Title: Doppelganger

Summary: When Lenore had told Sam she was leaving, she headed for Sunnydale. And when Sam and Dean decides to head to Sunnydale, the hellmouth of all things evil, they encounter Lenore again, but they soon discover is a witch named Tara, while Lenore suddenly finds herself in between a mad Vampire Slayer, Dean and one angry redhead when they mistake her for Tara and believed she was turned. When the two parties encounter, both Tara and Lenore struggles with the idea of having a look a like, and to make it worse, they are both kidnapped by a bunch of vampires. With the help of Lenore's vampires, The Scoobies, the brothers and the vampires go off to once again save them before they are killed, and before Tara becomes a Vampire herself.

When Willow and Eli walked out, they saw that Lenore and Tara were gone, Willow saw Tara's birthday ring that Willow gave to her,

"Where she go!" the vampire hunter demanded Willow to tell him.

"Hey, I don't know, Tara!" Willow called out but no answer, the others came out.

"What happened?" Dean and Buffy asked at the same time.

"Lenore and Tara, they taken her, the vampires Giles was talking about must have her!" Willow exclaimed.

"But why Lenore!" the male vampire said, that didn't make sense.

"They must have seen two of them and didn't know one of them was the undead walking so they took both of them" Giles said. Eli growled in anger and started to storm off but Buffy stopped him.

"Get out of my way Slayer" Eli growled at her.

"Look we will go after them but we have to plan or both Tara and Lenore will be killed" Buffy told him sternly.

"Uh Buffy, what do you think will happen to Lenore once they already discover she's a vampire?" Dawn asked her, Buffy stopped to think for a moment, what would they do once they found that part out?

Tara found herself in a dark damp cave, she heard water dripping somewhere, the first thing she felt was her hands in the air, they were tired to a rope connected to the wall.

'Son of a bitches" a voice said, Tara looked next to her to see Lenore, blood trickled down the side of her head, Lenore must have gotten into a fight with them but lost. Lenore looked at her

"Looked like what that old man was talking about has happened, but how they thought I was a mortal is beyond me" Lenore said to her.

"His name is Giles and maybe these vampires are dumber then the ones we met, or are" Tara replied, she stayed quiet for a moment as Lenore struggled against the ropes, she was certainly more determined then her, did they have anything in common?

"Hey if they discover you are a vampire, what will they do?" Tara asked, the thought just crossed her mind, what would the vampires try to do?

"I don't know, either let me go or turn me on their side" Lenore answered, Tara looked at her, Lenore saw her look.

"I am not going to start eating humans, as I said I am harmless and I have been tempted to drink human blood but I managed not to so I think I can handle some dumb vampires" Lenore assured her.

"Then I guess we will make you rot here" a voice said, they looked to the entrance to see a black hair vampire enter the room. More entered along with him.

"Or you can rot in hell" Lenore growled, she vamped into her game mode and struggled against the ropes even harder.

"Ignore the vampire and turn the blonde" he ordered, Tara's eyes widened as the vampires lunged for her.

The gang, the Winchesters brothers and Lenore's vampires were in the magic shop trying to figure out where the vampires were, Spike had gone on patrol to pick up their scent with one of the vampires.

"So does Lenore have any lovers? Perhaps a redhead, pale skin and green eyes person waiting for them?" Willow asked the vampire named Eli, he looked at the redhead.

"Lenore is not interested in anyone and she is not a lesbian" he said a bit harshly, Willow smirked which Eli caught.

"What are you smirking at?" he asked.

"Oh nothing, except you want her bad don't you?" Willow asked, Eli opened his mouth then closed it again, not sure what to say to her commented.

"I wouldn't blame him; Tara and Lenore have many qualities that a man would go for" Anya commented.

"Besides it's kinda sweet, vampires in love just like Buffy and Spike" Dawn spoke up, Buffy gave her a look. "I am not dating Spike nor am I in love with him" Buffy said in a stern voice.

