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AN: Yay, my first drabble! Reviews appreciated highly. It is extremely hard, as I've realized, since a hundred words are only about… erm, one paragraph. This was very tough. Next is my first dialogue-only! Love from Julia. :D ;O :P

Others wouldn't have noticed. They wouldn't have seen the small innocent touches or the gentle caresses. Unless they squinted they couldn't make out the seductive glances and the whispers in the ears. They kept it discreet. They kept it safe.

The two had tried to keep it simple and innocent, only trying to do the best thing to feed those cravings they had about each other, but the more and more time they spent together the more and more less innocent it became. It wasn't just a breathtaking kiss to get out anger or frustration. It wasn't like it was in the beginning.

It was an unforgettable bond that had to be forgotten years later anyway.

AN: Wow, only a hundred words... that's limited. There really isn't a plot to this, I guess you just have to guess... It's the shortest thing I've ever written! But everybody needs to have a drabble on their account, no? This is actually a bit more than 100 words... It's quite a challenge.