Hinata Hyuuga (Aka Haku): Innocent and sweet


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Hinata Hyuuga (Aka Haku): Innocent and sweet. Feminine type.

Neji Hyuuga: Longhaired ladies man. Diva type.

Sasuke Uchiha: Sexy as sin, bad boy type… and petty as hell.

Sasuke was not the forgiving type. Hell hath no fury like an Uchiha scorned. If Sasuke developed a grudge against you, there was no way to protect yourself for long.

Proof of this was his older brother, Itachi. All the older boy had done was kill off his happy little SIMS family (a game he had been perfecting for a few weeks at the time), and Sasuke had snapped. A few days after the incident, Sasuke crept into his older brother's room. (Of course he decided to enact his revenge in the middle of the night.) He slowly approached the bed of his older sibling, and a shaft of light caused the scissors in his hands to flash almost ominously. Sasuke reflected fondly how shrill the shrieks of his brother were when he woke up the next morning to see his once beautiful long hair fashioned into what could only be called a bowl cut.

And that was just for messing up a video game. Imagine the hell that would be wrought if someone, lets say… verbalized assumptions of dubious natures to the entire student body? Indeed, things would get ugly. "Poor, poor Haku. He has no idea what's about to hit him." Sasuke snickered to himself, an evil glint in his eye.


"Hakuuuuuuu!" A familiar voice rang out across the cafeteria, just as people were beginning to clear up their supper dishes. Grinning from ear to ear, Everyone's favorite Fox-boy approached the benches that Hinata and Co were currently occupying. With only a cursory 'hiya' to Neji, and Hinata's new friends 'Hakkun' and Zabuza, Naruto immediately began to launch question after question concerning Hinata's earlier proclamation.

Momentarily stunned by Naruto's godly appearance, Hinata struggled to make sense of the volley of words flowing from his mouth…. "Mmm… lips… No, FOCUS HINATA! FOCUS." Scrunching up her face Hinata caught the last sentence of Naruto's little interrogation.

"Is it true that Sasuke came on to you?!"

"WHAT?!" Two voices exclaimed, one full of rage, the other full of feeble embarrassment.

"N-no! That's not true!" Hinata managed to stutter out, red faced.

"Hnnn… boring." The golden-haired boy pouted, looking obscenely cute. Trying her hardest not to swoon, Hinata reassured Naruto that there was no hanky-panky occurring between her and the bad-tempered Uchiha.

Neji twitched, paranoid scenes coming to mind. (all of which seemed to be based off typical shoujo manga scenes.) Hinata trapped underneath the wolfish-Uchiha who was slowly unbuttoning her shirt! Hinata's eyes filling with tears as her first kiss was stolen!

"—san… Nii-san? Are you alright?" Hinata's voice invaded his brain, bringing him back from rather inappropriate day-mares. Composing his face Neji looked at his cousin, giving her a reassuring smile.

"I'm peachy." But a vein still pulsed violently above his left eye.

"If-if you say so." Looking rather alarmed, Hinata collected Neji and her own dirty dinner plates, and walked them to the counter where they were being collected. Zabuza and Hakkun followed, each carrying their own plates.


"S-so you know Uchiha-san then, Naruto-kun?" Hinata asked later, their little gang relaxed the in comfy chairs of the student lounge. Naruto nodded distractedly, apparently more interested in the ping-pong match going on nearby than conversation.

Hinata frowned, hoping to get more information about the boy she assumed to be 'Sharingan101'.

"I suppose he didn't take Hacchan's little announcement too gratefully, eh?" The male Haku mused, a feminine finger tapping his chin thoughtfully.

At this, Hinata sat up a bit straighter. Up until now, she hadn't even considered how the Uchiha would react.

"Ahaha." Naruto grinned in a cat-like way. "Oh, the look on his face was just precious!" He decided, his hands clapping together merrily. "After we recognized who you were Haku, he actually snapped his chopsticks in half with one hand! Funniest thing I've seen in my life!… Hey, are you still feeling sick?" Naruto inched fore ward. "You're looking kinda pale."

Even the proximity to her potential crush didn't bring the blood back to Hinata's face.

"I'm Soooo dead."

In the end, Hinata stayed out with her new friends as late as possible. She only just made it to her dorm room before curfew time. Easing the door open gently, she peered in, as if expecting some sort of attack. Flinching as the door squeaked impossibly loud, She noticed that all the lights were off. Light from the hall spilled into the room, highlighting the lump in the bed opposite to hers. "Good. He's asleep." Hinata thanked the gods above for granting her at least one night of peace. Tiptoeing to the bathroom to change, she never noticed the evil grin that spread across the 'sleeping' Uchiha's face.


"This must be the place…" The young man muttered. This young man, probably in his early twenties, was more commonly referred to as a Greek god. (Or he was at least in his line of profession.) He stared down at the piece of paper in his hands. "Room 203. Yup." Shrugging off his coat he picked up the key that he had been given. As promised, it slipped easily into the keyhole, and clicked to prove that he had indeed unlocked the door. Before entering the room he reviewed the job request in his mind. "All you have to do," His employer told him, "Is go to this school's dorm building, go to room 203 and put on a little 'show' for the blue-haired boy inside. Preferably on top of him, if you get my drift." Since it was a request from the Uchiha family, there was no way this ungodly sexy man could turn it down. Even if it was a little bit cruel, and a little bit homosexual, the pay was too good to pass up. He quietly slipped inside the room, shedding more of his garments as he went. Without causing so much a dip in the bed, he climbed above the dark haired boy. Then, all hell broke loose.


Hinata, to say the least, had an unpleasant wake up. It wasn't a regular occurrence for her to wake up in such a way.

That is to say, she wasn't used to wake up to the sound of screaming. Sitting bolt upright in bed, Hinata instantly became awake. Something was not right. Scuffling noises and muffled yells were coming from the opposite side of the room. She assessed the situation instantly. A burglar or something of the sort broke into the room, and was now attacking her roommate. The fact that she was just a skinny little girl fled from her mind, she dashed to the light switch, grabbing the first heavy object she could find along the way. Flicking on the lights she let out something comparable to a war-cry and turned to the fight……

Only to find a very attractive older man in a very shiny-gold thong straddling the very embarrassed Uchiha.

Hinata promptly passed out, partly due to surprise, and partly due to blood-leakage from her nostrils.

Across the room, The Avenger Sasuke Uchiha let out a hearty "Oh FUCK."




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