Authors note: What can I say? Separate chapters give the impression that there isn't just a big hole between Ranma going to sleep and waking up.

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He awoke, decision made, and smiled as he landed in the pond.


"You know the drill, son! Give in and go sleep with your fiancée!"

"You leave me alone!" They met in the air, and exchanged punches and kicks. Ranma came out with the better of it.

"I have a lot of fighting to do today, pops!" Ranma shouted as he landed. "I could use a warm up, so stop now or I won't go easy on you!"

"What've you got to fight about today, hmm?" Genma asked with a wicked grin.

"Hmmph. Where's Happosai?" She wasn't very happy with her father, but to try the technique out for the first time, she wanted an opponent whom it was extra easy to think bad about. It never occurred to her that she might want to try the first level of the technique before the third.

"Oi! Happosai! Come out!"

"What is it, my boy?" The lech appeared out of nowhere, snuggling Ranma's breasts.

Ranma threw him off with contempt. It was working already. "I want to spar with you."

Happosai hesitated for a moment. "Why?"

"I've got a new technique. I want to try it out."

The old pervert let out a little yelp. "You have so little gratitude to your father's master you would attempt an experimental technique on me?!" he exclaimed in a very hurt voice, tears forming in his perverted eyes.


"It saddens me, Ranma. But very well, I accept. And I shall hold back less than normal, so I hope you deem your technique worth a rib or two!"


Ranma went inside and splashed herself with warm water. He went out.

By now some of the Tendos stood watching beside his father.

The two martial artists bowed from their respective ends of the garden.

The old pervert attacked, aura aflame. When he was five meters away, Ranma shut out the outside world, and looked into his heart. He felt a warm sensation, and smiled. Then he expanded his aura enough to touch his attacker's. That is attacking me!

He opened his eyes, and flung his arms towards the repulsive creature. "Ai No Zanchuu"

He felt his heart skip a beat, and saw a gold-orange bolt of light shoot away, lightning in its wake. It hit Happosai in the chest, and the dirty old man was thrown back screaming into the wall, which cracked. The pervert was angered. He roared, and leapt for Ranma.

This time Ranma found it a lot easier to want to hurt the man, and he shot off a slightly bigger ball of light, a little redder than the first. Happosai tried to dodge, but the sphere bent in its path, and hit him hard in the stomach. He went soaring out of the yard, screaming in rage.

Ranma stood still for a moment, a mad smile on his face. It was nowhere near the mastered attack, but it was strong. Especially for its first battle. Maybe the technique was working for him.

"I defeated the pervert with just two blasts…" He turned around and came to face with all of the Tendos and his parents, still beaming like the sun. Nabiki was holding a film camera, but he didn't notice. "I won."

Soun cleared his throat. "Nabiki dear, was this the technique you were talking to your daddy and the Saotomes about yesterday?" Ranma froze.

Nabiki nodded from behind her camera.

"And," continued Soun, "I take it that this was, if not yet perfected, the third version?"

Nabiki nodded.

There was a moment of silence.

Soun and Genma shot up into the air in celebration, waving flags around and shouting in joy. "Little Ranma has finally proved his love for my daughter!"

"You did it, boy!"

"My manly son!"

Akane stood silent. What? She glanced at Nabiki, who met her eyes and smiled.

Ranma stood dumbfounded. "What are you talking about?"

"We know all about the technique, son!" Soun exclaimed excitedly. "You fuelled your attack with your love for my beautiful daughter!"

"My boy fell for it and proved it! We can hold a new wedding!"

"My manly son!"

Akane blinked. "What?" she whispered. Love Love had something to do with his attack? She looked with disbelief and a flicker of hope at Ranma.

Ranma realised what had happened. This was a scheme Nabiki had cooked up.

"I wasn't thinking about Akane," he said at last.

The crowd silenced. They stared at him.

"What?" Soun asked.

"I said I wasn't thinking about Akane. That's not what fuelled the attack."

There was a slow breeze. A dead cactus rolled by.

Soun flamed. "What's this supposed to mean, Saotome-kun!?"

Genma paled. "What… whatever do you mean, boy? Who were you thinking of when you summoned the ki?

Akane's face had gone white. He's in love with one of the others?

Ranma felt annoyed. Nabiki had tried to trick him into reveal his feelings for Akane by making him use them in a martial art's technique, and now he was going to get in trouble before he had even perfected it.

Well, be that as it may. He was faster than them; he could run. He eyed them victoriously, beamed, and threw his arms out in proud declaration. "Me!"


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