Title: Snowed In - Gone Wrong, Epilogue: Shins

Author: Devylish

Category: Het/Romance

Fandom: Veronica Mars

Pairing: Mac/Dick

Rating: This Ch. Is K+ (P13) for sexual situations/language

Spoilers: None

Summary: This is a drabble that can stand alone or can be read as a follow up to my Snowed In – Gone Wrong story.

Disclaimer: I desperately WISH I owned either LoVe or MaDi, but unfortunately, both are owned by Robbie, and I only own the computer I'm typing on. So, please don't sue me, cuz it would only earn you a half-a lap-top!

Note: Unbeta'd cuz… uh… I donts gots one… volunterz:D

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"It finally stopped snowing."

"Mmmhmm, so I guess that means the cabin's magic has stopped?"

"I don't think the snow or the cabin had anything to do with the magic."


"No, Dude, the magic had way the fuck more to do with your cute ass."

"Normally I wouldn't support that kind of objectifying, but as it's MY ass that you're complimenting, I think I'll reward you with… this!"

"…Aww, yeah… umm, if I compliment you again, do I get to see the other one?"

"Hmmm, try it. Let's see what happens."

"Okay, ummm, a compliment. A compliment…. Hmmm, kinda didn't think this would be this fucking hard."

"Ohhh! Do I NEED to remind you that I'm in the perfect position to kick you in the shins, or, OTHER body parts? Pony up with a compliment Surf Boy!"

"What do you have against my shins? I'm gonna need to invest in a cup and shin guards when we get back to Hearst aren't I? Ow!!! That's my nipple!!!! Okay! Okay! I give! Crap woman! You're small, but dangerous! Here's your compliment: You are totally Mackilicious!"

"Hmmm, I think that exceptional compliment deserves an extra special reward…."

"What do I ge—aaawwww fuck baby, I'm going to compliment you every fucking day!"