"House of Blue Light"


'A Gentleman of Leisure'.


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"Whoa!" exclaimed the Doctor, leaping back hurriedly. "Where the blue blazes did you spring from?"

"I just stuck out a thumb, so-to-speak, and here I am!" said the robot that had suddenly appeared in the middle of the Tardis' control room. "Of course, as you can see, I only have a choice of one, so it didn't take long to make up my mind which to use," it added glumly.

It waved the stump of a metal arm which appeared to have been bitten off by something with enormous teeth, so embarrassingly large they would have made those of a Tyrannosaurus Rex look like a baby's in comparison. Even the Doctor himself felt a momentary twinge of jealousy!


"There," said the Doctor, tossing the metal-beating hammer casually over his shoulder without a care for where it might land. He produced a device resembling a screwdriver from one of his many coat pockets and used it to shine a brilliant blue beam of light on the interior of a gauntlet pillaged from a suit of armour, that he was re-fashioning for the robot.

"I must say, I do enjoy the old-fashioned hands-on approach!" he announced with gusto.

"On the whole, so do I," said Marvin, gloomily eying its stump.


"So let me get this straight," the Doctor went on cheerfully. "There was this one Earth girl travelling round the Galaxy in a stolen spaceship, with three chaps of assorted species, having strange, bizarre, wild adventures. What fun! I hope she was brighter than some of the companions I've had on board the Tardis in my time!"

"She was the only one out of the whole bunch who had more than two brain cells to rub together. Not that she treated me much better than any of the rest of them!"

"Something tells me you don't think much of the human race on the whole. Or of anyone else, for that matter," the Doctor added off-handedly.

"Waste of space, the whole lot of them, if you ask me, which you didn't, so pardon me for existing, and could you drop me off at the next stop, please... Oh God, I'm feeling so depressed."

"You'll have to take pot luck I'm afraid - wherever I'm going I always seem to have to take the long way round."




AN: This story is now the first in a sequence called "The Long Way Round", and precedes "The Doctor Will See You Now", in which the Fourth Doctor first meets the Buffybot. It occurs at a time when he is travelling without a companion, and between Series One and Series Two of the original radio version of the 'HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy'.