous ball of idiocy sucked him in like a miniature black hole, before promptly rolling out the door and into the corridor, scaring the life out of nurses and orderlies alike as the copy-nin's screams for mercy echoed down the halls.


Several hours, a trip to the infirmary, and minor scarring and property damage later, and the group stood before their Hokage, lined up like men facing a firing squad. Though considering the look on the Godaime's face, a firing squad would have probably been a lot more pleasant than what they were about to go through.

"Are you idiots quite done adding to my workload?" Tsunade ground out, a vein bulging dangerously next to the gem on her forehead. It turned out that Shizune had uncovered the hidden stash and had disposed of it, meaning her migraine hadn't gotten any better, and bereft of sake and gambling, the only way she'd found to alleviate her suffering was to pass it on to someone else, physically.

Shizune, who was regretting the disposal of said stash with each passing second, sent the assembled males covert looks of pity, knowing this wasn't likely to end well for at least one of them. Said males included Jiraiya, who was looking decidedly unabashed, knowing first hand this wasn't as angry as Tsunade could get, the prankster trio, who looked pretty roughed up, save Naruto, who was recovering rather quickly as usual, even in her cursed form, and a virtually mummified Kakashi, who raised his hand.

"Ano…" the jounin began tentatively "This isn't really my fault…" he trailed off as Tsunade turned the full power of her glare to him, dropping the hand and weeping internally at the unfairness of it all. He couldn't even read his beloved Icha-Icha Violence, whoever had mummified him had pilfered it in the process.

Having put Stanley in his place, Tsunade turned her gaze to Ollie and the three stooges, the latter of which seemed to be looking decidedly nervous by this point. "Anything to say for yourselves?"

"You're looking radiant today?" Jiraiya cracked, a flirtatious smirk on his face, only to take a paperweight to the forehead that sent him crashing to the floor.

"Baka!" Tsunade growled, though she DID flush a little at the compliment, before turning to the snickering stooges "And you three! What the hell were you thinking fighting in the corridor?! Need I remind you that you were in a hospital?!"

"It's not my fault!" Naruto insisted, pointing at the comatose Jiraiya, her hospital kimono revealing a little cleavage that Shizune noted with nervous disapproval "The old perv touched my…my-!"

"They're called breasts Naruto." Tsunade sighed, rubbing her eyes in exasperation as Shizune stifled a giggle "There's nothing wrong with the word, and he's touched worse places than that in his time."

"You'd know…" Jiraiya mumbled from his spot on the floor, earning yet another blunt instrument to the noggin, this time the IN tray from Tsunade's desk…one of them anyways.

"As I was saying…" Tsunade coughed, watching as a flustered Shizune ran about picking up the scattered papers with mild amusement "From what that old pervert…the short one, Koku was it?" she continued at Recca's nod "Right, from what he said, your little transformation is directly related to the alteration of Yin and Yang needed to keep your demonic chakra at bay."

Naruto flinched, eyeing the Tekko on her arm, recalling the pale, twisted mockery of her true face that had mocked her in her own mind. Why had it started acting up? Why hadn't she received any warning? And why in the hell was he referring to himself as 'she?!'

"All in all things could be worse." Tsunade deduced, placing her hands together in the Ikari Gendo pose, "At least you're still human…sort of, and from what we can gather, your chakra control should have increased as well."

"Doesn't make up for loosing my manhood, Big-booby Neechan." Naruto deadpanned, shooting a glare at his chortling teammates and sensei, whilst Shizune flushed and hid her mouth.

"Deal with it." Tsunade ordered, though there was a note of humor in her tone "It's hardly permanent, merely a measure to ensure you can control your demonic chakra, rather than the alternative, which beings me to my next point."

She pushed a file towards the group, Naruto picking it up to blink as it turned out to be profiles, obviously not the full ones, of two S-Class missing-nin, more specifically, the two that had tried to abduct him before.

"Hoshigaki Kisame," Tsunade reported "one of the seven swordsmen of the mist, otherwise known as the Kirigakure no Kiishin. According to reports, he only took orders from the former Mizukage, on whom we have no data. His weapon, as Asuma testifies, doesn't so much cut as Shave the opponent, and as you yourself can attest, it can devour chakra." She nodded "And Uchiha Itachi, former ANBU Captain and one of the greatest prodigies to come out of the Uchiha clan. He became an ANBU captain while most were still in the academy, and graduated from said academy after only staying a year."

'What the hell is he? A Newtype?' Domon and Recca wondered, eyeing the Elder Uchiha Sibling in alarm, evan as Tsunade continued the debriefing.

"Furthermore," the Godaime explained "he is the one responsible for the Uchiha massacre, wiping out his entire clan in a single night, save for Sasuke."


Naruto flinched at this, glaring down at the root of Sasuke's hatred, wondering just how fucked up in the head the whole clan had to have been. If they weren't killing their friends for power, they were killing themselves for the hell of it.

"While the full scope of his abilities remain unknown," Tsunade continued, snapping the redhead back to reality "What has been determined is that he possesses a Mangekyou Sharingan, an evolved Sharingan that grants the user access to several unique jutsu."

"The first is Tsukuyomi." Kakashi supplied, shuddering at the mere memory of that hell "A Genjutsu where Itachi can manipulate the flow of time and reality, he trapped me in it for what felt like three days, but in actuality, was only a second."

"And another," Jiraiya added, getting up from the floor, pulling a scroll from his pocket as he spoke "Involves black flames that cannot be extinguished by any techniques I know."

