If I Could Then I Would

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I have decided after so many years of not updating I would just redo this damn story. Because it's been aggrivating me to death, especially where I'm about ready to start college.

So here we go...a revised version of "If I Could Turn Back Time" it's now If I Could Then I Would". by the way...i'm changing EVERYTHING!!! which means you probably won't like it..so yeah. you've been warned.

Chapter 1

Queen of Crystal Tokyo, the most powerful woman of her time. Neo Queen Serenity stood overlooking the city she had protected all of her life, the city she was reborn in. It took so much time but she finally made it, after reawakening everyone from their slumber she concentrated on making careers for everyone, putting Tokyo back in business after being 'dead' for so long.

She looked down in the courtyard of the Earthian palace. Luna and Artemis walked about with Diana, the senshi were playing a game of volley ball with Small Lady. But King Endymion was nowhere to be seen. My husband sure goes off on his own too much.Serenity rolled her eyes and walked back inside.

"Your Majesty, you look lovely today," Sailor Saturn complimented appearing beside the queen. Serenity patted the child on her head and continued to walk.

"Your too kind. You look pretty yourself. Tell me, have you seen Endymion?"

The girl nodded and ruffled her fuku alittle, "No, he was talking about the party tonight last I seen him..which was outside with Sailor Mars."She noticed the worried look on Serenity's face, "Nothing grave if thats what your worried about."

"No, not that! He's just been so...distant lately." She stopped walking toward the throne Corridors and turned heading back to her bed quarters. So much had changed between her and Endymion since they became royal. Of course they married before everything fell silent, and when she awoke, seeing him sleeping...she had awaken him next then the rest of the world. But once Rini, a.k.a Small Lady, was born he had still been very protective but not very loving. He seemed more at peace when he was on his own rather than with Serenity. He thought of it more of his duty.

The palace covered with crystal shimmered, the walls glistened as she walked by in her royal silver gown. Serenity was not the same child she had been, no...she grew up in the last century. Her skin had a glitter to it, her eyes brightened, hair curled more at the ends of her Odangos, actually lighter blond strips streaked her hair. She grew taller, the moon crescent bore into her forehead, wings that appeared only at certain times took place on her back. But she was different on the inside too, the war for eternal peace between them and the ones her future husband had warned her about had happened, she cleansed mostly everyone...except the ones who refused...just as he said they would.

She remembered the look on young Diamond's face as he laughed at her, even poor Sapphire laughed. It made her insides churn..the day they had each died, she remembered those looks after seeing them laugh at her. She was not allowed to tell them of the horrors of their decisions but she would always remember and do everything in her power trying to stop that. But it would be a thousand more years before Diamond attacked and Nemisis was already being formed...she kept a close eye on them.

She walked into her bed quarters and flopped down on her bed, closing her eyes. She loved being queen, but it was quite harder than what she dreamt of. Keeping peace on Earth was harder than saving the world from people like Beryl or stopping Mistress Nine from destroying everything. No these were little quarrels such as parking tickets being refused by people and sending them to jail. Sometimes she wished she could use the Silver Crystal to fix things but of course it was not that simple.


The voice of her daughter caused her to sit up, she looked at her sixteen yr old daughter. Her hair had grown out more, those big ruby eyes glittered as well, her skin was not as pale but she looked none the less the same as Serenity when she was her age. "Have you seen Papa?"

"No darling, I haven't. Have you checked the tower?"

Small lady nodded, it was not like Endymion to disappear like this. "Helios was to attend tonight. He wished to speak to Endymion." She fidgetted with her hands for a moment, daring not to look in her mother's eyes. Afraid of her expression.

Serenity knew of Helios's intentions, she didn't disaprove, actually she quite wanted him as a son in law. He had been with Small lady since Nelhelenia made her appearance trying to destroy their dreams. He was not like other prince's who bore them with their attempts to 'tame' Small lady with their boring speeches. Small lady ignored them, having her heart set on one man...a priest, a protecter of her and everyone else's dreams, someone who knew her and kept her safe.

"Will he still attend tonight?"

"Yes...."Small Lady blushed, leaning back against the wall. "You don't mind do you.."

"Absolutely not! He's practically like family. I wouldn't trust anyone else but him." She smiled warmly at her daughter. Small lady smiled and decided to go back playing volley ball with Minako and Makoto and Michuru.

The senshi had also developed their powers. Not that they ever had to use them, but they had new powers; Venus more less became more intune with the powers of love, turning her skin a more pinkish color, her fuku became more like her powers, long blond hair pulled back in a bun with only a few strands left down that actually ascented being a Venusian. The white tunic, became a tube top with a venus cresent on the broach with the orange bow tied around, the skirt turned into shorts that had a tulle material skirt that elongated in the back.

