If I Could Then I Would

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Chapter 9

The youma wasted no time charging down the hill toward the Senshi and warriors. Serenity braced herself for today she would not be fighting as Sailor Moon but as the queen she rightfully is. Peace depended on them.

"Everyone, brace yourselves!" She shouted before she produced the Moon tier. [Not the same as the eternal tiel or tier. This one is used for the Silver crystal's full power.] She would take as many out as she could before they even got close enough to fire back. One of the many perks of being the queen. The Senshi and generals moved toward Serenity's side allowing her the first attack.

"Moon Cosmic beam!" Serenity shouts, a white beam emitting from the tier blasting forth taking as many youma out as possible.

"For the Earth!" Sailor Jupiter yelled as the final battle finally started. The Senshi and generals ran forward clashing with youma. Jupiter sprang up in the air, diving back down to have her foot collide with one youma's head.

A few surrounded Sailor Mars as she gave the impression of not being able to handle herself, as they began to attack her, "Mars Fire Ignite!" she cooked up her Senshi powers to destroy the surrounding youma. "That should teach you to mess with fire!"

Sailor Mercury and Sailor Venus stood back to back throwing anything and everything. Sailor Venus would give a swift kick to a few and Mercury would throw them over her shoulder. But now they began coming faster and faster. "What now, Mercury?"

The blunette thought fast, "Let's combine our attacks!" Venus nodded in agreement.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

"Love and Beauty Shock!"

The two attacks whirled around each other before springing on the youma. Mercury and Venus quickly disappeared to fight the next few evil beings.

"Galaxia, behind you!" Hotaru glanced to the Senshi's hind side seeing three coming after them. She hoists herself in the air then using the glaive she landed slapping the glaive in their direction, taking them out.

"Thanks!" Galaxia shouts turning back to the other youma she happened to be dealing with.

Serenity saw that her friends had the entire fight under control, even the quartett were doing an amazing job of fighting. She took her chance to move toward Kakyuu and the Starlights, she did so with haste. Upon seeing the generals making quick decision to fillet a few youma she scurried over. Kakyuu however was not fighting, she was holding Chibi chibi.

"What happened?!" Serenity came to her side at once.

"A youma decided that she was its target. I tried pushing her out of the way but as you can see...they still wounded her." Taiki spoke up, dodging a energy ball. Serenity took Chibi Chibi and retreated toward the castle. This was not the place for Galaxia's star seed to be, however she did not remember telling the little child she couldn't be out here either.

Stepping inside the castle gate, Serenity shouted for Luna and Artemis who came quickly.

"Take care of Chibi Chibi! I don't want her getting hurt anymore than she already is," She looked at the lavender eyed child, "stay with Luna and Artemis, okay." The child nodded, understanding.

"How bad is it?"

The few who stayed inside looked Serenity with curiousity for they did not know how the small force Serenity had behind her was.

"We're winning! We are depleting them as they come. The Doom Phantom murdered Diamond, like I knew he would." She trailed off looking at Sapphire.

"I knew it would happen eventually. Once this is over, can we give him a proper burial?" he asked timidly not real sure if Serenity would allow it. But even still Sapphire was the last of his family and even though Diamond acted rather snobbish toward him, the man did not deserve what he got.

Serenity took in everyone else's shocked looks as the boy spoke, this was a matter for some other time. She told them so.


Those words had Serernity running back toward the outside, as she looked out on the field, her eyes widened in horror. Wise man was back, destroying his own armada. What is he thinking? She noticed her Senshi and the others were backing away from the massacre just a little. Looking at the Senshi she also realized they were afraid to do anything. Even Galaxia had the look of terror on her face. If she looked scared the something was up.

She rejoined her small army, finding Galaxia as she did so.

"What is it?"

"The Doom Phantom...is..I can't believe this.." Galaxia continued to stare in horror as if she knew something everyone did not. Trust me, she does.

"What is the Doom Phantom? Sailor Venus walked over, hearing the sputtering going on.

