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Title: A Little Brother Fluff
Genre: Uhh... is fluffy a genre? Haha...
Summary: This is a missing scene that I'd written for The Benders for when Sam goes and rescues Dean.

A Little Brother Fluff

The Benders 'missing' scene

"I'll watch this one, you go ahead," her voice was stern, and Sam stared at her skeptically for a moment, "Go ahead."

Sam left the barn where the officer was. She had things handled as she pointed the riffle at the old, sick, twisted man. As the younger man now ran out into the dark, rain drenched junk yard his only thought was his brother. Dean had to be somewhere, and Sam's insides flipped as he thought of all the things that the Benders were capable of doing to him.

Armed with nothing more than a large, thick stick that Sam found on the muddy ground, he slowly moved his way towards the house. Dean had to be in there. The floor boards squeaked beneath his shoes as he worked his way up the stairs on the porch and, with his weapon clutched in hand, he slowly opened the door.

He heard it before he saw anything.

"Daddy's going to hurt you when he comes back," the voice was soft, quiet and that of a young girl.

"Come on," Sam's heart leapt as he heard Dean's voice, "Just cut me loose. I won't hurt you; I promise. This isn't your fault. I just have to save my brother."

"They shot him," Sam inched closer as the girl played with Dean's heart-strings, "He's dead, and you will be too when Daddy comes back."

"Shut-up!" obviously Dean had no patience.

Sam had to think quick. He knew that there was no worry at this moment of anyone else coming to hurt them, but he didn't quite trust the girl that was holding Dean captive. He looked around where he was and spotted an old, glass jar filled with what looked like teeth. This sent shivers up Sam's spine as he took a step forwards, and taking a deep breath, knocked the jar to the floor with a loud smash.

"Daddy?" the young girl called, and, just as Sam hoped, she walked into the room where he was.

"Easy," Sam said, jumping out, and grabbing her from behind; one hand going over her mouth, the other pulling her arm behind her back, "I'm not going to hurt you."

Missy tried to scream, but it only came out as a muffle, as Sam shuffled a few steps and pushed her as gently as possible into an open closet, shutting the door behind her. He used the stick which he had leaned against the wall to securely keep the door closed, and took her screams and yells for help as a sign that she wasn't going to escape any time soon.

"Hey!" Sam heard Dean's voice from the other room, "Who's there?"

Sam grinned as he walked into the room, "Me."

Dean let out a deep breath and closed his eyes, "Sammy."

"It's Sam," Sam continued to smile as he went around to the back of the chair which his brother was tied to, and released his hands.

Dean stood up, and placed a hand on each side of Sam's face; his arm and shoulder screaming out in pain as he did so, "Are you alright Sam?"

"Yeah," Sam nodded, letting Dean go into 'big brother' mode.

"Did they hurt you?" Dean questioned, taking a step back, and quickly scanning Sam up and down, "Because if they did, I'll--"

"I'm fine Dean," Sam interrupted with a small laugh, and then got more serious as he noted the older man's injuries, "Looks like they got you pretty good though."

Dean moved his hand up to the nice sized cut on his face, "It doesn't matter."

Sam used his left hand to push Dean's face up a little so he could get a better look,. "It looks pretty bad, man."

"I don't care," Dean shook his head stubbornly, a large lump forming in his throat.

"Dean?" Sam felt a cold feeling form inside the pit of his stomach, "Are you sure you're ok?"

"Are you?" Dean retorted quickly.

Sam nodded.

Dean took a deep, shaking breath as he took a step past Sam towards the door, pausing to place a hand on his little brothers shoulder, and squeezing it affectionately, "Then so am I Sammy."

The End