There has been a change of plans. I had intended to edit which city had gotten destroyed and where it was. I then got very lazy when I actually took a look at how much the story had revolved around the city that had gotten destroyed and I decided to keep it the way it was.

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Kapp Anderson strolled through the bustling city, his long trench coat swaying at his feet, while his daily findings, a steel-plated auto-mail arm hotwired with artificial nerves, jolted lightly against his leg.

It was a fine night. A delicate wind played blithely with the thinning brown hair that sat peacefully atop his head; whilst couples and late-shoppers wandered around with leisure.

The heavens were less calm. Clouds roiled and stumbled in dizzying, turbulent formations. Nobody though anything of it; that is, until the dancing hulks parted to reveal a burning yellow moon.

Kapp halted in mid-step as the suspicious golden radiance threw a darkened frame of himself upon the sidewalk before him. Curiosity won out over a sliver of fear. Kapp whipped around and was struck with terror.

Vicious violet eyes filled the sky like lavender star-light. Innocent, child-like laughter filled the air. While tension inducing horror seeped in along with it, like sly liquid shadow. The moon, before his very eyes, split in two, sending forth a hideous 'crack' that shook the concrete beneath his feet as it rushed towards him in a rampaging wave.

Kapp let loose a shock-laced shriek. He abandoned his expensive new limb and instantly began tearing down the street like a madman, just as millions of others joined him. The slow-but-steady pace of just minutes ago was cast aside to be replaced with chaotic, blind darting.

The crevice in the moon spread as billions of long, obsidian, simple arms reached out for the souls of the pure.


"So what you're telling me is that the entire city of Rush Valley, the auto-mail capital of Amestris, was reduced to the smallest pile of rubble in the course of twelve hours?" Colonel Mustang slid backward in his chair, crossed his arms across his chest, and gave Edward a doubtful look that seemed to question the alchemist's sanity.

"Yeah, I am, and that's not even the half of it, the way the city was destroyed is the most interesting part," Edward sighed and leaned forward on his knees, further slouching his position, "It's the most interesting because we can't figure out how."

"You can't figure out how," Mustang repeated, raising a thinly penciled eyebrow, making the disbelief in his voice more pronounced with his skeptical expression.

Edward ignored the look and continued.

"The entire city seems to have melted away, people and all."

To Be Continued.