"We cannot win, this fight...Serenity we are going to lose!" her eyes pleaded with the queen. At that moment, true fear swept over her, if Galaxia was afraid of the Phantom then something was truly wrong.

"I need an explanation, what is going to happen?" Serenity asked keeping her calm demeanor.

"I don't know how to explain it," she began, "This being known as the Doom Phantom, came to me once before...asked me to bring himself to the Galaxy cauldron where the star seeds lay dormant."

Nobody was catching on to Galaxia's story. It was as if she was describing a horrible fairytale. The sky quickly turned to a dark blue as the wind speeds sped up, rain began to pour.

"Let the real fight begin!" The Phantom cackled as lightening bolts shot from his finger tips. Many screamed hoping they would not meet their demise today. Serenity stepped forward the Silver Crystal in her hand ready to fight if need be. Nobody dared come into her kingdom and threaten to destroy her without a fight.

"Everyone inside! My Senshi, you are to stay!" She ordered, eyes narrowing. The Senshi understood and walked over to her as the others rushed inside. Seiya before heading inside gently put his hand on Serenitys shoulder. She turned toward him, smiling gently. For a moment she wished they were alone so nobody else were around. She knew her feelings for Seiya, they were nothing more than pure love and affection.

"I love you Serenity,"

But instead of a verbal response, Serenity grabbed Seiya by the collar and meshed their lips together.

Sailor Venus smirked, "Took them long enough, don't you think?"

"Oh yeah!"

The others giggled watching the little show.

"I promise I will win, for us." Serenity panted pulling away looking at him one last time before going back to the task at hand. Seiya nodded and retreated inside.

"You believe you pitiful women can defeat me?" The voice boomed through the air once again.

"Yes! Evil cannot win against us!" Serenity replied walking toward the Phantom fear no longer in her eyes. Her spirit felt regenerated knowing she had more to live for. The others followed behind her, ready and willing. "I am Neo Queen Serenity and in the name of the moon, I shall punish you!" She held the tier up once more as the Senshi gathered around her creating a seal of protection for them.

Galaxia stood in the circle as well, holding the sword of sealing, ready to do what was neccesary. That's when the Doom Phantom struck, the Senshi were too late, as the dark energy surrounded Galaxia, rendering her powerless.

"Galaxia!" the Senshi yelled in unison staring wide eyed as she fell limp to the ground. Serenity rushed to her side, holding her head in her lap. Galaxia's sword disinegrated and her fuku disappeared into a flowing beige dress. She couldn't move, knowing good and well this was going to happen and she acccepted it.

"Hold on, I can save you,"

"No. No you can't. You don't have that kind of power." Galaxia refused her glaring over toward the Phantom, "Take my powers, use them."

"What? Galaxia what are you saying?" Sailor Mercury stared at her, tears forming in her eyes, everyone's eyes.

Seeing it was finally time to explain, Galaxia did just that, " The Doom Phantom is your greatest enemy. The darkness that has hid in the light all this time. This isn't just some fight, this is a test to see your worth as the true queen."

They still did not understand, what part did this Doom Phantom play if not the one they already knew? Serenity felt the tug at her heart losing more friends. Maybe this fight was not supposed to end in their favor. Maybe she would lose everyone in the end. No, Serenity couldn't think like that if she wanted a peaceful future for everyone. Too many had died already. Serenity looked up at the Doom Phantom, he was gathering power for another attack. Could she honestly take Galaxia's star seed and use her powers? Killing Galaxia?

Seiya and the other watched the scene from the walls of the palace. Kakyuu bowed her head respectively knowing how hard Serenity must be taking that. They were good friends over the past years. Chibi Chibi felt a tug inside her as well, tears formed in her eyes as she realized what happened. Wasting no time she teleported away from the eyes of the Starlights and Luna to be with Galaxia.

"Galaxia hold on, please!" Serenity felt tears swell in her eyes. Galaxia tried stabilizing her breathing, it was hardly working.


They looked toward the tiny child known as Chibi Chibi, her sweet serene face plastered with tears. What did this mean for her? Would she forever disappear?

