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It was a beautiful mid-summer morning. The birds were singing, the flowers were blooming, and all was well in the world. Even the cute little bunnies had come out to play, knowing nothing could disrupt their perfect day. "YOU DID WHAT?!?!" the bunnies scattered.

Zoom in on a two-floored house, not too far from that beauteous field of flowers, birds, and other frightened animals. It's a modest crème-coloured building, with a white picket fence, and a neat little flower garden. Inside of this cozy little residence, live two teenagers. One 17-year-old boy, and one soon-to-be-15 year-old girl. No, they do not have a scandalous relationship or anything like that. These two are cousins. There is no incest involved, just so you know.

Anyways, back to the teens. They're fairly well off financially, having big company-owning fathers. The only problem is…. These two are so isolated from family and friends, the only human contact they have ((other than with each other)) is over the internet.

"….. Please…" Hyuuga Neji began, rubbing his temples agitatedly. "Please tell me you didn't..." he let his sentence trail off. Looking up he pierced his cousin with a white-eyed glare.

"I-I don't see what the problem is, Nii-san!" poking her index fingers together bashfully, Hyuuga Hinata stared at the navy design of her bedspread. "I just w-wanted to go to h-high school w-with you!" she sniffled, giving her cousin a subconscious puppy-dog look.

Not one to kick a puppy when it was down, Neji sighed. "I don't think you understand what you're getting into." He uncrossed his legs, standing to pace around his cousin's room. Stopping at the obscure-imported-wood-type vanity, he gave Hinata a calculated look. "I mean…its an all-boy's school."

"I k-know that Nii-san!" Hinata wiped her eyes on the back of her hands, trying to muster a determined look. "B-but, I know it'll b-be alright! All I h-have to do is sign up for a room w-with you!" It was true that Neji was roommate-less-as-of-yet, and they'd probably let family board with him…. But still! His precious little Hinata-whom-he-loved-like-a-sister surrounded by immoral guys for her high school career? Not if he could help it.

"No. And my decision stands." Neji stated firmly, hands on his hips. "You will be going to the private girls school on the other side of town." Promptly Hinata burst into broken sobs.

"I j-just..!" She shrunk downwards, looking meek. "W-wanted t-to be with Nii-san!" the acceptance letter in her left hand crumpled, leaving significant wrinkles.

"Gaah! Hina--!" Neji practically leaped to the side of her bed, his usual composure flying away out the window. "Don't cry….! Please, anything but that!" Hinata in tears, however cute/heart wrenching it may be, was the one thing that haunted him in his nightmares. If Hisashi was to find out Neji had made his precious little girl cry…. Neji would be sleeping with the fishes faster than you can say 'cement shoes'.

"Don't cry! Don't cry!" he was on the verge of flailing his arms madly, whatever would stop the production of liquid in his cousin's tear-ducts. "I'm…. I'm sure we can work something out." He finally gave in, with a heavy sigh.

"R-really..?" Hinata's tear streaked, yet hopeful face lifted, a look of pure anticipation on her face.

"Yeah…." Neji cupped both hands over his face, utterly defeated. "Really." He was then half-bowled over as his little cousin launched herself at him, hugging him tightly.

"I love you Nii-san!" She chirped, happy again.

"Yeah, yeah, get off me." Neji said with a mock-glare. "You're heavy." Gently shoving Hinata off him, he made his way to the door. "But remember, at the first sign of danger you're outta there and at that girl's school… got it?"

"A-alright Nii-san!" Hinata began to nod fervently.


Making sure her cousin's footsteps had made it all the way down the stairs, and had gotten a safe distance away, Hinata let out a soft, uncharacteristic 'Yessss!'. Pumping her fist into the air she made a little dance, making her way to her battered old computer.

Little did her cousin know, he had an ulterior motive to joining his high school. It was about true love! A romantic story about the perfect man…… and another guy? …. Wait a second. Lets back things up again.

4 months earlier:

Sexykittn435672: omg, sum 1 talk 2 meeee!!

hottdudeguy404: hey any grlz wanna cybr w a hott 6ft tall football playa, pm me!!!!11

Sexykittn435672: lol, u guyz suck!!!

K9stampede: Urgh, What is with all the losers on today?…. Hina-chaaan! Save me from the perverts! ):

SpiderMan: I totally agree Kiba…. Hey… Hina… are you online?

SpiderMan has poked you.

K9stampede has poked you.

K9stampede has poked you.

K9stampede: I don't think she's there.

K9stampede has poked you.

hottdudeguy404: hey any grlz wanna cybr w a hott 6ft tall football playa, pm me!!!!11

hottdudeguy404: hey any grlz wanna cybr w a hott 6ft tall football playa, pm me!!!!11

hottdudeguy404 has been banned: Quit spamming, you ass! (Mod K9stampede)

You have changed your status to online.

Navy-Ribbons: Hey guys! So sorry! I was away from the computer!


K9stampede tackles Navy-Ribbons.

Spiderman: Chill.

Navy-Ribbons: Hey Kiba! Hey Shino! How are you both?

hottdudeguy404 has joined the chat.

hottdudeguy404: hey any grlz wanna cybr w a hott 6ft tall football playa, pm me!!!!11

K9stampede: Oh for the love of…..hold on a second.

hottdudeguy404 has been banned: GTFO! Idiot. (Mod K9stampede)

Spiderman: Nice.

Navy-Ribbons: … Just one of those days…?

Spiderman: Yes.

K9stampede: yup.

K9stampede: Oh that's right! A buddy of mine wanted your advice on… erm, 'romance' or something like that.. ((Foreign word! AHHH! Lol. XD )) Do you mind if I give him your MSN addy?

SpiderMan: Your lameness is unrivaled Kiba. -.-

Navy-Ribbons: No, not at all:) I'd be glad to help.

K9stampede: That was mean Shino! ;o;

So basically where all that lead to was Hinata getting in touch with a internet friend, who just happened to be a flamboyant gay guy, under the code name "Sharingan101". And boy, was this guy troubled. His possible only love ignored him, instead focusing his energy on beating the daylights out of everyone, his romatic poetry sucked, and he once tried to get her to write him lyrics for a love song. Ouch. But he was an awesome, funny guy, so Hinata and him soon became fast friends. It turns out, This 'Sharingan101' guy actually was a student at Neji-nii-san's school… and same with his secret crush. Now, usually Hinata prided herself on being a level-headed logical girl. But when it came to matters of the heart, She always got her way. So the plan was this: Sneak into the boy's school, meet up with this Sharingan101 guy secretly, and coach him in-person. (Of course, all this overlooks the fact that Hinata never had been in a relationship… but that's beside the point. It wasn't about her. It was about her love-sick friend!)

So just after she graduated from grade 8, she quickly sent out a application to her cousin's school, under the alias "Haku Hyuuga". With her high marks, she easily was accepted. Now all that was left was to perfect her disguise. A haircut was in order.

"Hinata, I know I said you could come with me…. But… did you have to chop off all your hair?" Neji was staring down, a tired look on his face, at his younger cousin, who's once long and silky navy hair was now cropped short. It was short enough to be considered a boy's cut, yet long enough to still look slightly feminine. "You could have just,… worn a wig or something." Hinata played with her short strands of hair, embarrassed.

"I just w-wanted to do it all r-right…." She blushed.

"Che." Neji sighed. "Alright, if you want to do it right…. We must start lessons now."

"Lessons?" Hinata blinked curiously. "F-for what?"

"Lessons to become a man!" Neji replied, making a manly pose.




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