Note: Spoilers for Supernatural up to Bloodlust. This is set after Bloodlust, anything that happens after the episode hasn't happened. And set in season 6 for Buffy, before Willow and Tara broke up.

Title: Doppelganger

Summary: When Lenore had told Sam she was leaving, she headed for Sunnydale. And when Sam and Dean decides to head to Sunnydale, the hellmouth of all things evil, they encounter Lenore again, but they soon discover is a witch named Tara, while Lenore suddenly finds herself in between a mad Vampire Slayer, Dean and one angry redhead when they mistake her for Tara and believed she was turned. When the two parties encounter, both Tara and Lenore struggles with the idea of having a look a like, and to make it worse, they are both kidnapped by a bunch of vampires. With the help of Lenore's vampires, The Scoobies, the brothers and the vampires go off to once again save them before they are killed, and before Tara becomes a Vampire herself.

Tara McClay was walking across the road, heading for the Summers home. She knew it was stupid to walk at night in the dark but Xander wasn't answering his phone and Giles didn't know how to use a mobile, and she wasn't sure if she wanted to take a car ride with Anya. So she packed a stake and a cross just in case. A black car drove past her and suddenly stopped.

"Hello?" Tara asked, why did the driver suddenly stop?, maybe he thought she was a hitchhiker. A guy with short brown hair got out, he seemed cute, not that Tara would be a good judge. He looked at her like he was trying to figure out who she was, he came closer to her.

"Lenore? What are you doing here?" he asked Tara, she was confused and looked behind her but no one was there.

'Sorry? I am not Lenore, I am Tara" she answered quietly, if this guy came any closer she would have to resort to magic.

"Come on, I already know who are, remember Sam Winchester, I stopped the vampire Hunter from killing you" Sam spoke to her. Vampire Hunter?.

'What you mean a vampire hunter? You killed someone who hunted vampires?" Tara asked, Sam took a closer step and stared at her hair.

"Did you dye your hair? I didn't even know vampires dyed their hair" Sam commented, Tara was freaked out now, this guy thought she was a vampire, now she had wished she took a ride with Anya.

"Step back!" Tara threatened pulling out her cross but Sam made no movement, his face scrunched into confusion.

"What's with the cross?" Sam asked, and then he realized it wasn't burning her hand.

"Wait, it's not burning your hand" Sam commented, Tara stared at him, who in the world was he? And who was Lenore?.

"Well, well what do we have here?" a deep male voice spoke, Tara recognized it immediately, it was Spike, she had never been more glad to see the bleached hair vampire. He put a hand on Sam, he was in his game mode, Sam turned to see his face and jumped away, he held a weapon, a gun of some sort up to him.

"Okay what the hell are you?" Sam asked, while he asked Tara put her cross away, Spike edged closer to the man.

"I am Spike the vampire, and I am sure Red wouldn't appreciate you hurting this young girl, so who the hell are you?" Spike asked, now Sam was even more confused.

"You can't be a vampire, I seen vampires and they look nothing like you" Sam said.

"Really now?" Spike commented, he pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

"You know what, I think Buffy can help us" Tara commented, the three looked at each other, only Sam didn't know who Buffy was, he was inclined to behead Spike but seeing how they made that mistake with Lenore and her family of vampires, Sam had been cautious.

Willow was watching the window waiting for Tara to arrive to the house, and soon enough she saw Tara on the pathway.

"I will be back" Willow told her friends as she ran outside, every day she was gone from Tara felt like an eternity. She beamed at Tara and kissed her, or tried to when she pushed her off.

"Hey, who in the hell are you!" she snapped, Willow looked at her and noticed Tara had dyed her hair to black.

"Tara, it's me Willow, don't you remember me?" Willow asked, someone was coming from the other end of the footpath, Giles, Dawn, Xander, Buffy and Anya came out to see what was happening.

"No why…Wait did you just call me?" she asked, Tara backed up and tried walking away from the girl but she grabbed her arm, she lashed out baring fangs and glared at her.

"Back off!" she growled, Buffy had seen the transformation and rushed to Willow with a stake in her hand, she punched Tara first and stared at her.

"Buffy, where's the complete bumpy head and just two fangs and the yellow eyes?" Willow asked, this vampire, her Tara looked different to the others.