"My little light, be good for Serenity," Galaxia chuckled, closing her eyes, "please Serenity. Time is running out."

The surrounding Senshi wasted no time in clasping hands, creating a protective barrier around them. Hoping it would give Serenity time to do what needed to be done. Serenity noticed the barrier and nodded, silently thanking them. She lay Galaxia down, turning her sights on the Doom Phantom.

"Oh, are you done with your tear party? Good, now take THIS!" he released more dark energy encasing their barrier, but not breaking it. "You pathetic attempts at this barrier, won't hold!"

"Your just mad because we're going to defeat you!" Sailor Pluto spoke up, glaring icly at him. None of them dared release their grip on one another. Serenity still held the woman and the child sat beside them her eyes watering. This was truly a moment of choice for them. Try defeating the Doom Phantom without Galaxia's powers or take them and defeat him without much effort? The choice didn't seem the easiest.

Another great ball of energy struck against them, their barrier still not wavering.

Serenity was still prepared for anything. The Senshi stood still protecting them, but they watched as beams of energy battled above them in the air. White on black and purple, dakr against light. Deep inside each girl stood silently afraid but didn't show it. No matter how confident they were - they could never be too confident. After all, how many battles had they died in almost didn't win? But they hoped and thats all that mattered.

The Doom Phantom moved away, recalling his energy realizing this was no way to defeat these mere children. He pondered many ideas, he knew if he kept this fight up he would never win and gain anything. His mind was made up - Serenity would find out who she was dealing with and pick each warrior off one by one. "Foolish girls! I hope you haven't begun to think you're winning!" he cackled, the sky growing darker and darker. Serenity cocked an eyebrow watching him like a hawk.

"Prepare to die!" whirlwinds picked up and began knocking structures over. Everyone noticed as well the oncoming lightning storm that began. What's happening?

"Serenity, what is he doing?" Sailor Venus questions trying to maintain the barrier.

You called me once before - commanding me back inside the hearts of everyone!

Everyone froze at the voice, startling and yet so familiar. The Doom Phantom little by little became shrouded in darkness, no longer visible by the naked eye.

Now you call me this foolish being - Doom Phantom! But I am not, I am the eternal hatred that lives within each! I am Chaos!

"NO!" the shrill voice Serenity boomed hearing the voice and watching as the fallen warrior of a Sailor Scout appeared out of the darkness. Her fuku completely dark, demon wings emerging out of her back, purple heels and violet eyes with black specks glinting. Evil practically radiating off the vile creature.

"Yes, you see...after living in the hearts of so many..you cast me out. Purifying the world so it saw no more evil - however, I found ways around that. Diving back into the Galaxia cauldron imitating a star seed I was granted a chance at life! Not like a regular human of course! That guardian couldn't decide what to do with me." She explains hissing while doing so, "She thought since the violet glow off my seed was rare indeed, I should be granted a Sailor Senshi's life! Of course once she paired me with a body...I done the rest."

Without further comment, Sailor Chaos wasted no time charging the barrier - something none of them could have prepared for was her speed and strength. She broke easily through the barrier. Serenity shot more beams of energy, hoping it would be enough. How wrong she was. Sailor Chaos hit like a disease, fast and hard. One by one Chaos wasted no time in destroying the senshi. Serenity powerless to do anything but stand and watch.

"Ha ha ha! I thought you were going to defeat me?" Chaos teased dusting off her black fuku raising an eyebrow questioningly. Serenity stood alone with a dying Galaxia at her feet and Chibi Chibi cowering behind her. "Don't worry, I shall dispose of them once I take care of you!" Serenity exhaled preparing herself for attack.

"Use my powers!" Galaxia begged once more, her once tan skin now a pale almost liquid white color. "You can match her with my powers!"

But Serenity refused, taking a beating. Chaos slung her around like a rag doll, laughing all the while. But after each attack Serenity stood once again enduring everything. She knew once more the world was counting on her. And her alone. At one point Serenity became sure Chaos broke a rib or two and her shoulder began bleeding. Perfect! What can I do? I'm losing!