Her weapon of choice was of course the cupid's bow & arrow. Her gloves no longer graced her hands and the symbol of venus burned into her forehead permenantly. As well as her shoes turning into a gold greek pair of sandals.

Mars's powers also had an effect on her fuku, which transformed as well; the white tunic disappeared completely leaving her with a purple cotton material tying around her chest, the mars cresent resting on her broach, a white bow tied around. The purple material made her a bikini shorts that tied going down her legs like leggings and she kept her red heels. Over top of the purple sashes covering her body a red tulle material attached onto the top, draping down. Her hair was completely pulled back away from her face, the mars symbol burning into her forehead, the once long gloves were replaced by short hand gloves, giving her a more priest look.

Jupiter's uniform completely changed to, according to her powers. The Jupiter symbol burned into her forehead, her hair still back in the ponytail, but grew out flowing around her. The once tunic turned into vines surrounding her, a pink bow tied around the broach that had the Jupiter cresent held on it. a tulle material surrounding her from the waist down like her original mini skirt, her tie up boots remained the same. Her gloves turned into lightening bolt tattoos that burned into the back of her hands. The rose earrings still pierced her ears. No necklace.

Mercury's uniform also changed dramatically according to her powers; Ice. The white tunic turned into Ice, with the Mercurian symbol burning into her forehead, her hair stayed short as always, the once stud earrings turned into dangling icicles. The newly ice like tunic had a medium colored blue bow draping from the back, a white broach holding the Mercury cresent and a darker blue bow encircling it. Her once short skirt elongated in the front and the back...a lighter color blue pair of tights wrapped around her legs.

The inner senshi all took great pride in having their newest powers given to them, never absuing the powers, using them only for juste decisions. However they came at a great price; after battles...they had to rest because the powers practically drained them. On the bright side though, they had greater strength, much more acurate and tons faster than before.

The outer senshi were much different from the inner, they feel they need not these powers and continue with what they have. Never complaining even if they somewhat lacked strength. They still worked just as hard as ever, kept to their duties but still kept their distance from the inner senshi feeling they still lacked the gut instinct to get the job done properly.

Later at the party held in honor of Small Lady's coming of age, everyone had gathered in the ballroom, the decor style resembled greatly the wealth of the city, party favors were handed out, long sashes of silk draped the huge glass windows. Tables sat to two sides of the room, for dining purposes. A nice little band played some music, a fountain outiside in the garden was placed, the balcony doors that usually were left closed, now stood open, guards at every door.

Serenity sat at one of the tables, having a miserable look on her face, you can tell she was not enjoying tonight. Of course all this was done for her daughter and in that she was very happy, but she still had not seen Endymion. For that reason she worried. Across the room the Senshi danced with their counter part dates. And who better than the newly revived generals of the Earth. Zoicite, Jadeite, Nephrite, Malachite. Serenity felt they served punishment enough already and revived them but they however did not wish to cooperate until she threatened them with death once again, thus allowing her to heal them and wash away their evil intentions.

They seem to be enjoying new life they recieved, and helped along side the Senshi during battles, and took care of the little fights. Zoicte had became taken with Ami, Jadeite was practically smitten with Rei....as he had been for ages even before when they lived on the Moon. Nephrite fell pretty hard in love with Makoto but kept his feelings more toward himself thinking firstly of the consquences of what could happen if enemies found out. Malachite and Minako, feisty little love story...to be honest I really don't believe its love..more along the lines of lust but if you ask them, Malachite assures you, he loves her with everything in him.

"Darling, i'm so sorry I've been absent all day," Serenity turned to see her husband standing behind her, with a bouquet of roses, "Things came up and I had to be sure, very sure, some things weren't exactly happening." He smiled genuinely at his wife. she looked about stone cold at him giving him the usual death glare, "I promise you Serenity I would never do anything to hurt you." He sat down beside her kissing her cheek.

"Small Lady, your father is here!" Hotaru whispered to her long time friend, she was by now years older than Small Lady but never the less they stayed good friends even though Small Lady in this time never would know of their adventures together.

"Shew, it's about time! I need to talk to him!" She bowed and walked away toward her parents.

Its times when everyone is having a blast and you never expect anything awful to happen, that it actually happens. Everyone dancing, some dukes from other planets are telling very bad jokes but you're pretending to enjoy them for the sake of god. Some people are finding a nice quiet corner or walking about in the gardens trying to get away from the awful headache of crowds.