"We still don't know the full range of Itachi's abilities." Tsunade added, "Before he left, he used his position as ANBU captain to erase all files pertaining to his skills and techniques from the record, and there is no written accord of the Mangekyou in Konoha, so the only ones with any knowledge of it would be the Uchiha clan themselves."

"Both of which have pretty much tendered their resignation with an upright finger." Jiraiya muttered, earning sage nods from Kakashi and two thirds of the trio. Naruto, the remaining third, merely frowned at the picture of Itachi, confusion lining her eyes.

"Something's not right about all this." She stated, slapping the picture for emphasis "If he's such a badass, and has all-powerful God-mod jutsu backing him up…why in the hell did he just run away?"

"Any man would run screaming when faced with the almighty Jiraiya-sama!" Jiraiya boasted, preening mentally as the others rolled their eyes in exasperation.

"True, your face IS a shock to the system first thing in the morning." Tsunade quipped, earning a round of sniggers from the trio and a discreet cough from Kakashi and Shizune "But Naruto has a point, which means either something was preventing Itachi from fighting at 100%, or he had some reason to not do so."

"Either way it doesn't help us figure out what the hell he and 'jaws' wanted with Naruto." Recca muttered, confusing the adults with the unkown reference "So what are we supposed to do?"

Tsunade was silent for a moment, before looking to Jiraiya, who took his cue from there "If Sasuke's gone to Orochimaru, and for all purposes he has, then he's probably going to train like a madman." The sennin deduced, his face devoid of any form of humor "However, my sources indicate that he's already switched to another body, so Sasuke should be safe for at least three years."

Naruto looked up, eyes wide with relief at the first bit of good news since she'd woken up, her remaining teammates grinning like the loons they were. Jiraiya noticed this and smiled at her, which promptly wiped their smirks off their faces. For it wasn't the usual good natured smirk, or even the perverse leer that decorated the sennin's face. Oh no, what adorned his face was a smile that was so ominous, you half expected it to come lunging at you from behind a patch of water…or from the other side of a court bench.

"Which means…" Jiraiya drawled out, shadows lining his face as he turned to face the now cowering pranksters like some wrathful shinobi deity, his eyes like searchlights "That little Naru-chan and I are going to be training ten times harder in order to compensate!"

"Quit scaring the brats Jiraiya." Tsunade, a little unnerved at the look on her old teammate's face. Her grandfather had used that look to keep her in line when she was younger, passing it on to the sandaime to keep her, and her teammates, in line. The fact that the pervert could make that face brought up memories she'd rather stay buried "Naruto, Recca, Domon, you're excused." She stated, watching with a smirk as they practically broke the door down to get out of her office "Kakashi, Jiraiya…we need to talk."


"Seriously scary…" Recca muttered, shuddering as they left the Hokage office, cold sweat running down their cheeks as they put as much distance between them and The Smile as possible "I don't envy you Naruto."

"Don't leave me alone with him!" the unwilling trans-gendered shinobi wailed, eyeing her adoptive brother and comrade in alarm "Can't you guys come along too?!"

"Are you kidding?" Domon swore, sweat dripping from his shaven head "After seeing that look I'll be lucky if I can SLEEP tonight, let alone go on a trip with it!"

"But I won't be able to take a bath with that old perv nearby!" the redhead exclaimed, shuddering at the mere thought "Ugh…I feel dirty just thinking about it!"

"Tell me about it." Recca muttered, hands in his pockets as he slouched over "I mean, Orioke no jutsu is one thing, cause you got clothes on underneath, but this…" he eyed his Outoto with a guilty flush "Yeah, I can see why you'd be self conscious."

"Perv." Domon muttered, whilst covertly utilizing his height advantage to sneak guilty peeks down the redhead's kimono "eyeing up your own sibling."

"Look who's talking Franken-dick!" Recca bit back, face red at being caught out as he kicked the giant in the liver "How's the view from up there you hypocrite!"

"I can hear you, you bastards…" Naruto ground out, eyes flashing red in warning as she turned to face the quarrelling idiots. They immediately shut up, looking away from the enraged redhead. They recognized the look in her eyes, it was the same one Fuko wore when someone pissed her off too much, the next person to say something stupid was likely to wake up the next morning in the infirmary.

"…like a stream of fire when I pee." A familiar voice muttered, Inuzuka Kiba limping round the corner with a disinterested, make that highly annoyed, Kankurou at his side "Seriously, you think I should-?"

He caught sight of the fuming redhead, or rather, said redheads rather curvaceous figure beneath the slightly too-big hospital kimono, and grinned. Ignoring the sudden muteness of his companion, he made his way over to the redhead, unaware of Recca and Domon's gestures to run the hell away. "Hey there hot stuff," he greeted, leaning against the wall, wincing as his ribs popped in protest "So what are you in for?"

Recca closed his eyes and plugged his ears, looking away from ground Zero as his Outoto turned to face the poor sap. Domon, once again decked out like a Buddhist priest, began chanting over prayer beads, whilst Kankurou beat a hasty retreat down the hallway as the screaming began.


"I heard that Kiba got transferred to the emergency ward." Ino noted conversationally, walking alongside her colleagues as they left a study session "Apparently he tried to flirt with some redhead and she ripped him a new one."