"Hey! Drop the stick girl" a voice hollered out, the others had come at this point, Buffy turned to see a short guy with hair blonde hair with a gun pointing at her.

"Excuse me? Do you even know who she is?" Buffy snapped at him, she wasn't afraid of a bullet, but she wasn't sure on the matter of actually killing Tara.

"Dean, you, what are you doing here? Are you hunting me down?" the vampire known as Lenore asked the hunter.

"No, I am hunting down the evil in this town, I heard about a lot of deaths and I thought to investigate" Dean answered her. Now Buffy and the others were confused but Anya was puzzled.

"I knew I saw you before! You are that vampire Lenore from a century ago, the one who gave up blood and stuck with the cattle blood along with some other vampires, I knew Tara had looked familiar the first time I saw her but just pushed it out of my mind!" Anya exclaimed.

'What are you talking about Anya? We seen Tara in the sun and she hasn't been alive for a century" Xander told her.

"Yes I have, and you are that vampire hunter, slayer whatever I heard of, staking us, not even caring if we actually are hurting someone or not, this is why I hate your kind" Lenore snarled at Buffy.

"I think we can clear one thing up, she defiantly someone else that this guy knew" a voice said, the group turned to see Tara, Sam and Spike.

"Sammy, who is she?" Dean asked noticing the blonde who looked a lot like Lenore, only a bit younger and different hair color.

"Apparently a witch named Tara McClay" Sam answered, Sam joined Dean who withdrawn his gun, Buffy had withdrawn her stake while a confused Tara walked to Willow, all while staring at Lenore.

"What with his face?" Dean asked Sam seeing Spike in his vampire mode.

"Hold on, are you telling me there is two Taras? Because that can get confusing" Anya spoke up.

"Okay, let me get this straight, you are a century year old vampire who hasn't sucked on blood, you have no soul and you don't look like original vampires and these two whoever they are, are protecting you?" Buffy asked Lenore who stared at Tara, she had lived for a century, how in the world would she not noticed a woman looking like her walking around.

"Yes" Lenore simply said.

"Right" Buffy said not believing a word.

"Spike" Dawn coughed

"Angel" Willow said quietly but Buffy heard both of them and glared at them.

"Your scent, it's different to mine" Lenore said talking to Tara that ruled out a long lost twin that somehow lived for a century without being a vampire.

'What is I don't get, is you don't look like other vampires, especially the ones in Sunnydale and Los Angeles and other places" Spike said walking to Lenore.

"Wait, we have been hunting for aleast a year now and we have never seen these kind of vampires before" Sam spoke up pointing at Spike.

"Hunting? Hunting for what?" Xander asked.

"Supernatural, demons, evil spirits, evil vampires, that kind of thing" Dean told him. The group stood in silence for a moment, trying to figure it out.

"I think there are different kinds of vampires, we just don't encounter them all" Giles said to them.

"And you are just telling me this now?" Buffy asked, Giles gave her a look.

"Well I thought it was a myth but apparently it isn't" Giles answered her.

"So, you are a good vampire? Like Spike?" Tara asked finally speaking up.

"Hey, I am not good!" Spike protested

"Something like that" Lenore answered, she looked at Spike.

"If you aren't good, then why are you hanging around humans?" Lenore retorted, Spike glared at her.

"Because I have a chip in my brain and every time I try to bite something my head feels like it's on fire, so what's your excuse? And why is it every vampire out there seems to be good, doesn't anyone know how to be a vampire anymore!" Spike ranted to her.

"There more of us now?" a voice said, they looked at two male vampires and one female, Buffy started to them but Lenore pushed her back.

'Relax they are with me, as I said, we are harmless, we aren't hurting anyone" Lenore said standing in her way.

"You know, for some reason I just don't seem to believe that, Angel is good by soul, and Spike isn't eating because of the chip in his brain, and why would you drink animal blood when you can easily drink human" Buffy told her, she pushed her blonde hair back and dared Lenore to attack her. Dean pushed Buffy back.

"Okay that's enough, look she could have killed Sam when she had the chance, or tried to kill the vampire hunter that had tortured her, and I didn't kill her because I can see she wasn't dangerous, now back off" Dean snapped at her.

