Goats...goats with horns and hooves. My sister has a math teacher who owns a goat...we think. Goats are lovely creatures too. Since I have nothing witty to say, read on dudes.

"Well boys, welcome back for your last day"sighed Bern, petting his sheep dog's head.

"Like I said, it should be pretty easy and simple. But I think Saphira might have to stay outside the fence this time."

"What are we working with, on this grateful last day?"asked Murtagh, quite fed up farm work and farm animals.

"Just my goats. I would like you to play with them for a bit. Maybe get them to chase you, pet them, and just give them some simulation"said Bern.

'Oh goats, they always did look tasty' said Saphira.

"Oh no, you are not getting any animals! Saphira, stay with Brom while Murtagh and I...play with the goats"said Eragon slowly, pushing on her side towards Brom.

"Come on Murtagh, goats are this way." Murtagh sighed, following reluctantly to the goats fields.

"Instead of just standing here like a couple of fools, how about we go get some of my horses to race with? A farm isn't just for animals, it's also for racing!"said Bern. Brom agreed, telling Saphira that she could follow. They all went off to the horse stables, Saphira asking Eragon is Brom could ride her if he wanted. Of course Eragon said yes, wishing them luck.

"I think she wants you to rider her"said Bern, mounting up on his gray gelding, who he called Snow Dancer. Saphira had gotten down onto her belly, staring at Brom and blinking.

"Is that what you want Saphira?"asked Brom, petting the brown horse from it's stall. Saphira nodded, giving a low growl.

"Well, I see I might have to try harder racing a dragon"said Bern, Brom mounting up and both animals walking off. Bern explained what the race would be, insisting Saphira would have to stay fairly close to the ground.

"Now on three, and no cheating"began Bern, grabbing some of the horse's mane along with the reins, "One...two...three!" The horse quickly broke into a smooth canter, Saphira taking some large strides and flapping her wings, finally air borne.

"Goats...oh fun"said Murtagh sarcastically as he watched two goats head-butt with their curled horns. He could just imagine himself being pushed off some of those rocks by an ill-tempered goat, or becoming a target.

"Well, run fast then"said Eragon, hopping over the fence, patting a goat dozing in the sun. He found something silky and black around the goat's neck; a collar.

"Sunbeam, so that's your name"mumbled Eragon, scratching it's belly. The goat closed it's eyes, gurgling in appreciation.

"Come now Murtagh, your missing all the fun!" Some goats seeing Sunbeam getting pet walked and trotted over, prodding the Dragon Rider with their heads and horns for some attention.

"Chocolate, Lighty, Nightdream, Strutter, my! Bern sure likes these goats to give them all names"said Eragon, checking the name of each goat he pet. Murtagh merely sighed, leaning against the fence, one foot resting on the wood. A goat with stubby baby horns walked up, cocking it's head to the side in a very cute fashion, almost asking 'will you pet me?'

"Not on your life"said Murtagh glaring at the poor goat. It stuck it's head down, going to Eragon.

"Come now Murtagh, you said you would help so help."

"And risk my life?"asked Murtagh heatedly.

"Life? How can these cute fellows kill you?"asked Eragon standing up, suddenly head-butted by a larger goat and falling, hitting his head on a rock.

"My point exactly"huffed Murtagh as Eragon stood up, putting his hand behind his head exposing a bleeding cut.

"That one was just playing with me. Murtagh, I think farm animals just have it in for you. Now get in here and play with the goats!" Eragon then began to poke many goats, soon becoming chased. Murtagh carefully climbed over the fence, making his way through the goats to sit on a tall pile of rocks. He put his head in his hands, lazily watching Eragon run away from the goats. He soon was tackled, many horns poking and prodding his back and legs.

"Having fun?"called Murtagh, not noticing the goat behind him. Eragon sat up, laughing.

"Very much." He looked up just in time to see the goat rear up on it's hind legs, taking a few steps before butting Murtagh. He fell off the rock, suddenly attacked by many goats.

"Eragon! Get these goats off me!"cried Murtagh, trying to push the horns away. Eragon sighed, watching the scene for a few more seconds before pushing the goats back giving Murtagh a hand up.

"I told you to come when I did. You deserved that."

"Do you have a death wish Rider?"snapped Murtagh. Eragon shrugged, grabbing the horns of a charging goat, pushing it back. Soon, all the goats were laying down, dozing in the warm afternoon sun.

"I think our work is done"sighed Eragon, clapping the dust off. Both went back to where they had first talked to Bern, a galloping horse and flying dragon passing them on the way up.

"Sorry about Saphira eyeing all you animals all week"said Eragon.

"That's alright"laughed Bern, petting Saphira's cheek, "And since I know she liked those milking cows so much, she can pick one out in thanks." Saphira and Bern met eyes, the dragon turning her head to the side.

'What did he say?' she asked.

'He said you may pick out a cow to eat I suppose. Do not forget to thank him though' said Eragon. Saphira nodded, rubbing into Bern's hand before flapping her wings, going up on her hind legs, and puffing out some fire balls. Bern's dog began to growl, nipping at Saphira's feet. She looked down and took off, roaring loudly as she went to the cows field.

"Think she will take only one cow?"asked Eragon.

"Nope"replied Brom, "So I will watch her. Bern, why don't you come with me?"

"Must we stay even longer on this death field?"groaned Murtagh.

"It's not like there are any animals to hurt you"said Eragon. All four walked off, Brom breaking into a run when he found Saphira chasing all the cows.


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