Trish smiled and pushed back the covers, sliding into the bed beside Amy. "I'm sorry I lied Ames," she whispered, before pushing a strand of red hair out of Amy's eyes. Obviously tickling Amy, she screwed up her face and turned away from Trish. Sighing, Trish lay down fully and tried to sleep.

In the morning, it was apparent that neither Trish nor John had slept well. Sitting at the breakfast table, Vickie smiled, "Are you three going out today?" She said, attempting to make conversation between the two scowling teenagers as Amy helped Dave cook sausages, loudly complaining that they were going to eat 'poor little piggies'.

"Not with him that's for sure." Trish replied, taking a sip of her orange juice before clearing her throat. "Amy I was thinking we could go meet up with Matt and Jeff and maybe head to the mall today?"

"Nooooo. I Don't wanna shop. That's ALL you ever wanna do. Why cant we just down to the beach with John and the rest of them?" Amy said, turning round with a fork in her hand, almost piercing her brother's arm.

"Cause Randy's gonna be there," John replied smirking. Amy narrowed her eyes. "I shouldn't say that when you have a fork in your hand should I?" Amy shook her head. "I'll, be right back." said John, excusing himself as he laughed his way into his bedroom.

"What's that all about?" asked Vickie, looking rather confused.

"Amy. Crush. John's friend. John told. Amy cried. Big drama. Turned out he already knew," said Dave minimally. "Now, breakfast, is served." He smiled, placing a white plate stacked high with fried foods in front of Vickie and Trish.

"it wouldn't have been so bad if Randy hadn't said, 'Amy I like you. But it's John you know…'" Amy said, "cause one, I don't know. And two, why do I have to have a twin ? Especially a creep like him. Assbite." She began to attack a fried egg with her fork, imagining it was John's face.

"You love him really. You know what mom says," said Dave, laughing. "You and John are 'connected'"

"Yeah, cause he's walking around with one of my fucking kidneys," Amy replied sourly.

"Amy Christine Batista, wash that mouth out NOW !" said Trish giggling. "You REALLY wanna go to the beach?" she asked, changing the subject. She didn't feel comfortable talking about Amy and John's kidney saga after the argument she and John had had.

Amy nodded. "Please? I ain't seen Candice in FOREVER." She smiled angelically as Trish's expression became sceptical. "Ok, Thursday. But that's three days ago Trish. That's a long time for us. You know that. You cant go ONE day without me. Poor Candi will be going CRAZY."

Trish rolled her eyes, "And you don't mind Randy being here? I mean, for the past three months you've avoided him like the plague. You haven't gone out in large groups and the minute his name comes up, your iPod suddenly HAS to be blaring at full sound."

Amy shrugged, "So? I mean, he's not the ONLY one who's gonna be there. You never know, I might meet someone. I always thought Adam was kinda cute."

"And he's always thought JEFF was kinda cute. He's GAY Amy." said John re-appearing.

"you always ruin my fun. Fag," she retorted. "He could be Bi?"

"He's not. Mickie tried that one. He almost burst into tears when she took her bra off, never mind the panties." John smirked eating one of his sausages.

"Well I don't care. I'm going to the beach. I'm going to have fun. And I'm GOING to get laid." Amy smiled.

"Less talk of sex lives please," said Dave as Vickie giggled childishly.

"Juss cause you're girlfriends a good Catholic girl," smirked John as Trish and Amy began to eat.

Today seems like it's gonna be pretty eventful, thought Trish. God don't let me die….