"Are you serious? These vampires could be conning you!" Buffy argued.

'Hey, we just want to live in peace, how we know you mortals aren't conning us" Lenore defended herself but Buffy and Dean just stared at each other.

"Buffy, I think we should hear them out, her essence is different compared to vampires that eat" Tara spoke up.

"Wait, vampires have essences now?" Xander asked

"Everything, even the undead have a essence, that's why I know it's completely different to mine" Tara answered, she was still freaked out that a vampire version of her was walking around, Willow put her arm around Tara, she knew exactly how she felt, she remembered when the vampire version of her had crossed her world into this one.

"So what do we do now? I mean we have two people who look alike and vampires that don't suck blood" Dawn spoke up.

"I say we head out of here Lenore, we can't stay here with this" one of the vampires spoke up, Buffy realized the last part was directed to her.

"Hey, watch it with the insults" Buffy threatened.

"Okay every just chill, we know Lenore is a vampire and she doesn't drink blood, well human anyway and we are looking at a vampire that you are keeping alive who can still be more potentially dangerous then Lenore" Sam commented coming to Buffy and Dean.

"If you suck even a drop of blood from anyone and I will stake you" Buffy told her, but Lenore looked at her funny.

"Dust? Stake? What, with the petty stick?" Lenore asked.

"Um you do know how to kill a vampire right?" Dean asked, he held down his laugh.

"You stake them in the heart, behead them or put them in the sunlight" Buffy informed Dean, Lenore noticed the slayer looked so sure of herself, she had a lot of pride in her.

"No, you behead them but you don't stake them, all the stake or knife is going to do is give them a wound" Dean said looking at her like she was an idiot.

"Aleast our kind of vampires don't turn into dust when you behead them" Sam said backing up Deans' claim,

"And if you don't learn, then someday a real vampire is going to get the better of you" Lenore agreed with them.

"Not gonna happen, I died twice, twice count that vampire!" Buffy retorted back.

"How is that possible? You can't die twice, unless you are the undead living" the second male vampire said.

"Well the first time I died by the Master, a vampire and I was brought back, and just a few months ago I was resurrected after saving the world from a Hell Goddess" Buffy told them.

"Hell Goddess?" Dean asked

"The Master?" Sam and Lenore said at once, they had never heard of these people.

"For someone who lived over a century, you sure don't get out much do you?" Buffy asked

"I could say the same for you" Lenore snapped back, this girl was getting to her, she acted all righteous like she was right all the time, this was the kind of humans she fought to keep herself and her family away from.

"Okay maybe we should talk about this in a mature way, let's go inside and all talk" Tara suggested.

"I am not going any near that woman" Lenore said looking at Buffy with the last part.

"She's right though, we need to act like adults, not little children fighting over milk" Willow spoke up.

"Okay, but these vampires are under your watch" Buffy told Dean.

"Same with you, you keep your vampire at bay and we will keep ours at bay" Dean said, Lenore at him, Ours? Since when did she become someone's property?. The gang went in first, followed by Dean and Sam, Lenore followed with her vampire friends, as she entered the doorway, she noticed the witch next to her.

"I guess you vampires don't need an invitation huh?" Tara asked.

"Your kind of vampires are weird" Lenore muttered, Tara nodded her head, she lived on the hellmouth for a while now and just realized how weird it was that they couldn't enter someone's house, or that they turned into dust by a wooden pick. They both entered the doorway.

"Well, far as fashion sense go, I can tell Lenore looks better" Anya said looking at them, Lenore and Tara looked at their clothes as she said that.

"Well, I think we should get down to business" Giles finally spoke up after they stopped staring at Lenore and Tara.

"So who are you two anyway?" Dawn asked the two brothers.

"Dean and Sam Winchester, we are both on a hunt for evil, although once she came we have no idea what's evil and what isn't" Sam said referring to Lenore.

"Well, we know that not everything is black and white" Buffy started to say

"Sorry, then why didn't you believe us?" Lenore irrupted her.

"Well, with her record sleeping with a vampire with a soul and all" Anya said, Lenore looked at her.

"Vampire with a soul?" Lenore asked. She looked at her family, they had no idea what the ex vengeance demon was going on about.

"You know, Angel, the vampire, with a soul?" Anya asked, Lenore still had no idea what she was talking about.