"Ouch." Hinata winced, though she really wasn't that surprised, Kiba had a nasty habit of saying the first thing that popped into his head, and sadly tended to think with his little head when in the presence of females. She herself usually had to remind the teen that 'no' wasn't an invitation to try again, though she'd never taken it so seriously as to resort to physical violence.

"Get this though!" Ino continued, a grin on her face as she gestured widely "Apparently she tried to pop his right nut before the orderlies managed to haul her away!"

"Oh come on!" Sakura huffed, turning her head the other way in disgust "As if a woman that violent would exist."

Ino and Hinata shot their pink haired teammate a covert look, but wisely decided to keep their mouth's shut, Hinata because she was too polite to do otherwise, and Ino because she had no desire to be told off for scrapping with her rival again.

As it were, they were passing the restrooms when a trio of orderlies limped past, carrying each other and looking decidedly worse for wear. "Batshit crazy b-bitch…!" one of them stammered, supported between his two comrades as they limped on "It was an accident, she was gonna kill that kid!"

"You still shouldn't have ripped her top." One of the others countered, wincing at some painful memory "She'd have just settled for letting us haul her away then."

"Well I ain't getting her another one!" the third muttered, clutching his family jewels tenderly "She can freeze 'em off for all I care!"

The trio watched the orderlies stumble off, before turning to look at each other, curiosity burning in their eyes. "Don't tell me you don't wanna take a look." Ino taunted, a daring smile on her face "I mean c'mon! You saw what those guys looked like!"

"I don't know…" Hinata stated unsurely, she was supposed to meet with Kagero for tea and was technically running late as it was. Before she could answer however, she was dragged down the hall by a grinning Ino and Sakura, her protests lost as they zeroed in on the room Kiba's assaulter had been stashed. Creaking the door open, they gazed around the thrashed room, only to blink as their target stepped out of the bathroom.

"God damn it's freezing in here!" the girl muttered, rubbing her bare arms as she paraded around the room, spiky red locks trailing down her back lightly tanned back "Fucking pervs better hurry up with that top or I'll kill them…brrr!"

Apparently unaware of her audience, the redhead continued to parade around the room, muttering threats to various persons, most vehemently a certain Ero-sennin, which caused said audience to blush, though for several different reasons, not entirely because of the language. She sneezed, shivering due to the chill in the room, before flinching as she caught sight of them huddled by the door.

"Uh…hi?" Ino greeted, a little unnerved by the way the girl was staring at them, "We uh, heard a friend of ours gave you some trouble and thought we'd check in on you."

"Uh…thanks." The redhead offered, looking between them like a cornered deer, whilst pointedly trying to avoid the curious gaze of the Hyuuga heiress "Just…make sure he doesn't do it again!"

"Uh, I have a spare kimono if you'd like." Sakura offered, holding up a pressed, hospital kimono, trying not to stare at the redhead's…assets, along with Ino. 'SHANANROO! WHAT'S THAT GIRL BEEN DRINKING?!' Inner-sakura raged, flames of jealousy roaring behind her as the redhead got dressed, hurriedly 'She's bigger than Naruto's Orioke form for crying out loud!'

"Thanks…" the redhead stammered, still avoiding Hinata's piercing gaze as she pulled the kimono on, before turning for the door "I'll uh…just be going now…"

"Huh? Why?" Ino wondered, snapping out of her daze long enough to grab the redhead by the arm "We're about to go off for a break, care to join us?"

"Eh?" the girl stammered, looking around in desperation for an escape route, only to meet Hinata's eyes. The heiress blinked, eyes widening in recognition, before covering her mouth in surprise.

"Hinata?" Sakura called out, looking at the heiress in confusion "Aren't you supposed to be somewhere?"

Hinata looked at the pinkette, before eyeing the wide-eyed, pleading form of the redheaded, whiskerless, FEMALE Naruto being veritably dragged out of the room by Ino, and deciding to take a rain check on the tea.

This looked like it might be interesting.


"What do you mean Naruto's not in his hospital room?!" Tsunade snapped, glaring at the understandably nervous Shizune "Don't tell me he snuck out for ramen!"

"N-no! We already had guards posted at all the Ramen stands in Konoha, especially Ichiraku ramen." She coughed and righted herself "As of yet, there has been no sign of anyone resembling Naruto, male OR female, nor anyone associated with him."

"Mataku…" Tsunade growled, shaking her head in mild irritation "Just like Kushina, always disappearing without a damn trace…" she glared at Shizune "Well don't just stand there, find him! I mean her…whatever! Leave no stone unturned!"

She sat back in her chair, waiting until Shizune was halfway downt the corridor, before reaching under the desk and pulling out a bottle of sake.

Hey, when the cat's away right?


The group had gone to a small bar near the hospital that Tsunade usually frequented after her duties there, usually to hide from Shizune. As always, she had written up a tab, which her students willingly added to with each visit.

"So here I was, fretting over whether or not I'd be burying my best friends, I mean, Chouji was literally wasting away and Neji had to worked on by a crack team of medics." Ino insisted, more than a little incensed, and the Amazake she was chugging down certainly wasn't helping "Kiba and Akamaru were lucky enough that help showed up when it did but can you believe that idiot Shikamaru?" she scoffed, downing another short as she did so "Not only does he take his sweet time coming back with that bitch from the sand, he also comes back with some red-haired sound trollop hanging off him!"

"C'mon now Ino-san…" Yanagi pleaded, trying to calm the obviously tipsy Yamanaka down before she started a riot "Shikamaru-san wouldn't do something like that."

