Chapter 7 – Introducing the Beast, Part 2


Toutousai rubbed his ears. "Stop yer yapping, you ungrateful pup." He examined the fang he had extracted from the Taiyoukai and shook his head. "Aww….looks like I need another fang. Your fangs isn't as big as Inuyasha's." Toutousai didn't really need another one of Sesshomaru's fangs, but he wanted to exact a little revenge for all those times Sesshomaru tried to kill him. "Open up!"

"Surely not." Sesshomaru snorted.

"Nope." Toutousai said. "Not even close. He beats you in length, as well as girth."

"No matter. It is not the size of the fang that counts, but how it is used." Sesshomaru shot back.

Toutousai shrugged. "Yeah, you keep telling yourself that, Sesshomaru."

If had his left arm, Sesshomaru would have crossed his arms, completing his pouty, sulky look. "You honestly believe someone inexperienced and clumsy as Inuyasha can use his fang the way this Sesshomaru can?" He ran his tongue over his remaining fang. "He understands nothing of skill, angle, and penetration."

Toutousai nodded. "But makes up for it with enough girth to make anybody scream. "

Myouga sighed and crawled into the smelly hair of the sword smith's armpit. At this point, he would have done anything to clear his mind of the innuendo that was conquering his will as the conversation carried on. He stuffed the hair in his ears. He thought of his ugly old mother. Finally the stench chased the thoughts from his mind and he realized he was nestled into the armpit of a nasty old youkai.

"Yes, but I know exactly how to enter in a way that hits all the correct nerves." Sesshomaru said.

Toutousai sighed impatiently and clicked his fang-extracting clamps in the air. "And he could hit all those spots accidentally with his size. Most demons agree deep, thick penetration is far superior to short, narrow piercing." He clicked the clamps in the air. "Now open your damn mouth, baka!"

Sesshomaru opened his mouth and Toutousai gripped the fang. This is for sucking up part of my house with your Meidou Zangetsuha! He thought as he yanked the fang out of his mouth.


Toutousai examined the fang, then put it down beside the first. "Come back in four weeks." Was it just me or was there something weird about that? He thought.

The demon lord sulked his way back to Edo. He had to confirm Toutousai's news. Could his half-brothers fang possibly be larger than his? What disgrace it would be! There was only one other person who knew the interior of Inuyasha's mouth as well as Toutousai, although he did not want to allow his thoughts to linger on her reasons for doing so.

Sesshomaru sought out Kagome, who he located in a field, gathering herbs. She didn't sense his aura, and seemed strangely preoccupied. Two strange white cords lead from her ears to a small white object that was tucked sloppily into the waistband of her indecently short skirt. And her hips…she was doing something very scandalous and he was unsure of what it was exactly or why she was doing it.

"A little less conversation, a little more action!" Kagome sang out. "All this aggravation ain't satisfactionin' me!"

What in Kami's name is this wench doing?! Sesshomaru thought as Kagome closed her eyes, put her hands on her hips, and shook them.

"A little less bark and a little more bite!" She sang.

Is she mocking me?! Sesshomaru thought, ignoring her other words, as they suddenly seemed to be drivel. "A little less bark and a little more bite?" Is my fang shortcomings so obvious that she should mock me even in her state of… Sesshomaru stared at her and tried to find a way to describe what she was doing. …in her state of whatever the hell she is.

Kagome didn't turn around, but kept singing and swinging her hips around, randomly stopping to pick herbs as she went along. Sesshomaru sent a youki whip in front of her, hoping to catch her attention, but his plan failed, and she simply continued. He did it again, and again she failed to notice.


No response came, so he drew Tenseiga and drug it across her body, as if cutting her in half. Still, she failed to respond. He did it again, this time horizontally. He opened the roaring meidou with the sword, and Kagome leaned forward as if it was nothing more than the breeze.

Finally, at the end of his patience, Sesshomaru grabbed her from behind.

Kagome froze in place, then fell down. Sesshomaru yanked the cords from her ears. "Kagome."

"Whew!" Kagome said. "When you grabbed, me I thought I was in real trouble. Good thing it was you and not some powerful demon, huh? I mean, not that you're not powerful, you just don't want to kill me anymore, right?"

He covered his nose. "Kami…would you mind bathing after copulation?"

Kagome blinked slowly, then blushed. "Well…we aren't really…done copulating for the day. You know? We're really just taking a little break."

Sesshomaru felt his stomach turn. "That is disgusting."

Kagome smiled. "Hey, you're missing teeth! Did Toutousai start on your sword?"

"Do not call them teeth. They are fangs!" Sesshomaru corrected.

She shrugged. "It's not like they're all that different from regular teeth. I mean, they're sharp and all, but I don't see the big deal." Kagome sat back on her ankles and smiled at him. "So, Sesshomaru, what are you doing here?"

"I needed to confirm something only you would know the answer to." Sesshomaru said. "Questions about Inuyasha's size." He said, emphasizing the last word.

Kagome suddenly felt all the blood from her face drain, retreating to the safer confines of her chest. "I-I wouldn't really know about that."