"Well, you aren't much fun." Chaos crossed her arms bored of the woman standing infront of her.

"I will defeat you!" Serenity retorted trying to catch her breath. Her entire body screamed against her but she continued anyway. Galaxia lay watching the torment Sailor Chaos put her queen through, she wished she could help. This was the final fight and she wanted so desperately to help, with consent or not.

"Chibi, what can we do?" She looked at her star seed who stared at the fight hopelessly.

But she had one idea, rather it would work or not...a risk she was willing to take. Using what energy she had left, she stood, unknown to Serenity and Chaos. She didn't call upon her mystical sword, she didn't even try transforming back into a Senshi. She stood trying to regain her composure, knowing only one way to defeat evil. I need scout power! Her mind screamed after hearing that phrase so many times from Sailor Moon when she was desperately needing help or a miracle. After a moment when nothing happened Galaxia began thinking this was her punishment for doing so many terrible things. Maybe only Sailor Moon could call upon miracles. Damn it.

Little by little a miracle began happening. Never mind punishment - YES!

"What is this?" Chaos stopped and looked, the Senshi crystals surrounded the four of them. Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Each crystal glowing with their respective hostess glowing as nothing but a reflection. "Honestly Galaxia, do you think your tricks scare me?"

"This..is no...trick," Galaxia breathed nodding. "This is Serenity defeating you." The queen stood once again confused by Galaxia's words. The woman spoke so many riddles she couldn't catch up. What did these crystals have to do with anything? What was she suppose to do, eat them? Try screaming out 'Mercury star power'? Honestly, what the fuck? "There is one last hope. That hope however can't be summoned by just anyone."

Oh shit.

Serenity's mouth hung agape, she knew what Galaxia or who Galaxia was referring to. But wasn't that just some myth? Was she so sure that the power was real that she was willing to risk this fight to try it? Looking at the cocky stance Galaxia had, she guessed yes.

"Huh?" Chaos scratched her head, not understanding. Classic.

Without hesitation Galaxia summoned the sword of sealing, taking one last look around before wedging it through her own body, mangling herself. Chaos stood horrified, alittle taken aback by the woman's actions but whatever floated her boat. Either way she was dead. Leaving the queen, the only one still alive.

"What is happening?" Seiya asks seeing as Luna and Artemis look devestated.

Kakyuu as well hangs her head not knowing what to say. The Amazon quartett walk away, realzing they're doomed to death. They were giving up hope already.

"It seems Serenity is alone out there...this is bad." Diana sighs leaning against the wall. Taiki clenched his fists, the generals had the same reaction hearing they're loved ones had just been massacred. Malachite even though appearing as if he could care less, broke down.

"Hope is not completely lost - Galaxia has a plan," Kakyuu assured them, as well as herself.

Serenity watched as all the crystals began glowing in synchronization. What has happened? Was this the sacred ritual that she had been wondering about? With one last glow, Chibi Chibi and the other star seeds combined into one, a rainbow crystal. Light flooding the air, lifting the horrible storm and the crisp air lifting up as well.

Chaos quirked an eyebrow growing frustrated, seeing her own powers being outdone. "What is this?"

Hesitating to grab the crystal, Serenity glared at it, the Cosmos crystal really existed. Ever as beautiful and calming as she had been told. Seeing how it stunned the evil infront of her, she grabbed it, not caring about the consequences, if she would die then so be it. But she was not about to let this creature who escaped from the depths of hell win.


Lights engulfed Serenity as the crystal shimmered brightly. Chaos backed away screaming profanities at the bright lights. This was not supposed to happen. Serenity's white gown transformed into silver ribbons which then transformed into a Senshi fuku. White with a silver skirt except the front pieces of fabric were shades of the rainbow, her usual boots were changed into heels and wings gently sprouted from her shoulders. Her long blond hair, now shining a bright silver color and her eyes no longer cerulean, but lavender.

[D.S/N: I know there are other aspects of Sailor Cosmos but I'm going to describe everything about her.]