"I don't see how that's any of your business" Eli replied.

"You want her bad" Dean said not looking up from the book he was reading on demons. Sam smiled as he heard his brother's remark.

"Don't worry about him, he's just thinks every female you meet you have to jump in the sack with whether they are the walking undead or not" Sam replied. "Besides why else would you have stopped when Lenore told you to" Sam asked.

"Oh and the look you keep giving her back when you had kidnapped me, that's real serious man" Sam continued.

"Kidnapped? I thought you said they didn't eat humans?" Xander asked.

"I believe the only reason they kidnapped me was so they could prove they were harmless and to make us stop hunting them, especially Gordon who almost killed Lenore if it hadn't been for us" Sam answered.

"And what, Eli couldn't save Lenore himself?" Anya asked, Eli gave her a glare.

"I wasn't there, Lenore had said she was coming how was I supposed to know? Besides when I did find her, she was fine except for the cuts she had on her" Eli answered back.

"As much as talking this topic is interesting, must I remind everyone we have a issue to deal with, these vampires aren't going to wait around and probably will turn Tara soon, probably before sunrise as well" Giles spoke up.

"Actually when I was driving by I saw a cave near one of the cemeteries, they were a bunch of people around it, what if they are the vampires?" Sam asked.

"Well it's worth checking into, I suggest Buffy, Sam, Dean and Eli goes to check it out, the rest of us will stay here, seeing how Lenore is a vampire she could have helped them escaped and Tara might be leading her back here" Giles suggested. The four got up, grabbed weapons and started out.

"What's the fastest walk to there?" Eli asked Buffy

"No need, see we have this invention called a car" Dean responded, Eli and Buffy looked at him.

"Hey, the reason why I don't have a car is because I don't drive all over the country…And I also keep crashing" Buffy defended herself, the two joined Sam and Dean in the car.

Tara screamed as the vampires came towards her but as they came closer, Lenore got loose of the ropes and kicked the vampires.

"Hey! You really are pissing me off!" Lenore snarled, her hands were still tied so she kept kicking at the vampires.

"Lenore! There's a knife in one of the vampire's shirt, and I am a witch so I can use magic!" Tara informed her, Lenore spied on the knife in the blonde vampire who headed for her, she ducked a punch and kicked him with her stylish cowboy boots. She grabbed the knife and kicked the blonde vampire again, a attractive redhead swung at her but Lenore ducked.

"These vampires haven't being out of the graves for more then a year and they are trying to take on a century year old vampire with more advantages? Who do they think they are!" Lenore commented, she managed to slice the rope tying Tara up and she fell to the ground.

"Barrier!" Tara shouted, a purple barrier shielded Lenore and Tara away from them.

"Hurry, untie me!" Lenore commanded her, Tara got the knife and cut the ropes apart.

"Come on! The barrier won't hold them for long" Tara shouted, the two ran out of the cave and saw another vampire, before he moved Lenore swung a punch to him and he was knocked out.

"We have to get back to the Magic Box, the others will be there and these vampires looked pissed enough to hunt us down" Tara informed her, Lenore already knew that but Tara was a mortal, besides she had to get her out of there she could already hear the vampires coming after them, they kept running until Lenore ran into yet a another vampire, she raised her fist but a pale hand grabbed her.

"Hang on there, we don't want to stake one of Buffy's friends or she may kill you" Spike informed her.

"Spike, Buffy won't kill her if she kills you" Tara said.

"Never mind that, let's go!" Lenore commanded.

'Whoa, two centuries year old vampires can take on some newbie" Spike said, a roaring came from the cave.

"But not against whatever that is, I heard it from before Tara woke up!" Lenore informed them.

"You are right, I think we need the slayer" Spike said, Tara was freaked out, two centuries year old vampires were freaked out by something, Spike picked her off her feet and the two ran with Tara in Spike's arms, apparently he wanted to get her out of there soon as he could.