"Surely you do." Sesshomaru said.

"No…really I don't. I mean…" Kagome was blushing furiously. Why was Sesshomaru doing this to her?! "I know about his size, but not yours."

"Let me show—" Sesshomaru started.

"NO!" Kagome shrieked. "I don't wanna see that! Eww! Just…show me with your hand, okay?"

Sesshomaru was a little confused, but held up his forefinger and thumb, exaggerating the length of his fang just slightly, to about an inch or so. Kagome bit down on her lip. "What?" He asked.

One thought crossed her mind at that point.

Is there a polite way to tell a Taiyoukai he has a teenie weenie?

Kagome decided there was not. "Is his larger?" Sesshomaru asked.

"Well, yeah." Kagome said.

"How much larger?" Sesshomaru asked, dejectedly.

"A lot." Kagome said. "But, that's not something to be insecure about. I mean, does it matter?"

Sesshomaru slumped down and crossed his legs as he sat. "You derogate my very pride and then tell me it is insignificant? That my hanyou, worthless, urine-for-brains brother has bested my in one of the most important areas of Inuyoukai masculinity?!"

Kagome felt humiliated, frightened, and mentally scarred. Is Sesshomaru honestly comparing his penis to Inuyasha's? And is he really that small? "Sesshomaru, do you know what an ostrich is?"

"No." Sesshomaru said, seeming visibly upset from his day. It was the day his sword was supposed to be started, and he should have been happy. After years of chasing Tessaiga, only to see it given to his brother, he was finally getting his own sword. But even that experience had to be tainted by Inuyasha's existence.

Kagome started to dig a hole with her hands. "Well, ostriches are huge birds that live in Africa…which is a continent really far from here. They dig holes in the ground, then stick their heads in them when threatened." She clawed into the earth. "That is what you make me wish I could do….so can we talk about something else other than your…stuff?"

Sesshomaru ignored her. "Surely, something like size should be irrelevant. Yes, I can do, with much more skill and experience than my baka brother. I have centuries of experience in the art of penetration. This Sesshomaru knows where every nerve and blood vessel is, and knows how to deliver pressure there. How can a whelp such as Inuyasha compete?"

"I-I wouldn't know." Kagome said. "I've only been with Inuyasha."

Sesshomaru sighed and brushed his tongue over the fleshy sockets of his mouth where his fangs had been. "At least the source of my shame has been removed."

"You aren't serious!" Kagome shrieked., believing Sesshomaru had castrated himself over Inuyasha being the 'bigger' man. "You…'are without'…because Inuyasha has bigger? What the fuck is wrong with your family?! You know what? You all need some damn counseling, that's what!"

Sesshomaru tilted his head in confusion. "I am without, because I needed to give of myself for the strength of my sword."

"Your sword…will be made…from that?!" Kagome asked. "When you're around me, just leave it in the sheath—" She coughed on her own words and covered her face.

"Without a part of me, it would be unable to transform and become larger and harder." Sesshomaru explained. "I thought you were aware my father did the same thing for Tessaiga."

Kagome vowed then and there to never touch any sword belonging to Inuyasha or his family members. "No…I didn't know that."

"But the fact remains. Inuyasha's fang size is larger than mine, apparently." Sesshomaru solemnly stated.

"FANG size?" Kagome asked. "All this time, you've been talking about your fangs?!"

Sesshomaru looked up at her. "What did you think we were—oh Kami…" The very tip of his nose turned pink, and then a once-in-a-century blush started to crawl over his face. "What in seven hells?! Why would I come and ask you about the size of my…property?!"

"I don't know. You're the weird one here. Not me!" Kagome said.

They were interrupted by Inuyasha, who leapt through the trees and landed in a crouch, leaning on his fists. "Mate is late." A purple strike adorned each cheek, and his eyes were blood red.

Sesshomaru stared at his brother for a moment. He had no clue what was going on between the wickedly perverse miko and his brother, but whatever it was, he had no interest in getting involved.

"Sorry, Inuyasha!" Kagome said. "Sesshomaru and I were just talking about the length of his fang."

Inuyasha flashed his fangs at Sesshomaru, who let out a sad sigh. He had his answer. His baby brother did, in fact, have shockingly large, shiny fangs. He shrugged and started to walk away. "Give her a bath when you're done."

"Mate smells good. Mate smells like me." Inuyasha said.

"That is not pleasant for anyone else." Sesshomaru barked, knowing having any type of rational discussion with his full youkai form was like conversing with a sack of very dull, heavy rocks. He wasn't sure what happened when Inuyasha transformed, but some connector in his brain had 'youkai' and 'become stupid' crossed.

He leaned over and traced a line in the ground with one of his claws. "By the way, Kagome. The measurement of…my 'other' property." Kagome's eyes bugged out in shock and she literally choked as he walked away.

Kagome cringed. "You know, I think it's time we had a couples bath, hm?"

Smut Warning: (A/N: I have become a pervert)

Inuyasha sat at the edge of the hot spring and pouted. "No."