"Okay vampires without a soul I can believe but how does one get it back?" Sam asked, the boys had equally confused faces on.

"It has to do with a curse and everything" Dawn spoke for them. Lenore noticed Willow's gaze.

"Are you checking me out?" Lenore asked out front, Willow's cheeks grew red as she realized she had been caught, Tara gave a cheeky smile as she realized what Willow was doing.

"She's probably picturing both of you naked in bed having kinky sex" Anya spoke up, now Lenore and Tara stared at her.

"I am just saying what everyone is thinking" Anya said noticing everyone staring at her.

"Wait, you are a lesbian?" Sam asked.

"Yeah, Willow and myself are lovers" Tara answered.

"That would explain why she tried to kiss me" Lenore commented, Tara couldn't help but to laugh, Willow must have really been confused then.

'Are you a Lesbian too?" Dawn asked Lenore.

"No" the male vampire named Eli huffed.

"Oh look, the little vampire has feelings" Xander joked, the vampire didn't think it was so funny and marched to him, but Lenore stopped him.

"Hey, let it go" Lenore commanded him.

"Xander, don't taunt the vampire" Giles commented

"Why, it's not going to eat me" Xander replied.

"No but I will beat you to a bloody pulp!" Eli said, he raised a fist but Lenore grabbed his arm and spun him around to face her.

"Hey, unless you want some slayer after you I suggest you stop listening to his pathetic attempts being a child, maybe he will decide to grow up but we don't want this okay" Lenore told him touching his face.

"Well you can't expect me to listen to his insults, besides his kind are the reason why our family is dead" he told her.

"Well I am not the vampire who turned Jesse into a vampire, you been eating our kind first!" Xander snapped at him.

"Who's Jesse?" Anya asked having no idea who he was, Spike, Anya, Tara, Lenore and her family and the Winchesters brothers had no idea who it was.

"I can see the hatred in you pal, you like to behead her right her and now!" Eli challenged him, Buffy was going to snap the vamp out of it but Lenore stopped her.

"Hey! All of it just shut up and grow up would you!" Lenore snapped, this was ridiculous, a century year old vampire getting into a fight with some kid who only lived like twenty years.

"Uh no, because she looks like Willow's girlfriend and I wouldn't want to make Willow mad" Xander commented.

"Children that's enough! There a reason why I brought you here before our irruption" Giles finally spoke up, everyone looked at him.

"I been looking in some of our sources and discovers there are some vampires waiting to take one of us and turn is, in hopes to getting close to the Slayer and turning her" Giles explained, satisfied everyone was now listening quietly.

"Well, that's not going to happen, do we know where their lair is?" Buffy asked, Giles shook his head.

"Well this is the first I heard of it, so don't bother asking me" Spike commented.

"Perhaps that why we were drawn here, to help you" Sam answered Giles.

"We were here just for a home" Lenore said before anyone bothered to ask what they were doing here.

"Would have kinda been ruined anyway, you are lucky your friend here saved you or Buffy would have beheaded you by now without thinking, and imagine what happened when the real Tara popped up, she probably have accidentally beheaded her before realizing the major change in her hair and clothes" Anya replied.

"Then we would have to kill her for killing one of our own" Eli said.

"No, you wouldn't, besides I think I can handle myself" Lenore replied, Dean looked at her with a look. "Vampire hunter caught you, and for a small girl she certainly looks more powerful then Gordon" Dean said.

"Thank you for telling everyone that" Lenore snapped back at him, Buffy couldn't help to smirk.

"Besides, Buffy didn't have an axe, by the time she or one of her friends had the time to get one, I would have been gone by then" Lenore said smirking back.

"Then she would have beheaded the real Tara" Anya said.

"Can everyone stop talking about beheading me, it makes me feel itchy" Tara spoke up with an annoyed tone in her voice.

"I am going outside for a second, to clear my head" Tara said then she walked out, Lenore couldn't help but to follow.

"So how old are you anyway?" Lenore asked, Tara turned to see her. "Twenty one" she answered.

"You know my father had told me all the woman in our family were demons, until we proved him wrong, but I wonder if maybe he meant you" Tara joked,. Before Lenore could say anything, both of them were covered in sacks and taken away by vampires.