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Sorry, I can't get that song out of my head. It rocks! Well, glad you're all here. This is my Naruto/Rin fic. (Sniff) I never thought this day would come! Now before I begin, I have to say a few things. One, I don't know much about Rin so I'm making most of it up. Second, there will be a few other changes here and there so don't complain. And finally, THIS IS A FANFICTION SO WHAT I SAY GOES! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT? TO BAD! Sorry I raised my voice. I'll be going now.

Rin: 12 years old

Kakashi: 12 years old

Obito: 12 and dead

The Fourth: no clue in hell

Rin had been sitting in her apartment for the last three weeks. Three weeks ago, she had been rescued by her teammates, Kakashi and Obito. Three weeks ago, Obito had been crushed by a rock nin. Three weeks ago, she transplanted one of his eyes into Kakashi. Three weeks ago, he told her that he loved her.

She felt terrible at the moment he said those words. She had never been kind to him since the formation of the team. She treated him like trash and swooned over Kakashi who just ignored her. But, he still loved her.

Ever since his death, there team had been copping in their own way. The Fourth had taken up reading his sensei's books. Kakashi showed up late for everything. And Rin, she just shut out the world and relived every moment of the times she spent with Obito; looking for the few moments she had shown him kindness.

Why her? How could he have fallen in love with her? She was lost in this train of thought, when a knock came at her door. She didn't move. She just sat there staring at her feet. Suddenly, the door opened and there stood her sensei, the Yellow Flash.

"Rin," he said softly, "you can't keep this up. People are worried about you."

"I'm less than trash," she replied. "Why didn't I act more like a teammate to Obito? Why didn't I do more?" The Fourth just stood there letting her pour out all her emotions. "Sensei, I want to go away. I can't stay here anymore. Everything just reminds me of him."

"I sorry but no," said the Hokage. "We are at war right now. If you leave, you will be considered a traitor by the village and declared a missing-nin. If you stay here, you can do more for his memory."

"Missing-nins get killed on sight, right sensei," she asked with a small smile. She turned to fan her sensei, the look of defeat in her eyes. "Maybe that wouldn't be so bad."

The Fourth race over to her and grabbed her. This startled her. He had never done anything like this before. But, then again, nothing like this had ever happened before.

"Don't think like that," he said in a stern voice. "Obito gave up his to save yours. Don't throw it away after he did something like that." He let her go and began to walk away, when a thought came to his mind. "Rin, if in a week you still can get over this, come and see me by the cabin in the woods. I think I might have an idea for you to disappear for a while and not be declared a missing-nin. Just, try to think of the good things in life." With that, he gave her a small smile and left her to her thoughts.

A week passed by, and there he stood waiting for Rin by the cabin. It was late at night, so no one was around. He stood there with a large scroll that he had recently finished. In it contained all of his jutsu knowledge. Soon, he would place one last item in it.

Rin came running up to him. She was wearing a purple gi with a fishnet clothes underneath and black pants. On her back was her survival gear along with a few personal items. She looked overjoyed when she saw her sensei.

"I'm here," she said with a grin. She was happy that she would be able to go away and work out her problems.

"Well let's do this," said the fourth as he unrolled the scroll.

"What's this for sensei?"

"I'm going to seal you into this scroll."

Rin sweat dropped. This wasn't what she had in mind.

"Come again?"

"If you leave, you are a missing-nin. However, this scroll isn't going to be leaving the village. While you are in the scroll, time will stand still. No matter how long you are in the scroll you will not feel hunger, get tired, or age. Basically, you will have all the time you need to get over Obito and any other feeling you might have." He hands her a picture. "If someone else undoes the seal, just show them this and they'll have an understanding."

"Seal? Someone else?"

"I've worked out a seal with the help of Jiraiya. The seal will only allow someone of my bloodline or his to unseal it. The picture is a safe guard so if something happens to me, just show it to the new Hokage and he'll believe you are who you say you are and what happened. Who knows I might die fighting a demon and my son will be the new Hokage and awaken you like in those fairy tales." He said the last part with a laugh.

"I pity whoever is related to you sensei."


"You're a little nutty and you like ramen too much sensei."

He shrugged and told her to stand in the middle of the seal. She did as she was told and was soon engulfed in a bright yellow light. The next thing she knew, she was in a world of whiteness.

A few years later…

"Ah, crap," said the Fourth as he saw Kyuubi attacking the village. "I just had to tempt fate. Did I just say fate, damn I'm sounding like a Hyuga. My wife is going to kill me." He knew this day was coming for the last couple of days. Reports had been coming in that the Kyuubi was coming closer and closer to the village each day. Now, he was here. Destroying the village he had sworn to protect.

A medic soon came into his office.

"Sir, your son was just born."

The Fourth just stared at the medic for a second and then began to bag his head onto his desk.

"Sir, is something wrong?"

"He (bang) had (bang) to (bang) be (bang) born (bang) now."

Another medic stepped into the room and looked at this sight. He took a deep breath.

"Sir, I'm sorry but your wife has slipped into a comma."

The Fourth looked up and stared at him.

"Well, at least she can't object to this." With that, he went down to where his son was and began to place a seal on the baby's chest using his blood. A few seconds later, the Third came into the room, looking angry.

"Don't even think about it," he said.

"Think about what," replied the Fourth, trying to look innocent. Kind of hard when you are making a blood seal on your son.

"We talked about this. You are not going to be placing the demon inside your son. Think about what his life will be like."

"He will be considered a hero to the people. He alone will be the one to keep the demon at bay. He will be the one responsible for giving the people of this village their futures back."

"But what if…"

"What if tomorrow ends and this was all for nothing. You worry too much. Have faith in the people of this village." With that, he walked out of the room as a tear drop fell off his check. He felt cheated. He wanted to do all the things other fathers get to do with their sons. Teaching his son how to ride a bike, how to throw a kunai, how to dispose of an enemy corpse. He just hoped to Kami that someone whould be there for him, to take his place.

"Take care, Arashi," said Sarutobi.

Well, here is the first chapter. I hope you all enjoyed it. Like I said above, I know little about Rin and made some alterations here and there. For the future, Naruto's mom will be in a comma and will wake up after Rin is unsealed. Yes, Naruto is the son of the Fourth and will be gaining help from his mother regarding his training. So, read and review!