She had become a completely different woman. When the glimmering lights had faded, a statuesque woman was left, holding the cosmos tier in her hands, eyes narrowed on Chaos and ready to fight. Warmth radiated off Sailor Cosmos as she stood there and a light breeze picked up as the sun once again began to shine.

"What is this? Who are you?" the fear apparant in Chaos's voice.

"I am Sailor Cosmos! On behalf of the Cosmos and all those who have fallen - I will punish you!" her voice had not one but two tones, one of Serenity and the another of a unknown woman. She was an enchanting sight to behold but swift and dangerous as Chaos soon found out. She had taken the wind out of the evil being who had been standing. "Cosmic twilight...CLASH!" a tidal wave of rainbow light flew toward Chaos engulfing her.

Chaos had been down for the count for a few moments, eyes wide open and sprawled out as if she couldn't move. The evil had never fought anything like this! A shiver ran up her spine as Cosmos towered over her. "Well kill me!" screaming in defeat, Chaos could find no other way around beating her. Smirking in triumph Cosmos pulled a familiar weapon from thin air; the sword of sealing.

"Gladly!" and with that the bright lights once again engulfed the evil for the final time. Sailor Cosmos was left standing - the last soldier to fight.

"Serenity has won!" Kakyuu beamed backing away from the wall toward everyone else. Everyone cheered as they watched the woman turn toward them. Seiya felt the uneasiness flutter out of his heart. They all rushed outside the palace walls to greet her.

"You did it, Serenity!" Luna cried, Kakyuu pulled her in for a hug.

"But this snazzy woman isn't Serenity she's..uh, Sailor Cosmos!" Artemis teased poking Luna.

"Hey!" Cosmos quirked an eyebrow, "I am still Serenity! I just used everyone's star seeds and crystals for this."

Sailor Cosmos pulled away, knowing she would have to give the powers of the fallen back. But it was nice to live while she could. Pulling the crystal from her broach, she held it out, and closed her eyes chanting the reversal spell. Everyone watched as the Cosmos crystal released the Sailor Senshi's star seeds. From Mercury to Pluto, the Sailor Senshi finally were revived, including Uranus and Neptune who met an ill fate earlier.

"I must say I hate the galaxy cauldron." Uranus flexed her muscles, Neptune rolled her eyes playfully.

"I'm glad you're all back!" Taiki chuckled. The final star seed that released itself, Galaxia's. Chibi Chibi plopped out smiling with merriness and Galaxia revived in all her glory, all smiles as well. Serenity finally sighed, finally they had a chance at peace. Real peace.

She stood outside the palace ballroom on the balcony, everyone else was dancing inside, celebrating their victory. Chibi Usa and Helios returned, married to say the least. She was very happy to see her daughter for the first time in ages. The generals and her senshi once again became inseperable. She also had taken note that Galaxia was being pursued by Sapphire - how weird she hadn't gnawed him to pieces with her powers.

Looking up into the evening sky, her heart soared. But a part of her wished Endymion could be here to share it with her. Somewhere in all the fighting, she finally accepted his fate and realized that he wasn't coming back no matter how much she wished. But there were some parts of her that wanted more time with him, to enjoy his playful teasing. He promised her a lifetime but their lifetime had been cut short. But she accepted it. A part of her would always love him no matter what but now...there was someone else she was able to be with. Someone who could protect her from here on out.

Seiya Kou.


She turned around, seeing him linger at the door, scratching his head. She smiled gently walking to him. "Seiya.." Yes, she would always care about Endymion. He was the father of their daughter. He gave her so much and believed in her to no end. She knew he would always watch over her from afar. From here, Serenity also knew she needed someone here with her. She'd always been sweet on Seiya. He is everything she needs anymore. His casual tone, gentle nature yet strong and willing to fight. Seiya would make a great king. Serenity wraps her arounds him pulling him close to her. "Please don't leave."

He chuckles at his queen, relieved she isn't asking him to leave. "I don't plan on it, your majesty."


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