Thats when disaster usually strikes, thats when the calm passes and everything you thought you knew...turns upside down and everything unexpected starts happening. First the lights flicker on and off, everyone starts to panic but lets it pass. Then someone, such as now, Serenity assures everyone everything is okay..just a minor lightening storm outside, and it really is storming out...something unexpected but none the less everyone calms down and she sends an unfortunate guard to check on everything. He doesn't come back. The lights finally go out and the real panic starts.

Windows shatter out, the band completely runs for their lives dropping instruments, people huddle to the safest spots, the Senshi mobilize and ready themselves for anything, the Generals as well prepare for anything. A cold wind chills the room, the rain pours ten times harder than usual and the skies turn a dark greyish color.

This is no longer your daughter's coming of age party, this is the moment you hoped you never had to deal with because you aren't sure you can face the darkness.

Serenity stood grabbing her daughter to her, Endymion pulled his sword ready to fight. "Whats happening?" He whispered to his family. Luna and Artemis along with Diana run out from the corridors into the ballroom.

"This isn't good, the outer senshi sensed something big and not good out there." Luna stated, the hairs on her back standing straight up. Serenity's eyes grew quarter size, she knew what was happening but was too scared to say it.

"We need to get everyone to safety as quickly as possible." She stated walking forward toward the broke glass windows. staring outside at the darkness she sighed then started speaking, "EVERYONE LISTEN TO ME!"it quietened down so they could hear her speak, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL, IT WOULD BE BEST IF EVERYONE WENT HOME AND GOT TO SAFETY. DO NOT PANIC, GO QUICKLY AND CALMLY, PLEASE!!" She didn't take her eyes off the dark clouds rolling in from the skies.

Everyone filed out into the corridors and only the royal family as well as the generals and senshi were left to contemplate. They stared at Serenity waiting for an answer.

"Whats happening? Do you know Serenity?" Minako asked first and foremost. Malachite put his arm protectively around her still holding his sword in one hand.

Helios who just arrived walked calmly and yet quietly over to them, his big gold eyes showing no signs of fear nor worry, just carefulness and calm. "I think you should probably tell them." He stated, reading the situation, drawing attention to himself, Small Lady walked over to him hugging him tightly.

"Please Serenity, whats going on?" Rei asked growing quite impatient.

She lowered her head and closed her eyes, never did she think, they would come so soon, but they would have to face whatever happened. "Remember before Mistress Nine invaded and after Beryl?"

Everyone studied her expression, thinking back, but only Small Lady did not know the horrors of what they were talking about. "Remember traveling to the future and seeing Crystal Tokyo, seeing how dead everything was?" She turned silently after that looking at the shocked looks on everyone's faces.

"Diamond! But they arent supposed to attack for another thousand years!" Makoto screeched!

"They didn't wait then, so why would they wait now...nothing was ever set in stone. Prepare to fight, and they will NOT win nor will anyone be traveling to the past Tokyo trying to kill our past lives. Tell Sailor Pluto to seal all gates, light and dark. I don't care if its against the rules...they aren't getting through!" She ordered walking out of the ballroom.

"Who are they?"Small Lady asked tentatively.

Everyone turned to look at the princess, but only the dark memories of the past, how small she was coming from the future, no that would never need to happen again. They had internally decided they would fight to the death if it meant not losing her or anyone else. They all started making preparations, Luna and Diana ran to find Sailor Pluto hoping they weren't going to be too late.

Helios took Small Lady out along with Sailor Saturn, they hurried off toward Small Lady's room.

"What do we need to do, Endymion?" Jadeite asked standing there with one eyebrow quirked. The king only looked at him with a sad look on his face, not really knowing himself.

"I guess prepare to fight and whatever else we can do. I'll be summoning alliances from other worlds and galaxies, we won't lose this fight."

Serenity opened the door, where the Imperium Silver Crystal sat, shinging and radiating light, her mind raced for ideas, how this would work in her favor. She didn't want to put anyone into a deep slumber but maybe that would be for the best so lives were saved instead of lost. She wanted to call upon everyone she knew, wanted as much help as possible.

"What do I do..."She felt the tears swell in her eyes and she fell on her knees.

"You fight..and you fight with everything in you!" She looked up, standing before her the Queen of the Moon before her, Serenity...her mother.

"But how?!"She whined running her hands through her hair.

"You are the Queen now, use your elements, call upon past alliances, friends even. But I will tell you, this battle you are going to fight..will be the worse one yet. People are going to die." Serenity's image started fading away into thin air, leaving her daughter only staring at her in shock.

"There is nothing we can do?!"she asked hoping for one more answer but she did not recieve one. "I guess I'll summon anyone and everyone."