"what the hell is this" Bon3z asked " I'am allowed to say hell right ?"

what bon3z is doing is trying to write a fanfic the keyword would be trying but anyways im just the narrator and this is another of one bon3z'z schemes to take over but if only gothiac was here to stop her crickets chirp ahem if only gothiac was here… what the hell gothiac that was your cue !

'sorry folks nothing to see here move it along to chapter 1

chapter one

have you ever heard the saying two wrongs don't make a right then what do

two wrongs make… the ansewer is nothing but a conundrum something that

is utter nonsense slurred in a sentence but what if this wrong turned into

something bigger.something known byy mankind. Pain. But what is pain the

acutely unpleasant physical discomfort experienced by somebody who is

violently struck, injured, or ill or a weapon of mass destruction inflected on

the heart or soul. What if you were the destruction would you be the

architect you carve your deceit hatred betrayal and tragedy into your

victikms heart and soul and mould into something smothered in the black

cloak of despair

well jamie has a secret do you know or do you want to are your cast into the shadows

thrown into the web of lies or feed to the sharks what path does this take you on…

it was Friday night like no other the young boy with dark hair lay there in the bed

motionless he was filled with delight emotions of displeasure running through his viens

who would his next victim be he was high on something he couldn't remember what it

was he was disorientated but he knew what he had done he had done this everytime he

took the drug what he did was seduce some young girl rape her and move on there was

nothing anyone could do. Because no one ever knew about his dark deeds he was the

shadow in the darkness pain with ribbions a beautiful package with sadness and loss

nobody would suspect him until ...shehad tricked him played him at his own game and

one he was like a pawn in a game of chess falling into the trap that was stratigectly

plotted without a flaw. But this wasn't how it started it started like this …


the scenary flashed by like a movie on rewind as the dark haired boy flew down the

streets like a bullet after its shot out of a gun . the boy was in a hurry he was going to be

late for his shift at the Kingsport emt station he was aleady late 2x this week and alex said

if he was late again he would have inventory and desk duty for two weeks no calls he

liked going on calls not that he liked that people got injured he just loved to help people

but he wouldn't admit that to the squad not even to caitie goth roth it would ruin his image.

flashback end

he was tied to the bed it brought back dark memories that seeped through the door that

they were locked away in they crept through his body plagueing him with an icy cold chill.


"oh jamie" the girl cooed

" but you say never again " the boy pleaded

" will it do you any harm to watch my sweet" the girl replied


to be continued… (bon3z- were ya going come back for chp 2)