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Anime: Naruto

Summary: Love can either make you or break you. The love between two is always in jeopardy. It can only survive if it is true… Chapter one: JiraOro. Jiraiya ran into Orochimaru after losing the Uchiha to him. Now the relationship they once had is resurfacing. Who will make it, and who will break it?

Warning(s): Let's see… There will be Yaoi parings, het paring, and possible Yuri parings. Language in Lyrics, and AU settings a times, and OOC characters.

Note(s): Basically, this will be a collection of one shot songfic/musicals. So note, that their only means of conversation will be through the lyrics and their movements, and at times, there might be actual dialog.


"Orochimaru singing"

"Jiraiya singing"

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Love is Suicide: The Musical

The Kill

"What if I wanted to break?"

Orochimaru's golden eyes stared lazily into Jiraiya's angered ones. The white haired male looked at his ex-partner in confusion. Never one did he ever think they would meet again like this. Orochimaru's arms were better now, and he could use them… The Uchiha kid was no doubt with him, but where, Jiraiya didn't know.

"Laugh it all off in your face"

Orochimaru's lips curled into a sadistic grin. Jiraiya wasn't sure what else to do. He remembered how he treated Orochimaru back in those days… he remembered how close they were to having something… but it fell apart…

"What would you do?"

Orochimaru placed his hands on his hips, waiting to see what Jiraiya would do. The white haired male's body was shaking. Orochimaru raised a delicate eyebrow as Jiraiya backed away.

"What if I fell to the floor?"

Jiraiya's knees bucked beneath him as he landed on the ground, shocking Orochimaru. The snake looked down at Jiraiya, not understanding what was going on.

"Couldn't take this anymore…"

Jiraiya wrapped his arms around himself. All the memories, the good and the bad, whizzed around in his mind. He seriously couldn't take it. He was letting his heart out here and now, even though he knew it wouldn't make a difference.

"What would you do, do, do?"

He looked up to Orochimaru, anger flaring in his dark orbs. He looked at the confusion on Orochimaru's face change to one of satisfaction.

"Come break me down"

Orochimaru spread his arms, almost as if he was leaving himself open for anything Jiraiya could throw at him. Jiraiya stared in confusion. What could Orochimaru have meant by that?

"Bury me, bury me"

Orochimaru dropped his arms, seeing that Jiraiya wasn't moving anyways. He smirked and crossed his arms, knowing that Jiraiya couldn't do anything to him.

"I am finished with you"

He could see the pain flash across Jiraiya's face. He didn't dwell on it, since he turned around, giving Jiraiya a clear view of his back. He began to walk away from the shaky man, not caring about him anymore.

"What if I wanted to fight?"

Orochimaru stopped in mid step, listening to Jiraiya's words. There could have been so much in just a couple words, and he wasn't going to miss anything.

"Beg for the rest of my life"

Orochimaru frowned. Was Jiraiya really that weak… to beg for him to return to Konoha… to him? No matter how much he begged, there was no way Orochimaru would change his ways. Nothing could stop Orochimaru but death.

"What would you do? (do, do)"

Jiraiya looked at Orochimaru's back, waiting to hear a response from him. He wanted to know what Orochimaru would do. Would the snake just leave him here? Would he respond? Would he change his ways?

"You say you wanted more

Jiraiya looked up to Orochimaru, watching the dark haired snake turn his head to look at Jiraiya. The Toad Sage could see laughter glowing in Orochimaru's golden eyes, and it confirmed his suspicions.

"What are you waiting for?"

Orochimaru's voice raised a bit, turning fully to face Jiraiya. His eyes were wide, filled with laughter. He was enjoying this…

"I'm not running from you"

Jiraiya looked down. He felt so weak, so cornered. He was one of the legendary Sannin for crying out loud! He should be affected like this! He could hear Orochimaru's foot steps as he came closer.

"Come break me down"

Jiraiya could tell that Orochimaru was telling him to fight. He didn't like the fact that Orochimaru could sever everything they had so quickly.

"Bury me, bury me"

When Jiraiya didn't move, Orochimaru frowned, crossing his arms as he tossed his dark hair over his shoulders, only to have the strands fall back in his vision.

