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CHAPTER 37 – Something More:

"Why are we in a bookstore?" Naminé asked Mel. Better yet, why this section of the bookstore? Naminé was glad that she was in civilian clothing. While it didn't make it any less embarrassing for her, it at least didn't ruin her military reputation. The only people who could identify her as military would be fellow coworkers and she hoped that none of them saw her in the Adult Section.

"You wanted help," Mel pointed. "And this would be considered research."

"Why can't you just answer my questions?"

Mel rolled her green eyes. "Believe it or not, there are things that even I don't know about. Hard to believe, huh? Ah, here we go." Mel plucked a book off the shelf and held it out toward Naminé. Naminé's eyes widened at the suggestive title. Mel thrust the book at her. "Take it and flip through it for some ideas."

"I'm not trying to base possible sex on fiction."

"Steamy fiction, may I remind you," Mel said. "And this is the easiest way to explain things to you. If you're going to complain about my teaching methods, why even bother?"

Naminé sighed, forcing herself to flip open to a page. Within three seconds, she closed the book and put it back on the shelf. "I told you, Mel."

"Yeah but why would Kimblee care?"

Naminé sighed. "When I first started the military, Isabelle told me that he and Thad were playing a game about how many women they could get. She said the score was tied 50 to 50."

"Like 50 women each?" Mel said.

"Maybe. I never asked her for the scoring system."

Mel started laughing. "You think Kimblee has high expectations for a virgin?!"

"Shh!" Naminé looked around, hoping no one heard that. The only person who probably had heard her gave Naminé a weird look from the mystery section. "Yes," the alchemist answered quietly. "The only person I know he slept with frequently was Sonia and she would have done anything to please him."

"Like oral 'exams'?"

Naminé shook her head at her friend's words. "I guess that and probably a lot more." Mel's terminology sometimes sounded ridiculous but at least it wasn't as blunt as Vi's – Vi would have made sure to use all the proper terms that Naminé would be embarrassed saying and Mel tended to avoid.

"If Kimblee wanted that kind of girl, I'm sure he wouldn't have bothered with you."

"But maybe he thinks I'm going to be like a natural."

Mel's laughter didn't make the brunette feel any better about the situation. She took the book away from Naminé and swapped it for another one. The title seemed innocent enough. "It's a good read," Mel insisted. "And you can definitely get ideas from there. I used a few in my younger days."

"Like two weeks ago?"

"Funny," Mel said sarcastically. Mel walked down the aisle and disappeared behind a bookcase. A few moments later, she emerged with another book in her hands. It was bright red. "If you're looking for ideas, this is the best place to start."

Naminé took it. No sooner than she had opened it, her eyes opened wide. Not to Mel's surprise, the book fell out of her friend's hands.

"You're acting like we're teenagers again," Mel said, shaking her head as she picked up the book. "You're a woman now and, if everything goes right, you'll see a naked man pretty soon."

How could Mel talk so loudly about this? "No," Naminé said in hushed tones, "the lights will be off. He won't see much of me and I won't see much of him."

Mel raised an eyebrow. "What about when you wake up and it's bright outside?"

"I won't get out of bed until he's out of my room."

"And if it's his bed?"

"I'll sneak out before he wakes up," Naminé said. "I got this all figure out."

Mel shook her head. "What if he wants to shower with you?"

"Not happening."

Mel smiled at her friend's delusions. "Once you get caught up, you'll be surprised how little of that matters. I'm pretty sure Kimblee..." Mel's voice trailed off as she stared at someone over Naminé's shoulders.

Naminé swallowed, worried that it was Kimblee who overhead the most embarrassing conversation of her life. She turned around, preparing the best explanation possible, when she saw that it wasn't Kimblee. It was Isabelle.

It was strange how little she had changed. She still wore the same coy smile that people who didn't know her would mistake for friendliness. "Hi Naminé."

"Hi Isabelle." Naminé stared at the blonde. She was trying to not let her surprise show or exactly how uncomfortable this was making her. The last time they had seen each other, Naminé had punched her in the face. "I thought you moved."

"I still live here," she replied. "I'm just out of the military. I left two years ago. I got married and I'm even considering children."

"That's nice," Naminé said.

