A/N: Set after the third movie, Rogue did not take the cure.

"What's wrong, chere?"

Rogue jumped back and turned around, not a few inches away was a smiling face of a handsome man. He looked at least a few years older than her, with a small bristle on his face from not shaving for a day or two. His jaw was cleanly chiseled, like that of a model and his smile only emphasized it. His eyes were hidden behind a dark pair of sunglasses that left Rogue with an odd desire to see behind those dark shades.

Rogue took a step back from the man, a little uncomfortable by his close proximity and glared at him in what she hoped to portray as menacingly. "Nothin's wrong, who're you?"

"Well, well, well, y' a guarded little cherie, huh?" When she didn't drop her stance or glare, the man grinned. "Remy LeBeau, at y're service."

"At mah service?" Rogue squinted at 'Remy', what did this guy want with her?

"Remy's will always be at a belle fille's service."

Rogue rolled her eyes. "Ah'm not interested." Rogue made to turn out of the alley, where she was supposed to be doing X-Men scout work, when the guy-Remy, placed his hand on her shoulder. Rogue stiffened, and he seemed to notice. "Hey cherie, Remy won't hurt y'. He jus' be wonderin' what a pretty fille like y'self is doin' in dis part of town. It's not safe."

Rogue pulled herself out of his grip and turned around, a little angry. "Ah can handle mahself, thanks. Jus' leave meh alone." Rogue spun around again, she took two steps before she collided with a huge barrier of a man. She fell back hard, but her collision didn't seem to affect him at all.

She recognized him instantly and her heart sank. Before her stood a man at least seven feet tall, who was more of an animal than man. His skin was covered in a thick layer of fur and his claws and sharp teeth glistened threateningly. He grinned, which looked more like a snarl, and ground out. "Good job, noobie, you found her."

At the words, Rogue's head turned around to stare at 'Remy' in horror. He had just been trying to capture her? Stall her until Sabertooth came along? She had about two seconds to reflect on what just happened before Sabertooth grabbed her by the front of the shirt and lifted her cleanly off the ground.

Feet dangling several feet above the dirty alley floor, Rogue's eyes met Sabertooth's black gaze. With a growing sense of panic, Rogue lashed out with her foot and connected with a tender area. Sabertooth grunted and his solid grip loosened enough for Rogue to yank herself free. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she turned and started sprinting, roughly shoving Remy out of her path on the way.

She didn't see Remy's shocked gaze turn to a smile. She was too busy trying to escape; her heart was pounding in her ears as she ran. If only she could make it to the end of the alley and call out for Logan, she'd be free. As fate would have it, that wasn't what happened. She didn't really know what happened. One minute she was running, almost free, and the next something exploded under her feet and she fell harshly. Her knees were badly scraped as were her palms, but that was the least of her worries. Again, a strong grip grabbed the back of her shirt and pulled her off the ground.

She struggled, but this position was different and Sabertooth had the smarts to hold her away from his body. He looked at his companion, "Get the car, we're leaving."

Remy scampered away and before Rogue could even scream, a sleek black car pulled up in the front of the alley. Sabertooth went to the back of the car and pulled open the large trunk, ignoring her struggles he roughly threw Rogue in and slammed the trunk shut.

Rogue was surrounded by darkness; she couldn't even see her own hand in front of her face. It had been dark enough outside, but the blackness in the trunk was complete. She tried kicking the trunk open by leveraging her two legs against the dark, sealed crack, but all she managed to do was hurt her foot.

Finally, after the car started to move, Rogue gave up her struggles. They were useless, if the X-Men hadn't heard her by now, then there was no way they'd catch her now that the car was moving away. She sat back dully against the side of the trunk, wondering what would happen to her. What did someone want with her now? Magneto couldn't have come up with another machine; no Magneto was completely out of the picture now. Mystique was too, Rogue had heard that she was shot with a cure bullet that had been intended for Magneto earlier. So who wanted her?

Rogue shook her head, she hadn't even been aware that Sabertooth was still alive. And apparently he was working with 'Remy LeBeau'. But for what? Sabertooth didn't strike her as the kind of guy that would work under other people, or even with them. From what she had absorbed of Magneto, he wasn't even compliant to the Brotherhood's cause when it had still been alive.