Sam was watching out on the road when he saw three figures running across the footpath.

'Whoa stop, there they are!" Sam told, Dean halted the car to a screeching stop before they leaped out.

"Lenore are you alright?" Eli asked Lenore as soon as he got to her.

"Spike, where are the vampires?" Buffy asked, Sam and Dean were already grabbing the weapons.

"I don't think we want to go back their pet, something big is coming and I don't know if we can take it on" Spike answered, he put Tara down for a second so he could stretch.

"Spike, I am the slayer I think I can handle whatever some vampires summoned" Buffy informed him.

"Buffy he is serious, this thing is something we shouldn't mess with until we get more information" Lenore said siding with Spike. Buffy was going to open her mouth but Tara got there first.

"Buffy, we got to get back to the magic store, whatever this thing is, I could sense it\s essence and it's quite evil, if we go in there and start battling something we have nothing about then we are screwed" Tara spoke up

"Besides, Little Red wouldn't want you to get her lover killed and neither would lover boy over here" Spike answered.

"Who are you calling lover boy" Eli growled at Spike, Spike just looked at him.

"Please we should get out of here, I don't want to get my family killed unless if I have to, would you seriously let your friends die without getting information?" Lenore asked, despite being a vampire she had a point.

"Let's go then" Buffy answered, they all piled up into Dean's car which was squishy.

"Some of you seriously need to loose some pounds" Buffy said as she tried to make herself comfortable next to Lenore and Tara, Lenore and Eli took offense to that and gave her a dirty look. Tara was just calm as usual even if the comment had insulted her too.

When the group arrived to the Magic Box, Willow rushed to Tara and kissed her, only to realize she was hugging Lenore.

"Um, your girlfriend is over there" Lenore answered, Willow looked at her and blushed, she really had to look before she hugged, she went over to Tara and kissed her.

"Are you alright?" Willow asked her

"Yeah I am fine, just lucky Lenore was there to save me" Tara answered, Spike made a cough. "And Spike too" Tara smiled.

'We do make a team if I say so myself, butt kicking and magic surely makes a punch" Lenore smiled at Tara, Willow noticed Lenore had the same cute smile that Tara had, they might as well be twins although their personalities were different.

"Giles we have a problem, the vampires have summoned something and I think it's going to be hard to beat, do we have anymore information?" Buffy asked.

"Well I did acquire a bit, some vampires that were plotting against you seemed to have summoned a Barbark demon" Giles replied.

"A what?" Dean asked

"It's a demon that is taller then most humans and it spits out yellow goo that parazles the victim leaving them helpless, then the person who summoned them keeps going on what they wanted to do" Giles answered.

"They were going to use the demon against us?" Lenore asked.

"No, they are keeping him so he can stop me in my tracks" Buffy answered. She thought for a moment and an thought came up.

"What if they were going to turn one of us and have them use the demon to get close to me and then kill me, it would have been the great idea, if only they didn't kidnap a vampire" Buffy went on.

"Well yes, and the demon can only use it once a day so they won't be back until tomorrow, I am guessing they used it on Lenore and it didn't work because vampires are Immune to it" Giles explained.

"Well that's great isn't it, we can defeat the vampires while our other vampires kill the demon" Dean answered.

"If the demon didn't have sharp claws to hurt us with, he may still be a hard demon to take down" Lenore replied, she had gone over to Giles and looked at the book he was reading, it had a picture and the demon certainly had giant claws.

"Well, we will prepare for tomorrow but I suggest we just hang out here and stay low for a bit" Giles suggested.

"I am for it, who wants Chinese?" Buffy asked, several of the scoobies including Sam put his hands up.

"Well, let's head back home" Buffy answered, she would ordered the food when they got their.

They arrived at the house and just hung out, Dean went over to Willow who was looking at a photo.

"Hey, I know that girl we saved her last year from this spirit" Dean informed her.