"Probably consider it too troublesome." Their redheaded drinking companion muttered, resting on one elbow as she titled her Amazake cup, signaling for yet another refill, her thirtieth thus far judging by the grin on the barkeeps face, "I mean c'mon, Shikamaru? With a chick? Not unless she was made outta clouds and shogi pieces."

Ino and Sakura flushed at the imagery, too sloshed to comprehend how this girl knew the resident slacker. Yanagi blinked, tilting her head to the side innocently, the innuendo lost on her, whilst a smiling Hinata refilled the redhead's sake cup with something a little stronger than the others were drinking.

Amazake, as she'd learned from experience, would have absolutely no effect on Naruto, (for she knewit was him the minute their eyes met) hell, most weaker beverages tended to burn out before the alcohol could even reach his blood.

Which is why she was currently refilling his cup with a little contraband that the Hyuuga clan normally kept to themselves…a family recipe if you would. The punishment for administering it to non-family members was swift and painful, but considering what had occurred between them on the night of Tsunade's inauguration…let's just say she was secretly glad for her clan's almost feudal beliefs on the terms of marriage.

Not that she was about to spring THAT little card just yet, she wanted to be absolutely sure of her position as clan head before she revealed certain secrets to specific people. As it were, she contented herself with watching as the redhead slowly lowered her guard, fitting in with the others as they poked fun at the various men and role models in their lives.

After all, the future husband of a clan head should know how to interact with her friends shouldn't he?


"Ara? Hinata-chan cancelled our get together?" Kagero repeated, looking up at Reiran from her spot by the table "That is a shame, I was hoping we could talk some more…"

"She said she and the other trainees at the hospital were getting together." the animated puppet added, setting down the tea tray and pouring the calming liquid for the woman "A girls night aparrently."

"Oh dear..." Kagero sighed, looking up at the clock in trepidation "And I was so hoping she could tell me more on Naruto's condition...I mean, it's hardly normal, even for Madogu.

"Indeed." Reiran agreed, her own body was still that of a marionette, even if it was animated, even if she DID possess free will. Most Madogu, even the dark ones, tended to only affect specific things about their hosts, for one to so drastically alter the user...

"Oh my, do you think I should start stocking up on some necessities?" Kagero wondered, a hand on her cheek "I fear that between Yanagi-chan, Fuko-chan, Haku-chan and myself, we've completely run out." she eyed the animated marionette "The first one is always the first too..."

Reiran tried to envision the look on Naruto's face if he overheard this conversation and couldn't help but burst out laughing.


Morning was heralded by the sound of a cut-off squawk, as the konoha rooster once again was forced to duck out of the path of various pointy objects hurled at him by those desiring a few minutes of blessed slumber.

All over Konoha, everyone was getting over the night before, or at least, those who'd been out the night before were, which basically included all off-duty shinobi and one rather annoyed redhead, who's kunai had resulted in the eternal silencing of the damned bird.

Naruto awoke with a groan, raising a hand to cover her head, far to hung over to correct herself until her brain stopped trying to commit Hara Kiri. 'I swear I'll kill Koku-jiji for this.' She muttered, holding her head with the heel of her palms as she sat up 'Can't even be a guy in my own damn head…'

A soft moan at her side caused her to freeze, head turning like an arthritic skeleton to espy the human shaped lump under the sheets to her right. Swallowing slightly, she reached over, pulling up the blanket just as the person beneath rolled over to face her, revealing a rousing, decidedly naked, Hyuuga Hinata.

"Mmmm….morning Naruto-kun…" the heiress mumbled, sitting up and rubbing her eyes with a smile as she eyed the stammering redhead "Did you sleep well?"

"Hi-hi-HINATA?!" the currently female Uzumaki yelped, making warding signs as she fought the urge to leap out of the bed, realizing in terror that they were in a tavern room of some sort "Wha-?! When-?! How-?!"

"You got drunk last night at the get together." Hinata replied, running her hands through her hair with a smile as she stretched, drawing the redhead's attention to her…assets "i brought you here, my father owns the property so I have the key. As for how…well I suppose I was to blame."

"You spiked my drink?" the redhead exclaimed, trying to come to grips with this new, devious Hinata whilst simultaneously trying to keep her brain from shutting down due to the combination of beer and exposed cleavage "What with?"

"One of father's private brands." The heiress replied, giggling as she refused to reveal any more "He hasn't touched it since mother died, so it should be fine till I replace it."

"You…I mean…How did-?!" Naruto began, only to blink as Hinata leaned in, blue eyes widened as the heiress silenced any further protests with a kiss.

"If you're worried about your form Naruto-kun," Hinata assured the stunned redhead upon release, "I already garnered the necessary information from Tsunade-sama's files." She giggled at the look on the redhead's face "Godaime-sama was quite willing when I offered to take care of a few…minor debts."

"You bribed big booby nee-chan?" Naruto repeated, honestly not that surprised at how easily it had been accomplished "You're becoming quite the con-artist, Hinata-chan."

"Oh?" Hinata noted, smiling in a way that made the redhead flush "Well, I suppose I had a good teacher…or three, can't forget Kurenai-sensei and Anko-sensei."

Naruto would've questioned the heiress further but at that moment a pair of arms wrapped around her from behind, eyes widening as she turned to espy the Hinata-clone holding her in place.

"The file stated that Jiraiya-sama wanted to head off with you the minute you were cleared from the hospital…sooner even." The original Hinata admitted, smiling as the redhead put up a modest struggle "However, I convinced him that, since he wasn't likely to be back for three years, that he should spend some time with Godaime-sama."

