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Carson didn't try to sneak out again after that.

Biro kept him in the infirmary for three more days before finally letting him go. "I hope you don't need to be told how important it is to take it easy," she said.

Carson nodded. "Of course not. I am a doctor."

She smirked. "And doctors make the worst patients. Right, Dr. McKay?"

Rodney, standing next to John, frowned. "Hey! I'm not that kind of doctor!"

Biro ignored him, looking at Carson again. "You're free to go. I have two words for you; eat and sleep."

"That'sthree words," said Rodney, eager to get one up on her.

John chuckled.

Biro shot him a death glare. "I just remembered, McKay, with Carson remaining off duty for a while, I'll be the one doing your next physical! Won't that be fun?"

Rodney's face turned almost as white as a wraith's.

Carson tried to hold in a laugh, only succeeding in making himself cough.

"We'll be going, now!" said John, grabbing Rodney and Carson's arms and pulling them towards the door.

Rodney could've sworn he heard Biro's evil laugh follow them out. "I'mso dead!" he whined.


Carson obeyed his body—and Biro—by resting a lot over the next couple of weeks. I haven't gotten this much sleep since before medical school, he thought. His cough was getting better and his strength was returning, but his appetite was oddly still suffering, preventing him from gaining back any of the weight that he'd lost while so ill.

Rodney tried to shove food down his throat at every opportunity. Sometimes it worked, but sometimes it didn't; Carson simply wasn't hungry.

"How can you not be?!" Rodney had asked. "You hardly ever finish a whole meal anymore!"

Carson had no answer.

The good part about being off duty was that Carson didn't have to go off-world. It was a huge relief to the Gate-phobic doctor! He still attended the briefings and meetings, and would haunt the infirmary until he was shooed out.

"I'm bored," he said to Rodney and John one day, over lunch.

His two friends watched him sympathetically. "You'll be back on duty soon," said John.

Carson nodded, but then he coughed.

"As soon as you get rid of that," said Rodney.

Carson nodded again, purposely breathing through his nose to prevent the others from hearing the wheeze that he knew his body wanted to announce. His lungs were recovering very slowly…much slower than he liked. He'd had no choice but to start using the albuterol in the morning and at night, like the average asthma patient, when he found that his lungs didn't react well to daily activity. It bothered him greatly; he didn't want to become a slave to an inhaler again, like he had while a child.

A month after being released from the infirmary, Carson was finally allowed back on duty. He still coughed occasionally, but it was no longer serious. He was still using the inhaler, and to his utter dismay, he found that he probably would be for a while; unknown to everyone else, he'd had a couple of asthma attacks, thankfully while alone. He didn't want anyone to know about it, but now that he was on duty again, he wondered how long it would be before it happened in front of someone.

On Carson's first day back, he entered the infirmary to see Rodney sitting on a bed. "What's this, now?" he asked. "What have ya done ta yerself this time?"

"Ha!" said Rodney. "Biro didn't succeed, that's what!"

Carson frowned, before realization dawned. "Ya put off yer physical until I got back?"

Rodney smiled. "Yup. Now she can't torture me!"

Carson smiled back. "An' what makes ya think that I won't torture ya?"

"Oh, ha ha, Carson," Rodney said, though his face showed slight doubt.

Carson didn't torture him, but when Biro came in a few minutes later, the look that she sent the scientist could've melted ice.

Over the next month, Carson continued to recover. His lungs eventually handled things much better, and he started to skip using the inhaler at night.

One day, as he sat at his microscope, John came in, and asked him a question that sounded very much like the one that had begun the whole measles-fiasco.

"Hey doc, feel up to a trip?"

Carson gulped.


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