Rogue sighed and leaned back against the side of the trunk. At least she wasn't dead. She had to be wanted for something, because otherwise Sabertooth just would have killed her. And, he had also said that 'you found her'. So her capture was no mistake. She was wanted for something.

Rogue shivered, it was cold in the trunk. The exposed part of her body, her ripped knees and elbows were raw from her fall and the unusual cold air against the wounds made them sting more. Not for the first time, Rogue wished she could have just stayed home and never had become a mutant.

She must have drifted off somewhere in-between her thoughts, because she was jerked awake when the car abruptly stopped and she was thrown forward. Outside, she dimly heard voices and the car doors being slammed. In another second of listening, she heard footsteps approach the back end of the car and she readied herself.

The trunk was abruptly popped open and Rogue leapt out. She hit another body painfully and both crumpled to the ground. Rogue was on top, so she tried to get up and run away, but even as she started to rise, an ankle twisted around her own. In another moment a firm hand grabbed her shoulder, and in a movement that was faster than she could follow, she was flipped head over heels to land painfully on her back with the other body sitting on top of her. Her legs were pinned by his and his hands held down her arms.

Rogue's struggles were useless, above her; the smiling face of Remy dimly came into view as her vision adjusted from the darkness she had been in. "Y' feisty, chere."

"Get offa meh!"

Remy's smirk grew. "Now why would Remy want t' do that when he's in such a favorable position already? What? Don't tell him y' don' like de bottom, chere."

Rogue stopped struggling and glared up at the smirking face above her. "Shut up ya perverted Cajun!" She recognized his accent; she had been to New Orleans when she began running away before she changed her mind and turned North.

Remy chuckled. "Is it a sin t' appreciate de good in dis world?"

Rogue's expression darkened even more. "What do ya' want with meh? Why can't ya people jus' leave meh alone!"

"You people? Careful chere, y' might sound prejudice if y' walk around yellin' dat. A little hypocritical too."

Rogue was about to spit something back at him, but before she could speak a yell came from the side of her. "Stop flirting and get her in here before the boss gets back!" Rogue's head turned in the direction the shout had come and her eyes fell upon two shadowy figures. There was a woman not much older than herself, dressed in a red getup that displayed her figure plainly and left little to the imagination. She had on a strict look that clearly warned off anyone smart enough to see it. Besides her, the man who had called…well not man, it was a boy, younger than the woman. Rogue wouldn't have been surprised to discover the kid was younger than her. He had white hair that was sleeked back in an oily manner. His face was very young and boyish and he was glaring at Remy.

The woman besides him rolled her eyes. "Just call her Mystique for heaven's sakes; she's not your 'boss'."

Rogue's eyes widened at this. "Mystique's behind this!" Her gaze fell dangerously onto Remy's face, but she couldn't lock eyes with him because of those damn sunglasses. "What does that bitch want with meh this tahme?!"

Remy opened his mouth to say something, but he was cut off. "Don't tell her anything, Mystique doesn't want her to know yet."

Remy's face turned back to that annoying smirky grin. "Remy's goin' t' get off of y' now. Runnin' won't do y' any good, don't even try-Otherwise Remy'll get t' tackle y' again."

Rogue's expression darkened again and she glared at Remy. Carefully, the older mutant lifted himself off Rogue and pulled her up. He stood behind her and guided her over to the others. When he reached them, the white haired boy looked her up and down. "I don't see the resemblance…she looks kinda weak, doesn't she?"

The woman gave him a withering glare. "She hasn't been trained yet, hanging out with the kids at that school is a joke. They don't teach anything there."

Behind her, Remy chuckled again. "Maybe it's jus' 'cause y' two don't have de same view as Remy back here…She's a beauty."

Rogue ground her teeth and turned her head to glare at him. She really wanted to wipe that stupid smirk right off his face, but his grip on her shoulders was too strong and she knew she'd just get caught again anyway. She couldn't outrun the three of them. And where had Sabertooth gone?

They took a wide turning path through the woods that led to an enormously large mansion, the size almost compared to the Professor's mansion. It was huge. Rogue glanced around the cleared out yard before she was led inside.