She smiled as she placed a palm to her beloved's cheek, not caring WHAT his form was, for it was still the man she loved inside "That means, for the next 24 hours…you're all mine, Naruto-kun."


Jiraiya froze, a single strand of hair pointing straight up as he twisted his head around like an satellite receiver. "Perv senses…tingling!" he wondered aloud, eyeing the surrounding walls suspiciously "I sense…that one of the brats…is getting lucky!"

"Then you actually have something in common." Tsunade called out, drawing the white haired sennin's attention to the Godaime as she leant against the doorway of her bedroom in her green coat...and nothing else.

'Blood…leaving…brain…' Jiraiya mumbled incoherently in passable Shatner, as the well-endowed woman padded towards him 'Will…to resist…nonexistent…'

Tsunade simply smirked as she leaned close to him, eyeing the look of aroused terror on her former teammate's face before grabbing his shirt and throwing him onto the bed, ripping the article off him in the process. "Don't think that party was the last of it." she warned him, as he sat up blearily on the bed "I've been without ever since I left the village twenty-five years ago…time to binge a little."

All Jiraiya could do was scream as his teammate took a running jump, crashing into him and sending them flying onto the bed, which collapsed under the pressure.

Tsunade wasn't one who believed in moderation, if she wanted something she got it, no matter what was in the way.

Needless to say, Jiraiya wouldn't be making an appearance in public for a while.


"Where are they?" Recca muttered, kicking a stone idly as he waited for his brother and Jiraiya to show up "Mataku, are we sure Kakashi-sensei's tardiness isn't contagious."

"Oi-oi…" Kakashi called out, eyeing his hotheaded student over the edge of his recently purchased volume of Icha-Icha Violence "That's no way to talk about your sensei."

"Show upon time then." Domon muttered, munching away on some chicken kebabs as he waited for the errant nins. Kakashi slumped slightly at this, earning a giggle from Yanagi and a smirk from Fuko. Kagero merely sent the Jounin a knowing look, the look most mothers can pull off when children are thinking something they shouldn't, prompting the cycloptic Jounin to forget any retaliation in lieu of spotting the arrival of one of the late arrivals.

"Jiraiya-sama." He greeted, only to blink as he spotted the Godaime walking alongside the sennin, quickly hiding his book lest she destroy it, or worse, order HIM to destroy it. His discomfort grew as he noticed the Godaime was practically glowing, the odd sparkle hovering around her face as she walked with the grace of a woman half her age. By contrast, Jiraiya was almost hobbling along, looking like all his energy had been sucked out. On the other hand, the grin that was threatening to rip his face in two seemed as energetic as ever.

'Note to self, ask Inoichi for a memory suppression update later this evening.' Kakashi muttered, shuddering as he realized what had obviously been going on. Thankfully, the two got their act together before the younger ones caught sight of them, though Kagero still sent Tsunade a knowing look, the type used to signify 'details later over coffee'.

"So where's the brat?" Tsunade asked, looking around and nodding at the assembled group "Don't tell me he's picked up some of your bad habit's Kakashi."

'Is everyone going to start now?' Kakashi muttered, fighting down the urge to retort, knowing he'd suffer an up close examination of his own colon if he did "No sign of him, Godaime-sama." He reported, giving a half-hearted salute "And if I may? I was here before anyone else."

"He's tellin' the truth." Domon muttered, his mouth full of barbecued chicken sticks as he spoke "Recca 'n I thought it was some sorta genjutsu at first tho'."

'I don't get no respect.' Kakashi muttered, sighing and shaking his head at the giant's manners. As it were, he turned to regard Jiraiya, shuddering as the man's grin, while restrained, still managed to unnerve him "So you're serious about this?"

"The boy's already proved himself capable by mastering Rasengan in a week." The sennin pointed out, still grinning "I trained his mother so I'm the only one that currently understands the learning curve of an Uzumaki…not that I'd call it a curve…more like a damn upward slope."

Kakashi nodded in agreement, having experienced Naruto's ability to adapt and advance himself first hand. "So what about Akatsuki? Or Orochimaru?"

"Damn you're a mood killer." Jiraiya muttered, the grin disappearing in an instant, much to Kakashi's relief "Don't worry, Naruto won't be out of my sight the entire time, so Akatsuki shouldn't try anything." He scowled "And as for Orochimaru, I'll keep my ear to the ground, but that bastard's slipperier than the snakes he hides in his gullet."

'Correction, track down Inoichi and threaten him at knife point to suppress my memories the second Naruto leaves.' Kakashi thought, his mind reeling with images brought on by Jiraiya's statement. He blinked as the sound of footsteps approached, fighting the urge to thank whatever deity was listening as Naruto rounded the corner towards the gate, backpack over her shoulder.

Though he DID raise an eyebrow at the fact the redhead was wearing the same clothes as ever, regardless of the fact the wire mesh under the kimono top was giving the world a pretty good view of her cleavage. Her…unbound…cleavage.


Tsunade blinked as Kakashi began smashing his head against one of the gate posts, putting it off as stress and making a note to have Shizune send over a medic team later to calm him down. Ignoring the jounin for the moment, she turned to the redhead, hands on her hips as she smiled at her 'Outoto'…or was it 'Imouto' now?

"All set kid?" she asked, smiling down at the teen as she drew closer, "Bit of advice, sleep with a kunai under your pillow, the old fart has wandering hands."