"Really? Because this girl is named Winifred Burkle and last year I believe she might have still been in a hell dimension so I don't think that's possible" Willow answered.

"Oh, well it could be a another Tara/Lenore situation" Dean replied, the girl in the picture certainly did look like the one Sam and Dean saved last year, in the near beginning of their hunt and the search for their father. Dawn walked up to Dean smiling.

"Hey Dean, do you have a girlfriend?" Dawn asked cheerfully, Willow raised an eyebrow, looked like someone had a crush.

"I used to but with all the traveling me and my brother does we don't really have time for a long term commitment" Dean asked.

"Well, I could totally be yours" Dawn smiled, Dean couldn't help but to laugh.

"I am sorry Dawnie but you are a bit young, besides your sister would kill me" Dean answered.

"Whatever, I don't see the difference then when Buffy was my age and dating a two hundred year old something vampire" Dawn replied, Dean looked at her, a slayer dated a vampire?

"It's the vampire with a soul named Angel, the person we mentioned earlier" Willow explained.

"Wow, talk about vampire and slayer relationship" Dean commented

Lenore sat on the couch next to Anya, she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do next but these vampires probably wanted her now for escaping.

"Do you remember me?" Anya spoke to her, Lenore turned her head to her.

"Um I am not sure, refresh me" Lenore answered.

"Well it was in a demon bar almost eighty years ago and I was in like Texas I believe after granting a wish, you entered the bar with your friends and sat right next to me and ordered Cattle blood and I was like okay you are Whacko because you didn't drink human blood, then you introduced yourself and I started to rant on about the wish I had granted before" Anya explained to her.

"Ah Anyaka, so tell me why a Vengeance demon is all the way down here hanging out with a slayer and her friends" Lenore asked, it seems like everyone was following her and turning harmless, either that or it was because of the soul vampire or…The heart of humans that may have melted them.

"Well Xander Harris is my fiancé, look at my ring, have you ever been engaged?" Anya asked.

"Yes, once back when I was a mere mortal in my early twenties, but he left me for a another woman because she was supposedly hotter then me" Lenore answered.

"And when you became a vampire, did you hunt him down and kill him?" Anya asked, Lenore gave her a look.

"Uh he broke my heart and practically implied that I am not hot, so I never wanted to see his face again, why would I hunt him down when I never wanted to see him?" Lenore stated, Anya shrugged her shoulders.

"You should have summoned me, I was around way before you were even born so I could have taught the guy a lesson" Anya answered; Lenore sniffed the air for a second and looked at Anya.

"If you were a vengeance demon then why do you have the smell of a mortal?" Lenore asked, she thought it was nearly impossible to kill a vengeance demon.

"You so did not just sniff me! And, well you see this girl named Cordelia Chase had made a wish but then went to Alternate World Giles and told him about it, that Giles destroyed my amulet and I became mortal, then it became hard to resist Xander Harris and I fell for him" Anya explained. Sam had been near by and walked to them.

"It is just me or is every evil in existence becoming good?" Sam asked smiling.

"Hey, I am not good!" Spike called out to him as he heard Sam say that.

"Must be something in the air or mortals are starting to control every evil thing out there, pretty soon you won't even have a job to hunt" Lenore commented. Xander came over and sat on the couch in-between Lenore and Anya.

"Was your fiancé ever good at sex?" Anya asked Lenore, both Lenore and Sam gave her a horrified look.

"Um Anya, we have spoken about this, other people's sex lives are none of our business, besides she's a vampire of course she not good at sex" Xander said, Lenore looked at him now.

"How would you know that? Have you ever seen a vampire in bed?" Lenore asked, Sam stiffed a laugh at the mental image of Xander walking into a room with two vampires in bed. Xander went quiet, this girl was good, and annoying. Tara arrived into the living room carrying drinks, she came over to them.

"Hey, I thought I make everyone some refreshing drinks to cool off, want any?" Tara asked, Sam, Xander and Anya took a cup, Lenore could smell blood from three of four of the cups. She took one.

