Chapter 1

"Dr. Bailey," said the Chief.

"Yes," she said, her shift was just about to start and she had to find her interns to do rounds.

"You have a new intern. She starts this morning," said the Chief.

"A new intern? Why am I getting a new intern? Especially now, there shouldn't be any new interns until July," demanded Bailey.

"This one is exceptional, she finished med school a year before everyone else, and it's good publicity for the hospital," said the Chief.

"Publicity, you are landing me with the model. That….. Abby something, that has been in the tabloids, she used to model," said Bailey furiously.

"Yes Abby-Gail Taylor starts this morning, and I want her with you. You don't take crap, keep her in line," said Chief.

"That's great I always get stuck with the most annoying suck ups," grumbled Bailey as she went off in search of her interns.


"Alright people lets move," Bailey shouted down the hall to her interns, "We have a new intern starting today, Issie take her with you and show her how we do things"

"Alright," said Issie.

"Speaking of which where is little miss Sass?" said Bailey.

"Right here," said Abby.

Bailey's five interns turned round to face, a stunning brunette. She was tall, had olive skin, intense green eyes and hair so dark it was almost black. It was so obvious she had been a model.

"Abby?" squealed Issie, hugging the new intern.

"You two know each other?" said Bailey.

"Yeah, we used to do shoots together all the time, we were roommates for years before she decided to take off to the big city and end up on all the magazine covers," gushed Issie.

"Yeah well, that was the past I'm here to be a surgeon now not a model," said Abby.

"I just can't believe it," laughed Issie.

"I know it's great to see you, we'll have to catch up later, cause our resident looks like she already hates me without us….." said Abby before Bailey cut her off.

"Come on reunion over," she snapped and they went off to do rounds.


"Abby," said Alex pulling her into an on call room, later on that morning.

"Owww what the hell?" said Abby rubbing her arm where she was pulled.

"What the hell are you doing here?" demanded Alex angrily.

"Aren't you happy to see me?"

"I haven't seen or heard from you in 10 years and you just show up here and…."

"I didn't know you were here or that you were even a doctor. Did wrestling not work out for you, the last time I saw you that is what you wanted to do?"

"And I expected you to be working a street corner"

Abby slapped him hard across the face.

"What the hell happened to you? When did you start thinking that I was a whore….When did you change?"

"When I was left to pick up the pieces of my family when you destroyed it"

"I didn't do anything wrong."

"You couldn't just let me deal with it could you?"

"You couldn't deal with it by yourself."

"I did, I got him out of mine and mum's life," said Alex.

"Too little too late though," snapped Abby.

"What happened was not my fault you should have spoken up sooner"

"I was 15!" screamed Abbie.

"What is going on in here?" said Issie coming into the on call room, "Alex are you hitting on her?" then she saw the look she was getting from both of them, "What?"

"Sorry Iz I forgot to introduce you to my big brother, Alex"


"Um….the patients family have questions who talks to them?" Abby asked Bailey, she was treating a burns victim who had just had surgery.

"Uh Dr. Sloane, he's over there," said Bailey pointing over to Mark.

"Uh okay," said Abby, recognizing him instantly as the man she had all but thrown out of her apartment that morning.

'This was supposed to me a fresh start and all ready I have an old friend, an estranged brother and a boss I have already slept with. Could I have picked a worst hospital'