"Do I look like a pedophile to you?" Jiraiya grumbled, growling as the group, with the exception of Kakashi, looked at him with deadpan expressions "Oh shut up!"

"We're only teasing you, Jiraiya-dono." Kagero assured him, she knew enough about the man from Tsunade to know that while he may ogle younger ladies, a fact she disapproved of considering his age, he had never laid a hand on one of his charges, not even when they'd come of age.

"I'll be following Big-booby neechan's advice though, Ero-sennin." Naruto warned, glaring up at the glaring sennin "So keep your hands to yourself."

"Insolent brat…" the sennin growled, though there was a note of humor in his tone as he ruffled the teen's hair affectionatly "Just like your mother."

Naruto swatted off the hand with a grin, turning to the others with a wane smile "I wish you guys were coming with me."

"Me too." Recca muttered, eyeing his 'Outoto' wistfully "But we're needed here until the ranks fill up again…and Tsunade said she'd have us doing D-ranks for life if we tried sneaking away."

Domon shuddered, recalling those blasphemous days and praying fervently that they would never come again. That one mission at the old folks home had been murder. 'So many liver spots…'

Mikagami merely told him to take care of himself, though he did shoot the redhead a heated glare that would've rendered Ensui useless when Haku pecked the redhead on the cheek. Kaoru and the Konohamaru corps made him promise to hang out when he got back, having snuck out of class to see him off.

Or so they'd thought, for Iruka had come to see his favourite student off as well. Rather than telling them off however, he merely tapped his nose and looked the other way, claiming if he didn;t see them, they weren't there.

Fuko punched the redhead's shoulder, grinning all the while as she did so "Don't forget about us okay? And if that old perv tries anything…" she eyed the currently female nin with a smirk "Well, self defense right?"

'Girl's are scary', every present male, and Naruto of course, muttered, shuddering at the implied meaning of the girl's words. Yanagi merely offered Naruto a box of homemade cookies, guaranteed to stick his teeth together and make his stomach ache for hours.

'How in the hell can Recca-aniki stomach these things' the redhead muttered, before turning to receive a hug from Kagero, head nestled between the woman's chest.

"You take care of yourself okay?" the immortal kunoichi ordered, holding the teen close despite the struggling "And be sure to listen to Jiraiya-sama, he only wants what's best for you."

"I will Kaa-san." The redhead offered, returning the hug with a smile, only to blink as the woman passed her a parcel "What's this?" she asked, shaking it for emphasis.

"Why necessities of course." Kagero offered, a smile on her face "You can't go on a training trip without them."

Naruto grimaced, staring at the package with abject horror while the treacherous remants of team seven burst out laughing. Dropping the package like one of Orochimaru's used experiments, the teen rounded on said teammates, a dust cloud kicking up as they proceeded to pummel each other in a true sense of camaraderie and farwel.

"Oh my, was it something I said?" Kagero wondered, though she did wink at Tsunade as she did so, the two women sharing a silent laugh at the boys' expenses.

Hey, mothers deserve to have their fun as well, and both had secretly been hoping for a daughter/sister when their respective son & brother had been born.


After recovering from the mutual thrashing, team Seven huddled together, gripping each others shoulders tightly as they promised to meet up again before promptly decking each other in the Jaw in a sign of masculine affection (read stupidity). Smirking despite the still healing shiner on her face, Naruto picked up her backpack, shuddering as she realized Kagero had added the package to it, before walking over to an impatient Jiraiya, who wisely kept his trap shut.

"See ya when we get back!" the sennin called out, dragging his apprentice behind him as the others stood at the gate, seeing them off with waves and smiles and then occasional teasing comment. Without her knowing, Naruto found her gaze trailing to the hokage monument, coming to rest on the carved features of the third and fourth.

'Saru-ji…' the teen whispered, smiling up at the old man's effigy 'Don't you worry, I'll be back soon.' The teen's gaze turned to regard the yondaime's features, reaching out a hand towards them, clenching it slowly into a determined fist. "I'll be back." the Hanyou promised, recalling the look of pride the man's face had borne as he lay deteriorating on the floor "Just wait for me!"

And even though Orochimaru was nowhere near the village, even though he didn't believe in such things as fate and even though the talisman's that had made up the man's body had not reacted to any form of stimulus, Naruto was certain the man's last words were being carried on the wind as the teen turned to follow Jiraiya out the gate and into the world beyond.

"By the way..." Jiraiya called out, looking down at his disciple, and down her front as he did so, the minute they were out of earshot "I've been meaning to ask you...where'd you get the hickey?"


"Well now." Tsunade muttered, sighing as she slipped on her doctor's coat, walking down the hallways of the hospital even as the sun was beginning to set, Shizune at her side "What's left on the agenda for today?"

"Hyuuga Neji is awaiting the signing of his release papers." The medic responded diligently, not chastising her mentor for taking so long to see off Naruto earlier "Akimichi Chouji is due for a check-up, and Inuzuka Kiba's painkillers seemed to have worn off."

"The Hyuuga can wait all he wants, miracle or not, NO-ONE leaves this hospital without a full check-up." Tsunade ordered, not slowing down in her pace "Have a member of both the Akimichi and Nara clans oversee the check up on Chouji, those pills have been known to have side-effects."

"And Kiba?" Shizune asked, making a mental note to alert the proper staff members as soon as she was dismissed, only to shudder at the smirk on her sensei's features.

