Chapter 1, Eggman

Eggman was walking around his base. He walked by a weird door that wasn't there before. He ignored it and walked past it. Suddenly someone grabbed him and pulled him into a dark room.

"Eggman!" A voice yelled.

"Yes?" He replied looking around to see who said that.

"Sit down!" The voice commands.

"But I don't want-"

"Sit down!"

Eggman quickly sat down.

"Know your stars know your stars.." A chant began.

"Dr.Eggman of wherever,"


"Dr.Eggman's favorite thing to do is frolic through fields of flowers."

"What! It is not!" Said the angered doctor. "I like to build robots of destruction!"

"Sure. Thats what they all say."

"I don't frolic through flowers!" He yelled and stood up.

"Uh huh. Sure. Moving along now."

Eggman sat back down.

"Dr.Eggman is obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog, if you know what I mean."

Eggman's mouth dropped open.

"I am not gay!" He shouted. "I hate that hedgehog with all of my heart!"

"Then how can you explain these pictures?" The voice asked, throwing 5 pictures down with Eggman and Sonic kissing.

"Hey! You doctored these in photo shop!"

"Don't deny the truth, Eggy."

"Your going to pay for this." He growled.

"Yeah whatever. Eggman washes his mustache with lilac-scented shampoo."

"No I don't! I wash it with normal shampoo."

"Its okay that you use lilac-scented shampoo."

"Except I don't!"

"Yes you do!"

"How would you know!?"

"I can smell it from up here!"

Eggman threw a wrench in the air.

"Hey be careful where you throw those things! I could of gotten hurt."

"That was the point." Eggman muttered.

"How rude! For that I shall make fun of you for twice as long!"

"Twice as long? How long does this thing last?"

The voice ignored him, and started up again.

"Dr.Eggman's mother is a monkey."

"How dare you insult my mother!"

"Hey its not my fault that your part monkey."

Eggman's hands shook, his face was all red.

"I am not a monkey!"

"I only said you were part monkey. Unless your all monkey..."

"Gah! I have no time for this!" And with that Eggman stomped out of the room.

"Now you know Doctor Eggman."

"Oh no you don't!" He yelled from far away.

End of first chapter.