It even looked like the Professor's mansion inside and for a second, Rogue thought it might have been designed by the same people. Remy glanced at the others. "Where to put de fille?"

Rogue was really getting tired of his 'cute' little nicknames. "Ah have a name, ya know."

"Remy heard y' have two, which do y' prefer, Rogue or Marie?" Rogue froze, how did this punk know her real name? Other than her family that she left and Logan, nobody knew her real name. Remy's mouth quirked into that smile again. "Rogue den? Y' seem upset, cherie, what's wrong?"

"Who-How do you know meh?"

"Remy knows alota belle filles, y' shouldn't feel dat special chere."

The woman who stood in front of them rolled her eyes. "Okay, enough chit-chat. Someone's gotta stay with her to make she sure doesn't climb out the window or anything."

"Remy volunteers."

Another eyeroll, "Great, take her up to one of the bedroom and wait for Mystique to get here."

Remy lost no time in doing so. Rogue was forced up the steps and into a second story bedroom that looked way too bare. The walls were entirely gray, the bed sheets and covers were gray, it was even gray outside the window. Rogue resentfully sat on the bed while Remy shut the door behind them.

"Finally, time alone, 'ey." Remy seated himself directly next to Rogue on the bed. Rogue stood up and walked to the other end of the room.

"Oh please, don't ya have somethin', anythin' better ta do than annoy meh?"

"Nope, dis sexy Cajun's all yours."

Rogue's forehead creased in anger and she turned from the cocky Cajun to stare out the window at the gray sky and the drop below. When he didn't say anything else, Rogue turned and stared at the bed. It was empty. Her eyes quickly scanned the room. Nobody else was there.

In confusion, she turned around completely and looked all around again, checking. "Cajun?"

No response came. Without further hesitation, Rogue raced to the door. Her hand had just touched the cold knob when, out of nowhere, two hands gripped her shoulders. Rogue jumped and cursed. "STOP TOUCHIN' MEH CAJUN!"

She spun around to see Remy drop his hands and raise his right eyebrow at her. "Tryin' t' escape on Remy, are y'? He can tell y' for a fact that y' be one of de only filles who tries t' run from him. Go on now, back t' de bed."

Rogue didn't move. "Where did you go?"

Remy shrugged. "Jus' t' get some stuff. Saw y' were bleedin'." He pointed to her knees and elbows. "Go on, get on dat bed. Remy'll take care of y'." Being caught, Rogue had nothing else to do, but that didn't mean she had to be happy about it. She traced her steps back to the bed where Remy sat down next to her again and tugged at her jeans. Rogue backpaddled on the bed. "What're tryin' ta do?! Stop!"

Remy's grin was back in place. "How else is Remy goin' t' clean de cut? Take off your pants."

"Real cute, smartass."

"Can y' blame him for tryin'?" Without looking back at him, Rogue pulled up her jeans pant leg on one side, being careful to slowly pull away the ripped material from the bloody mess on her knee. She winced. Remy scooted closer to her on the bed.

"Dis might sting." With more care than Rogue thought Remy could exert, he lightly wiped at the cut with a cut cleaner. It stung, but Rogue was glad he was being careful about it. When he was finished, he bandaged it and began working on her other knee. Kneeling before her, Remy commented.

"An' most of de time, its de fille dat's in dis position."

Rogue stood up, causing him to jab her harshly with the cleaner, but she didn't care. "You're unbelievable!"

"Hey come on cherie, Remy was jus' kidding." At her doubtful glare, he added. "Come back, it'll get infected."

Stiffly, Rogue sat back down. Remy grinned again and Rogue really wanted to wipe that smirk off his face. Calming the conversation now, or trying to, he asked. "So what's y' mutation chere? Remy's surprised y' haven't burned him yet or somethin'." Suddenly Rogue's eyes turned downward and she looked at his hands. They were covered in black gloves that cut off before his fingertips, it was a miracle he hadn't touched her yet.

"You don't know?"

Remy shook his head. An idea was forming in Rogue's head. "It's nothin' special." Saying no more about it, she began to think. With his memories, she would know exactly where she was, what this kidnapping was about, and how to escape. Even though she didn't completely know how to control the other person's mind-and wasn't even sure she could dig out that information, she would try. She had made up her mind. His only exposed skin was his face, and she desperately wanted to get out of here.