"A little pain never hurt anyone." Tsunade stated flatly, missing the look of concern on her assistant's face as she continued down the hallway at a brisk pace "That it?"

"Er…actually…" Shizune stammered, flipping through the files one last time to make sure"There's someone else…Mitarashi Anko."

Tsunade blinked, looking over at her one-time student in surprise, and with good reason. Mitarashi Anko had hated hospitals ever since she was a child, claiming the smell of disinfectants made her sick. She still did as an adult, but it was joined by a hatred for Orochimaru and his laboratories. For her to personally come to for a check-up, rather than see a field medic, meant something HAD to be going on.

"I'll handle this personally." Tsunade declared, turning on her heel as she spoke, taking the clipboard from Shizune "You go deal with the Inuzuka brat."

Shizune nodded and dashed off, leaving her mentor to read over the frustratingly lacking chart the woman had provided. Reaching the room where Anko sat in a hospital gown she raised an eyebrow, noting the normally energetic toukobetsu jounin was acting rather reserved, not to mention the fact she looked a little green around the gills.

"'bout time you got here…" Anko growled, glaring at her leader with the usual lack of respect. Tsunade ignored it in favor of turning her attention to the medical charts, running over the details carefully before frowning in thought.

"How long?" she asked, eyeing the younger woman carefully, eyes flicking to the walls to warn her to be careful. The council had their ears everywhere, and she didn't trust that old war-hawk Danzo any further than an stone could jump.

"A month now," Anko admitted, nodding her head to assure the Hokage she wasn't THAT out of practice, and that the room was relatively secure "since you came back actually."

"And…the seal?" Tsunade asked, stepping closer under the pretense on checking up on the prototype, noting Sarutobi's attentive handwriting on the warding to keep it in check.

"Isn't an issue," Anko replied curtly "Sandaime-sama assured me that it wouldn't affect my body in any way."

Only Tsunade could have caught the hidden meaning in that statement, and sent a subtle chakra pulse into the woman's body, probing the seal as closely as she dared to without awakening the malignant properties within. When she deduced that there was no danger, she looked Anko in the eye and nodded "You're in the clear."

Anko sighed and seemed to lose several lines around her face, one hand resting on her stomach as if to steady it, only to look up at Tsunade as the woman gripped her shoulder. "Whose is it?" the Godaime asked, her tone brooking no argument from the younger woman. There was a time and a place for sass, and it WASN'T when someone's life was on the line.

"The hell do you wanna know?" Anko growled; though it lacked the usual bite she'd normally line isuch a reply with, "Even if I knew, why'd I tell you?"

"Dammit Anko this is serious!" Tsunade hissed, keeping her face calm as she worked to avoid the suspicion of anyone that came in "Who were you with that night?!"

Anko humphed, looking away for a few moments before speaking without moving her lips "Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hyuuga."

"You did WHAT?!" Tsunade hissed, almost forgetting to keep her face calm, though her nails DID dig into the woman's shoulder "Dammit Anko they're barely into their teens!"

"Old enough to kill, old enough to drink, old enough to fuck." The resident snake charmer recited, shooting the blonde a wry smirk "Isn't that what you taught us?"

"That was a different time." Tsunade grumbled, referring to the Shinobi war, when the age of consent had been lowered to ensure the shinobi populace didn't die out, one way or the other "And anyway, how'd you wrangle those three away?"

"Well, I was a little sloshed when I grabbed Uzumaki." She admitted with absolutely no sign of remorse "He called out to Uchiha for help so I brought him along too, and then Hiashi's little princess caught sight of me hauling off everyone's favorite half-breed and asked to join in."

"Hinata?" Tsunade repeated, blinking as she tried to make sense of the situation presented before her and failing spectacularly "Then…it wasn't Neji?"

"What? Hell no! what do you take me for?" Anko snapped, looking mortified "I may have been drunk, but that kid's got more issues than the Konoha News Archives!"

"Point taken…" Tsunade agreed with a sigh, recalling the Rock Lee incident with not too fond memories "Well, that lowers the candidates somewhat…are you keeping it?"

"Of course!" Anko snapped, covering her still flat stomach with both hands, as if to shield it from the question "I may be messed up but even I wouldn't go THAT far!"

"Good." Tsunade muttered, pulling out a scroll as she did, pretending to add some finishing touches to the cursed seal "But the second it's born, I'm testing the blood."

"Knock yourself out." Anko muttered, a hand pressed to her stomach, before smirking up at Tsunade "Wanna here the details?"

"Wait till I finish my shift." Tsunade muttered, a slight flush on her cheeks as she renewed the seal. Hey, leader of a village or not she still enjoyed a good laugh with the girls, and besides, bedtime tales were always the source of good blackmail later.

'One thing's for certain.' She noted, watching as Anko got dressed behind a screen 'I don't envy anyone that tries to hurt that child.'


In a land where the rain fell almost continuously, a tower stood, untouched by the occasionally burst of lighting that tore the sky. In the catacombs beneath said tower, several ominous figures, the most dangerous silhouettes in the collective elemental bingo books, let out a simultaneous chorus of sneezes, before promptly glaring at one another for doing so. "Goddamn humidity." A young, crass voice cursed, followed by a heart sniff "Why the fuck we gotta have a meeting in this shithole?"

"Shut up." A larger figure growled, his eyes a menacing green with no pupils as he turned to regard the one who broke the silence "You're annoying."