"How did you get animal blood?" Lenore questioned her.

"Buffy has a supply of them for Spike, for some reason she has some in the basement fridge, might be leftovers from when Buffy had died and Spike was staying here" Tara answered.

"Buffy died?" Sam asked.

"Oh yeah, like a couple of months back she had died saving the world from a Hell Goddess but we resurrected her" Xander explained, Lenore was a bit more impressed now, it took a lot of magic to resurrect someone. She took a slip of the drink, the taste seemed different.

"Oh it's Pig's blood, we don't have any cattle or anything else" Tara told her, Lenore nodded her head, it wasn't the best tasting drink in the world, well none of it was but it was better then nothing.

"Do you ever want to be a mortal again? Like be cured of your vampire state and become a mortal?" Tara asked after a moment.

"Sometimes, only because it would make life easier and I wouldn't be tempted to drink human blood and being hunted down by vampire slayers and hunters and trying to keep your family safe, I already lost three of my family members the last time a vampire hunter tracked us down, I would have been next if it hadn't been for Sam and Dean" Lenore answered.

"Kill the matrich of the family and no more vampires" Xander joked but Lenore glared at him.

"Xander, it's not nice to make fun of the vampire" Tara said, Eli and the other vampire came and took two more plastic cups from the tray, so did Spike.

"Like lambs to a slaughter" Anya said with an amused look on her face.

"Are they bothering you?" Eli asked Lenore

"Only the geek but that's about it" Lenore replied.

"Hey Sam she just called…Hey!" Xander exclaimed when he realized the comment was directed to him. Willow came and put her arms around Tara.

"Hey Will, you got the wrong one again" Sam joked.

"Nice try Sam but I can tell that Lenore is sitting drinking a cup of blood while Xander is mocking her and Eli is checking her out" Willow replied, Lenore almost spit her drink out as she said that.

"Excuse me" Lenore asked

"I am not checking her out, get your facts straight!" Eli snapped at her.

"Oh he's checking you out Lenore" Dean said, the rest had come into the living room as well and was listening on their conversation. Buffy stood next to Eli, Tara and Willow.

"Oh you got it bad" Buffy said actually smiling this time.

"I bet he's getting horny just looking at Willow and Tara" Anya joined in.

"Lenore, do something!" Eli asked her, were the mortals actually ganging up on him, Lenore couldn't help but to actually laugh, this was just getting funny.

"Lenore and Eli sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G first comes marriage then the baby, what comes next?" Dawn sung. Spike put his arm on Eli.

"Now why would you waste your time with a female vampire, they are more liking to go after some demon and start having sex with him eventually" Spike answered, everyone looked at him. "What?" he answered, Giles sat on another chair watching them, this probably was both the most disturbing and amusing conversation he heard in the last few years, especially about vampires.

"I am not interested, we are family" Eli stated sternly but none of them believed it for a second.

"Trust me, I been traveling around with them and I am sure he wants to get personal with her and I am not talking about as in family" the male vampire joined in.

"Hey!" Eli said to him, he looked at Lenore who was trying to hide her smile.

"You know what, I don't think I have to deal with this" Eli growled

"Eli just go with it seriously, besides I wouldn't mind knowing if they are right or not" Lenore asked with an amused look on her face.

"No they aren't right" Eli answered.

"Then kiss her" Spike challenged him, Eli looked at the bleached vampire.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"If you don't like her, kiss her" Spike told him. Eli looked at Lenore and edged closer to her, he was a vampire that never backed down from a dare or a challenge, he had to admit, there was just something about Lenore, in fact it was something about her that wasn't seen in the Tara girl, or aleast not yet. As he touched Lenore's face with his hand and leaned down to kiss her, a rock smashed through the window and hit Buffy, glass shattered down on the three sitting on the couch, Xander tried covering Anya from the glass as Buffy fell.