"Good thing Naminé didn't knock any teeth out, huh?" Mel chirped in. It was hard to tell if she was joking or being sarcastic.

"I agree," Isabelle said icily, her green eyes barely flickering in Mel's direction. "How is Kimblee doing by the way?" She suddenly asked, looking at her former coworker again. "I haven't seen him since the other night."

Naminé did her best to hide her surprise. "He's dead."

"Really? Cause I saw him and talked to him. And you were just saying rather loudly about how you don't want to see him naked. I honestly don't know why when Kimblee is quite a sight. I would know. I've sampled the goods so to speak."

"Naminé will be doing a lot more than sampling," Mel interjected. Isabelle gave a Mel a look that almost stated where-do-you-fit-in-this-conversation. However, Mel just smiled and said in her best imitation, "So to speak."

Naminé sighed. "It was nice seeing you again but we have to go." Naminé walked past Isabelle. Mel hurried to catch up.

"After all these years, she's still a bitch," Mel whispered in surprise.

Naminé stared at her friend before erupting into laughter.

"I'm serious!"

From the time Naminé returned to her apartment, she had taken a seat in the living room and started reading the novel she had bought. Why she let Mel convince her, she didn't know. The novel was everything Naminé had expected and worse – not a detailed was spared about Elizabeth Thatcher's romance with the illustrious Mr. Blackwell. Naminé couldn't help but feel embarrassed that she was actually reading such a novel for the sake of her love life. Yet she couldn't stop reading. She felt compelled to finish it, if only to tell Mel how terrible and pointless it was.

"You've been reading that book for three hours," Kimblee said, sitting on the opposite side of the couch.

Naminé peered over the book cover. "Has it been that long?"

He nodded. "Is it really that good?"

"It's interesting," she replied. After some thought, she closed the book and sighed. "You and Isabelle... you ran into each other recently?"

Kimblee nodded, taking her question rather nonchalantly. "Yeah. Two nights ago. She saw me and approached me. We didn't talk long."

"What did you talk about?"

"About how she's married. And about how she might be willing to cheat on her husband."

"So you did sleep with her then," Naminé said. Kimblee raised an eyebrow. "She told me that you did. Once."

A strange look came over Kimblee's face. "Naminé." Just from the way he said her name, she could tell what he was thinking.

"I don't care about that," Naminé told him. "Or you talking to her. I trust you." She sat up straight and reached for his hand. Kimblee looked down at her hand on top of his before looking at her in confusion. Naminé shifted closer. "But I am curious – was she part of the fifty women you slept with?"


Naminé nodded.

"You really think I slept with fifty women?"

Naminé's face heated up. It hadn't sounded that ridiculous. Naminé folded her arms. "Well, Isabelle told me once that you and Thad were tied at fifty points in that stupid game."

Kimblee laughed. "You don't get one point with each woman you slept with. You get five out of ten points for taking them on a date, then the full ten if the date ends in sex."

"...How many women did you sleep with outside of the game?"

Kimblee raised an eyebrow. "Uh, why are you so curious about all this?"

"No reason," Naminé lied.

Kimblee's golden eyes dropped down to the book Naminé had been reading. "Are you getting relationship advice from a book?"

"Don't be ridiculous," Naminé replied, moving the book to the other side of her. However, that didn't stop Kimblee from reaching over and grabbing it. Naminé tried to take it back but he held it out of reach. "Zolf, give it back."

Kimblee flipped the novel open and started to read out loud. " 'Elizabeth Thatcher had never seen such...' Are you seriously reading this?"

"Mel suggested it, okay? She said it was a good story."

"Oh? There's a story in here?" Kimblee asked.

Naminé snatched it away from him. "There is."

"Babe, I don't see why you want to live out your fantasies through a book."

"I'm not," Naminé said quickly. "I'm just, um, preparing myself." Kimblee gave her a funny look before his eyes widened slightly in understanding. She waited for laughter but instead he merely smirked.

Kimblee stood up. "One of these days I'll show you how easy it is – if you'll let me have that honor."

Naminé stared as he started to walk away. "It's an honor?" Naminé called out after him.

"I just don't want sex, Naminé."