"Mataku…All of us gathered together like this…" one voice noted, his tone deep and gravelly, as if there were sand in his lungs "We haven't had a get-together like this since Orochimaru gave us the slip seven years ago."

"The snake has gotten restless recently." A large, plant-like shadow noted, before a second voice sounded out from it "I heard tell he got his hands on the sharingan...what do ya say ta that, Itachi?"

The silhouette of a red-eyed man gave no response, the spinning sharingan the only sign that he was, in fact, alive or even paying attention.

"No need to get so excited-un." A mocking voice called out, perched upside down on the ceiling, one eye hidden by a patch "We'll deal with that traitor soon enough-un." He eyed the group as he spoke "I heard he's switched, so we've got three years before he can do anything. If we all work together, we should be right on schedule-un."

"Indeed." A cold voice called out, the speaker a spiky haired silhouette with unusual grey ringed eyes, the whites an unusual shade of pink "Once we obtain the Kyuubi…everything will be within our grasp."


And so the saga draws to a close... for the moment at least

I'll admit, it didn't quite end the way I thought at first, but I figured the ones to see Naruto off be the ones that influenced him the most, which bascially included team Hokage, Haku, Kagero, Iruka, Kakashi, Jiraiya and Tsunade. The konohamaru corps were added on becasue we all know Kaoru wouldn't leave his friends behind.

That said, thank you for reading as long as you have.

Kakashi: Thank god that's over?

Kyugan: What are you talking about?

Kakashi: The Fic's finished. You won;t be able to torture me anymore.

Kyugan: You weren't paying attention were you?

Kakashi: Huh?

Kyugan: There's a sequel in the works!


Kyugan: (Smiles) Ah bliss...oh, and for those of you who stuck with me for the start, here's the ending for Hokage no Issan, sung to the tune of Shadow Skill's Born Legend...If you have this, please press play now.

(Images of the various scenes from Hokage no Issan are displayed, like a flashback montage, followed by the Konoha leaf symbol.)

Kizu tsukeau koto shika…

(shows half an image of a young, scowling Naruto)

Omoi wo tsutaera wazu.

(image is replaced by the opposite half of a young, crying Naruto.)

Yasuragi wo motsu subenaku,

(Recca's tekko covered arm is revealed, writing the kanji for a Karyuu)

chiri isogu mono moaru…

(Zooms out to reveal Recca with flame blazing from his palm)

Yasashisa wa tate ni nari…

(A crowd of Otonin are sent flying as Domon punches upwards)

Tsumi sura tsurugi ni naru.

(Camera zooms in on the giant's face, it is set in a mask of fury.)

Hontou no itami wo shireba

(Fuujin is held up to Fuko's face, camera zooms out as she spins in mid-aor.

Subete ni mezameru chikara!

(Naruto prepares to draw her sword, blue and red Chakra spinning in wisps all around him. Camera zooms in on his eyes, to be replaced by a sketch of Kyuubi attacking Konoha.)

Sou mayo-u tame ni nayamu tame ni,

(Naruto and Sasuke are sparring atop a plateau.)

Kura yami wa kanarazu kuru.

(Sasuke is seen practicing Kata by himself)

Idaku tame ni ai su tame ni,

(Fuko flips in mid-air, sending a burst of air at the camera)

Sakebi ni naru toki ga kuru.

(Tokiya sends a Tsurara-mai at Domon, who uncrosses his arms with a snarl, teeth clenched and eyes white as the symbol for Tetsugan on his forehead.)

Nageki no naka kibou wo no naka,

(The Hokage complex is shown, Kagero sitting on the porch.)

Inochi no imi wo oboete.

(Kagero looks up, her face calm, yet searching.)

Anata dake ni yurusareteru

(Kurei posses as we saw him last, his arm raised high with Kurenai's flame surrounding him, the flame-angel's hand in his own, her wings spread heavenward.)

Densetsu ga ima hajimari.

(Naruto scowls, flexing her muscles, the tekko coming off with a burst of crimson chakra.)

Camera zooms out to show the Kyuubi walking towards the screen, the giant fox is consumed by flame, replaced with the shadowed image of a tall, athletically built man walking away from the camera towards the blue sky, the back of his sleeveless Kimono top adorned with the Uzumaki whirlpool crest, the only visible features…his mane of red hair, and the barely visible Hokage clan crest on his left arm.

"Live strong…Uzumaki Naruto…"

To be continued…


Translations for the song:

Kizu tsukeau koto shika-only through inflicting wounds upon each other

omoi wo tsutaera wazu-can our emotions be conveyed.

Yasuragi wo motsu subenaku-with no way of peace.

chiri isogu mono moaru-some will die Quickly.

Yasashisa wa tate ni nari-Kindness becomes a shield,

tsumi sura tsurugi ni naru-Sin becomes a sword.

Hontou no itami wo shireba-If you know what pain truly is,

subete ni mezameru chikara-All your power will awaken!

Sou mayo-u tame ni nayamu tame ni-To confuse, to worry;

Kura yami wa kanarazu kuru-darkness will surely come.

Idaku tame ni ai su tame ni-To embrace, to love;

Sakebi ni naru toki ga kuru-The time to scream will come.

Nageki no naka kibou wo no naka-amidst sorrow, amidst hope,

Inochi no imi wo oboete-the meaning of life is recalled.

Anata dake ni yurusareteru-For you alone,

Densetsu ga ima hajimari-The legend begins now!

And it will again...sometime in the future.

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