Remy finished cleaning her knee and then stood up-to be jumped on by Rogue. Her lips touched his and he found himself in a passionate kiss. Eternity seemed to stop in that second and he kissed her back. But after that short millisecond, Rogue's mutation took hold and the pull began.

Remy didn't even jerk back as the pull started, and Rogue didn't let go. She held the back of his head with her other hand and kept their lips locked together. His thoughts, memories, energy, mutation, and even his very life force all raced into her through the connection and Rogue suddenly felt dizzy with energy and power. She let go of him and pushed him away from her. Remy's weakened form fell back harshly to thunk against the ground and he stared at her through his dimmed vision.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires that weren't her own surged through Rogue as she tried to make sense of everything she absorbed. She hadn't meant to hold onto him for so long. His mind was powerful, almost dominating over her own. Rogue's hands flew up to her temples and she fell to her knees. His thoughts, his feelings were so strong…she needed to get a grip! Stumbling to her feet once more, Rogue made for the doorway.

Her hands started to feel warm and Rogue looked at them. Her black gloves were emitting a strange, orange-redish glow and were filled with a familiar, but distant feeling. Rogue ripped off her gloves and threw them at the floor. A few seconds after they left her hands, the gloves exploded. Rogue stared for almost a minute before she came back to her senses. She had to get out of there! Remy was still staring at her as she turned and left the room.

That girl, that beautiful girl Rogue had just done something strange to him. He was too weak to move and she had used his power. How had that happened? Remy didn't know, but this Rogue was quickly becoming a mystery he was anxious to discover. He knew she wouldn't get far, so he wasn't worried about that. He sighed and just lied on the ground in the position he had fell. One thing was for sure, that girl was an amazing kisser.

Rogue rushed out the door and glanced down the long hallways, deciding which way to go. It wasn't as easy as she imagined it would be, especially not because she had absorbed so much of Remy. Why had she held the connection so long? She could have pulled away after it started…but she hadn't. Rogue had a suspicious voice in the back of her head that was screaming an answer to her, but she didn't pay attention. She had to get out of here.

Go right, cherie.

Rogue turned right, but froze. Remy's psyche wouldn't give her the right directions, would he? No, he'd try to lead her astray.

Chere, Remy jus' wants t' see how far y' get. Y' won't get away, he jus' wants to see how good y' are.

And why should Ah trust ya?

Because y' a damn good kisser cherie. Jus' listen.

Rogue ran down the right corridor and was surprised when she found the stairs that they had come up. Quickly, she raced down them and was at the door when something painful smashed into the backs of her knees. Rogue collapsed at the door and inwardly cursed; above her another foot came smashing into her stomach. All Rogue saw was a blurred outline before it crushed her abdomen.

Rogue groaned loudly and felt a salty, metallic taste in her mouth. The edge of her vision blurred with unshed tears. That had really hurt! She wasn't even finished groaning before she was flipped on her back roughly and kicked against the door she was trying to escape from. Rogue's back hit the wood with a dull thunk and she huddled into a ball to prevent herself from being further hurt. Her arms covered her head protectively and her knees pulled up to cover her stomach.

Come on, chere, what y' doing down there? Speedy's easy enough t' beat. Charge somethin' an' throw it at the ground in front of 'im. Y' can predict his movements, he's a dirty fighter.

Ah don't know how!

Jus' do it!

Rogue groped for something to charge and her hands fell to rest on a rather large splinter of wood that had broken off behind her. Following Remy's advice, she watched as the blur of 'Speedy' scrambled around. She charged the wood (how did she do that?!) and threw it five paces in front of him.

The wood exploded at the second he was right in front of it. Colorful curses followed and 'speedy' came to a halt, hopping up and down and holding his leg. Splinters had shot out from the exploded wood and imbedded themselves in the white haired kid's leg. Rogue smiled until he turned to her with an angry expression. "Bitch!"

The next thing Rogue knew, a very hard and very fast boot smashed into her head. Her head thunked back against the wall behind her and Rogue could already feel the swelling start. Her vision dimmed to a dull gray, even though Rogue desperately tried to cling to consciousness, she couldn't. Blackness engulfed her vision and Rogue saw no more.