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Colonel John Sheppard stuck his hands in his pockets as he caught up with Ronon Dex.


"Nope," the big man said as he absently scratched his stomach.

"Goin' somewhere in particular?"

"Not really."



They made a sharp left and headed for the nearest transporter. Sheppard didn't even look as he tapped the map behind him. The doors slid silently shut and opened a few seconds later to a different hallway. They made another sharp left and Ronon nearly sideswiped Major Evan Lorne.

Ronon reached out an arm to steady the wobbling major. "You in a hurry to get somewhere?"

"Rec room. The Daedalus just dropped off the Wii everyone petitioned for."

"Only one?"

"Lieutenant Greaves said that's all they could get their hands on this time. They're supposed to be bringing two more next trip."

"Let's move. We gotta get there before the scientists get a hold of it." Sheppard said and they all took off down the hall.

Just outside the Rec room the sound of familiar voices made them stop.

"Damn." That sounded like Rodney McKay, which meant the scientists had gotten their grubby little hands on the new gaming station and were going to use it for parts.

"Oh, man. We're too late." Lorne grumbled under his breath.

"Sh…" Ronon motioned for silence and leaned closer to the door. "I can hear someone else."

Sheppard stared at the door for a second and it slowly opened the merest inch.

"Ugh…Rodney!" came Lieutenant Laura Cadman's voice.

Three sets of eyebrows went up. Cadman was in the same room as McKay and by the tone of her voice, apparently enjoying it.

"Oh yes!" she breathed out.

"Damn, Cadman." Rodney grunted back.

"Ugh…Come on Rodney…a little harder."

"You want harder?"

"Oh! Damn Rodney…I didn't know you had it in you."

"I'm just full of surprises."

"Oh, yes!"





Ronon, Sheppard and Lorne stared wide-eyed at the door as it slipped open. All three leaned in to find Lieutenant Cadman dancing around the Rec room as her Mii on the screen did the same swinging its tennis racquette around as Cadman did the same with her remote. Rodney let out a groan and flopped back on the couch tossing his remote at the screen.

Lorne looked at Ronon then Sheppard. "Remind me not to play any games with Rodney. What a sore loser."