Kagome looked up into his red eyes and taunted him. "C'mon, Yasha, I'll make you feel good if you get in with me." She cooed.

His ears went flat on his head and he leapt into the water, splashing water everywhere. Kagome giggled and moved over to him. "I meant for you to get undressed first, silly." She easily slipped her hands under the water and helped the demon emancipate himself from the fire rat clothing. Yes, there was a purpose for all this. Kagome and Inuyasha had decided that when he marked her, he would do it as a full youkai to discourage any demons that might want to punish her for bearing the mark of a hanyou.

When she finally had Inuyasha naked, she shivered at how easily their bodies slid against each other in the hot water, and Kagome already knew he was very aroused by the situation. Kagome reached up with her hands and held his face for a moment, then licked his lips. Her slender fingers ran through his hair, affectionately grooming her mate, paying close attention to the contact she made with his scalp and his delicate ears. She rolled her head over and exposed her neck in submission, although Inuyasha simply began sucking on the area he would soon have to puncture.

Inuyasha scooped Kagome up in his arms and leapt out of the water, laying her on a smooth dark stone on the edge of the hot spring. "Come." He said, gesturing for her to come closer to him. Since they were already side-by-side, she straddled his chest. Inuyasha grinned evilly and slid down farther and he pushed his head in between her legs. Kagome leaned forward and turned, facing his cock, which he held in one hand. As she sat on her face, she leaned over and touched the hand he held to his throbbing cock, which was dripping with precum.

Inuyasha sucked on the lips that were against his own, drawing the blood into them. He felt his mate tremble as he did this and used his tongue to trace the line in between her pussy lips. He suddenly let out an erotic growl as he felt the tip of her hot tongue slide over the head of his cock. He repaid his lover by snaking his unbelievably long tongue inside of her and swirling it around her tight walls, making her moan against his cock. She used her free hand to do something she'd read about in a magazine, taking his balls into her hand, then stroking them. It had the desired effect, and Inuyasha nearly whimpered in need as she continued her ministrations. She gave them a light squeeze and simultaneously fully engulfed him in her throat.

He growled against her. He would not be outdone by his mate. The tongue inside of her withdrew and went back to her clit and she suddenly found two fingers sliding into her. Inuyasha mercilessly forced them to find that special place that would reduce his lover to nothing. Kagome instinctively pushed herself down harder on him, screaming against the cock that filled her throat. He repeated the action, surprised by the power her hips had as she jarred against him passionately. "Ready, Mate?" He asked.

Kagome nodded and Inuyasha pushed her up, then quietly sat beside her for a moment. His animalistic arousal seemed to melt into something tender and protective and he pulled her into his embrace. He nuzzled her gently, then licked and kissed up and down her throat. He laid her down on her back, then positioned himself on between her legs. He took one of them, then the other, and put them on his shoulders, then balanced himself on his elbows.

Again, she submissively bared her neck and pussy to him, showing she was his for the taking, his for marking, his for anything he wanted. Inuyasha purred in approval and nuzzled her again as he pushed himself into her tight, ready sex. The tenderness his demon side was showing her astounded Kagome, and he stroked her core with long, strong strokes. He whimpered in her ear, licked her throat, then sank his teeth in.

Kagome screamed in pain. It hurt, and it was bleeding like hell. Inuyasha licked at the wound apologetically and started to distract her by moving in between her legs, where their bodies met in a fiery, slippery embrace. She started to feel lightheaded, and she wasn't sure if it was from the blood or the sex. It didn't matter; she closed her eyes and bucked into his thrusts, clawing into his back and moaning.

"Harder…" She moaned, feeling the heat in her become nearly unbearable.

Inuyasha's thrusts increased in power, and he slammed into her hard and fast, testing how far he could go without hurting the miko he loved so much. He gave it to her hard, rocking her tiny body with his relentless fucking, and she loved it screaming, arching into him, begging for more. He knew he was getting closer to crashing into oblivion, and was determined to take his mate with him.

When her breathless pants came, he roared and laid into her, harshly fucking her as her body shook from the orgasm. Inuyasha held her hands and followed her, pumping his seed into her as their motions slowed to a stop and he fell on top of her.

"Kagome…" Inuyasha rasped in her ear. She looked up to two amber eyes and smiled. "Does it hurt too much?"

"N-No." Kagome said, snuggling into the hanyou.

She rested in his arms for a couple of hours, mostly in silence. Some moments were just too precious to ruin with words, and others were too fragile to ruin with actions.

Inuyasha was so many things to Kagome. Friend, lover, mate, protector, and provider. He was the one who brought her bliss and the one she would be with forever. "I love you, Inuyasha."

"Love you, Mate." Inuyasha replied, affectionately reminding her of the lifelong commitment they had made to each other and themselves. She loved everything he was, human, hanyou, youkai…and the fact he was all of these things at once didn't seem to bother her. Kagome had become his mate, and brought the turmoil in his mind to a halt. Everything he was loved her with everything he had in him. They had one last step to take, and Kagome didn't know it. He recovered the wet box from his hakama and opened it, staring at the glistening diamond inside.

The End

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