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The Nomad

Chapter Four

Date – 13th December 2005

Confucius Once Said

If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?

Spencer Reid was once more working on the enormous amount of paperwork that was on his desk, though he did have a sneaking suspicious that it wasn't all his. He looked to Elle's Desk and then over to Morgan's. Both of their piles of paperwork were a lot smaller than his own pile of paperwork. He shook his head and carried on, it wasn't as though he couldn't get it done faster than the others.

"Have you been putting paperwork on my desk again?" he then asked, making sure that his suspicions were right one again.

Morgan and Elle shared a look at one another and tried to pretend that they were innocent. "We wouldn't do such a thing Reid." Elle was the first to say something.

"I'm fine doing my own," Morgan then said with a smile.

Spencer looked at the two of them one by one; Elle was giving him that too innocent smile, which showed that she was lying. Morgan was better at hiding his lies, though there was a slight creasing around the eyes as Morgan tried to keep his face straight and looking innocent. Spencer raised an eyebrow at them and shook his head.

"You both are lying." He said simply as he carried on with his work, "next time ask, I will do it this time but ask for next time will you. I may do it faster than the two of you, but I still have my own paperwork to do." He told them, hoping that they would listen, they had only done this a few times, mainly when it was piling up after a few back-to-back cases.

"I'll remember that for next time." Elle said, though Spencer thought that she would forget soon enough.

"Sorry kid," Morgan grinned at him.

"One day I may just throw them back at the pair of you, it may just teach you a lesson." Spencer said with a little huff.

"You wouldn't do that, you're to sweet." Elle smiled at him her eyes sparkling with humour.

Morgan laughed a little, "a sweet little kid," he teased.

"Morgan, I am a fully grown adult and have been for some time." Spencer argued back, wanting to blush from the remark.

At that point JJ and Hotch walked into the room and between the desks. The two of them looked serious and looked at the three of them still sitting down.

"We have a case, conference room now," Hotch said as he walked through and towards the conference room. The three stood up and followed the other two agents.

Spencer watched as Hotch walked through. He could see that there was tenseness around Hotch as there usually was when a new case came in. Though there was something else this time that caused the older man to be off his gait a little.

When all five of them were inside, they found that Gideon was also inside waiting for them. JJ went around giving each of them a file with the information and photos from the crime scenes that they would be working with.

"Dayton Police Department, in Ohio called this morning and asked if we would be able to help them with a case that they have. Three men have been attacked so far over the last four months. It may not seem a lot, but they haven't been able to come up with any leads so far and since the last one was a well known Radio DJ, the media are having a field day." JJ said as she set up the screen to show a picture of DJ William Feris at a local charity function.

"What about the other two victims?" Spencer asked as he opened the file and started to read.

"The first victim was Richard Hero, 23, found strangled in his apartment by his boyfriend. The boyfriend has already been ruled out, he was away at his sisters for a christening. He was dead by that time. The second victim was found alive, but is now in a coma, he is Daniel Green, 27, found at his work place during the early hours, he was found by a security guard. William Feris was found in the morning, in the car park near the radio station." JJ answered and gave a little more information, even though most of them were already reading it within the files.

Spencer was looking through the file to see if there were any crime scene photos within it but there weren't this time, he looked up at JJ and then towards Hotch, "There are no crime scene photo's?" he questioned the two of them.

"We haven't received them yet, I don't think we will get them before we head out. We'll have to wait to look at them and just rely on the information we have so far." Hotch answered the question that was put to them.

"So all we have for now is this?" Morgan said waving the file a little.

"Just that for now, we'll have fresh eyes on the latest scene today, since he was found yesterday." JJ told him with a smile.

"Any more information that we can ascertain from the file?" Elle said as she began to read as well, though she would be reading it more thoroughly on the flight over.

JJ nodded her head and then told them another few facts, "they were all raped before they were strangled to death. They were tied up and displayed from what they detective in charge told me."

"Anything else?" Gideon then asked as he looked up from his reading.

Spencer looked at everyone, first to Gideon who was already spreading out the two of the cases out and making a few observations about what was written. It wouldn't be long before he would bring out the third case and then compare the third to them all. Morgan sat next to him was twirling his pen around as he read a few words here and there. Elle was reading quietly, looking to the others to see if they had anything else to say yet. JJ was looking to the file on the table as she too was looking at each of them all. Hotch was the one that drew Spencer's eyes the most. The older agent had a set jaw and he now knew what had put Hotch off his gait. The crime was close to what had happened to him over five years ago, and what had happened to his boyfriend at the time.

JJ thought for a moment and then answered, "Yes, a note is left with each victim, no one has been able to solve it yet. Each of them is something different."

"We'll talk more on the plane, wheels up in twenty, get ready." Hotch said as he stood up with the file in his hand.

The others nodded their heads and started to leave the room. Each to go and get ready for the flight to Dayton, Ohio. Spencer noticed that Elle was the first one to pick up her phone, and he wondered if she had a new boyfriend since she didn't like the phone that much and would avoid using it. Spencer was the only one to notice her leaving the room as Aaron was following her with his eyes. The younger agent could see that Aaron was fingering his phone that was tucked away in his trouser pocket. Spencer wondered if he would be calling home as well. That maybe Haley was still waiting for him. The older man had not spoken again of any problems that he had with her two weeks ago when she said she was leaving.

"Everything all right Hotch?" Spencer asked when the others had left the two of them in the room alone.

"Thinking about calling Haley, I was going to see Jack tomorrow." Hotch answered simple as he pulled out his phone and placed it onto the table.

"Weren't you able to sort things out?" Spencer pried a little in to Aaron's personal life.

Aaron gave a small smile and replied, "I tried, and she just didn't want to listen to anything I said for a few days." He paused a moment before he continued, "She's with her sister now, along with Jack. She said she didn't mind me visiting, but there was no chance of us getting back together. We did have a little talk, but only to say that we were going to be separating for good. She wants a divorce, the faster the better, according to her."

"So there is nothing you can say that will change her mind?" Spencer asked, his heart went out to Aaron, even though Haley had pushed the older man away, the younger agent could tell that Aaron still cared for her.

Aaron shook his head, "Nothing that I can see, except finding a different job, and even then I don't think it would work to get her back. She is too… determined to get a divorce."

"Sorry to hear that." Spencer said as he stood up and went over the other man. He gave Aaron a squeezed on his shoulder showing his support.

"Thanks," he nodded and put a hand on top of Spencer's and squeezed back, "Lets get going, we've a case to solve." He added as the two moved apart and left the room to get ready for their flight to Dayton.

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