Naminé watched him head back to his room. When he disappeared from sight, she picked up the book. She was certain Kimblee didn't know how reassuring that was for her.

A few nights later...

Naminé was not accustomed to having restless nights. This particular night she had tossed and turned before deciding a glass of water might help. Funny enough, Kimblee had been having similar issues. Their conversation had started out normally before Kimblee had introduced a weird turn. Naminé had been so confused until Kimblee had finally said what was on his mind.

"Do you want to spend the night together?"

It had been obvious what he had been asking for at the time but she had to be sure.

"You mean make love, right?"

"Yeah... If you want to."

"... I want to."

It had all came so easily – Kimblee poking fun at her, she retorting, he carrying her to her bed, she latching onto him while they kissed passionately. Now she lay on her bed, feeling her neck feverishly heat up wherever Kimblee kissed it. This was her comfort zone – this was what she was used to doing with men. Usually this would be enough but tonight she wanted more.

In a voice unlike her own, she heard herself say, "Make love to me, Zolf."

Kimblee left her neck and came face to face with Naminé. She could see the lust in his eyes already. "You don't have to tell me, Naminé." The husky tone of his voice sent shivers up and down her spine.

"Then do it already."

He lifted up the tee-shirt she was wearing, exposing her stomach and her underwear. Kimblee shifted down between her legs and kissed her stomach. His hands played with her hip bones as he continued. Naminé didn't know whether if he was coming back up until he grabbed the waistband of her panty. He briefly got up on his knees, tugging it down her legs and over her feet. She thought she couldn't look but then she felt a slow lick on the inside of her thigh.

Naminé watched him through a nervous, lust-filled gaze as he teased her. The whole time he kept her gaze. He kissed lower and lower on her inner thigh, deliberately taking his time, drawing out the suspense as long as he could. Her chest rose and fell faster as he got closer. Finally Naminé had to look away.

She had felt something like this before. She made sounds she didn't think likely as wave after wave of pleasure spread throughout her body and down to her extremities. She couldn't think of a time where Kimblee had rendered her to such a state. Her thoughts were barely coherent and her body was acting independently. His name left her mouth more times than she knew. She hadn't meant to whimper in disappointment when Kimblee stopped and kissed her other inner thigh.

She knew that Kimblee had experience more experience that her but after that, she saw how big the gap really was. She wasn't sure what to do, whether he was expecting something similar in return or... She blocked out her worrisome thoughts. Mel had been right about one thing earlier – if that was the kind of girl he wanted, he wouldn't have bothered putting in all this effort for her. And he did say he wanted more than sex. For now, she thought as she sat up, catching Kimblee's attention. I'll stick to what I know.

Naminé slowly took off her tee-shirt, exposing her chest to him. Her heart pounded while her eyes asked him where did they go from there.

Kimblee didn't voice his answer. He silently removed his clothes, barely losing eye contact with her. He then leaned in and molded his lips onto hers. Her blue eyes fluttered closed when he held her against his body. She didn't protest as his tongue entered her mouth nor as he laid her back down again. Naminé didn't want the intimacy of the moment to end. This level of closeness wasn't something she felt often. Kimblee usually had some sort of guard up but now he wasn't hiding his feelings.

Kimblee pressed his forehead against hers, his nose barely touching hers.

"Naminé," he whispered. "If you need me to slow down, let me know."

"I will."

Twice. They had done it twice.

Naminé stared at the ceiling, her mind trying to wrap around what had just happened. She had lost her virginity to Kimblee. It was easily followed up by the fact that Kimblee was good and could do amazing things with his mouth and hands. Whatever he left unattended the first time, he got to it the second time around. Her body was tingling as if he was still teasing her senseless. A part of her wanted him a third time but physically she was exhausted.

Kimblee wrapped his arm around her, pulling her against his body. She snuggled against him without a second thought.

"I love you, Zolf," she murmured softly. "But I think I'm good for tonight."

"I do want more than just sex from you, Naminé."

"What else do you want?" She asked sleepily, sure she would have nothing but good dreams tonight.


She smiled and closed her eyes. "You already have me."

"I mean officially. We should just get married."

Naminé's eyes popped open. She didn't feel sleepy anymore. "What?"

"Let's get married, Naminé."