"I am finished with you"

Orochimaru scoffed. He had no time for this weakling. Jiraiya no longer looked intimidating.

"Look in my eyes"

Jiraiya's eyes flashed with anger and pain, whipping his head up to make eye contact with Orochimaru's shocked golden orbs. The white haired Sannin stood, shakily stepping towards Orochimaru, who stepped back instinctively, slipping into a defensive stance.

"You're killing me, killing me"

Jiraiya clutched his chest, enhancing his point. His head hung low; anger, regret, sadness, and another emotion boiled in the pit of his stomach, making his energy flare dangerously. The snake Sannin stepped back, wincing as Jiraiya's chakra flared around his body.

"All I wanted was you!"

Orochimaru couldn't speak due to the fact that all the air was knocked out of his chest when his back came in contact with the rough tree trunk. He looked up into angry dark eyes… Eyes filled with tears. Orochimaru felt something constrict in his chest. All the times they shared back then, all the laughs, all the pain… everything. Everything they'd been through flashed through his mind, causing him to remember the feelings he felt for Jiraiya…


"I tried to be someone else."

Orochimaru's head dropped, his golden eyes focusing on the ground. He felt Jiraiya's grip loosen on his collar, which Orochimaru didn't respond to right away. He did try to change back then… He tried to give up his ways of obtaining his dreams but…

"But nothing seemed to change."

Orochimaru reached up to Jiraiya's wrist, grasping the male's arms. His head snapped up to Jiraiya's now shocked face, glaring at him with renewed hatred. In one fluid motion, Orochimaru switched their positions, slamming the Toad Sennin's back against the abused tree trunk.

"I know now, this is who I really am inside!"

He tried with all his might to ignore the aching feeling in his chest. Having Jiraiya so close to him was making all the emotions pile on him at once. He could feel Jiraiya's erratic heart beat, completely different than his own.

"Finally found myself…"

Orochimaru's grip slackened. His power was draining from him. He didn't want to lose here. He can't give in. There is so much he accomplished in all of his years. He can't let it die out now. He was liked what he was doing! He enjoyed toying with the minds of others. He enjoyed breaking them down… He just didn't like being on the receiving end of mental torture.

"Fighting for a chance…"

Orochimaru tightened his grip once again, bringing his watery gaze back to Jiraiya who stared at him, shocked. Tears were forming in Orochimaru's eyes… After nearly 50 years of never crying… Orochimaru was slowly losing himself… Lost in the gaze of the man be once loved.

"I know now, this is who I really am!"

Orochimaru pushed away from Jiraiya, staggering away as if he was hit. The dark haired male clutched his chest, trying to lock away the emotions. He couldn't take it. He couldn't understand it. After so long… so much years… all his efforts… Everything was crashing down before him so quickly.

"Come break me down…"

Orochimaru felt that if he kept saying it, his emotions would die. Maybe if he could get Jiraiya to fight him, his instincts would kick in and make him the cold hearted shinobi he was supposed to be. He didn't like this pain one bit but he didn't know how else to get rid of it other than to deny it.

"Bury me, bury me…"

He could feel his heart begging Jiraiya to attack him. His heart…. Orochimaru's eyes widened. His heart… this was the first time his heart begged for anything. His heart was so cold he almost forgot he had it… Now, it was pleading silently with the other male to attack. He would rather die right now than feel this pain… this weakness.

"I am finished with you, you, you..."

Orochimaru backed away more, breathing heavily. He was beginning to feel scared… Scared of what he might do if he didn't kill the pain now. Jiraiya wasn't moving. He wasn't saying anything… and Orochimaru was scared. He heard Jiraiya shift, taking a bold step forward.

"Look in my eyes"

Orochimaru looked up. Why? He didn't know… but what he did know… is that he regretted his decision. Orochimaru's heart skipped a beat. Jiraiya had tears flowing from his eyes. There were so many emotions in his eyes. The two dominant emotions, however, were causing Orochimaru to lose his battle.

"You're killing me, killing me"

Jiraiya reached out to Orochimaru, placing a hand on his shoulder. Orochimaru couldn't tear his eyes away from Jiraiya's, his breath become uneven and shallow. His eyes… held so much…


"All I wanted was you"

Jiraiya wrapped his arms around Orochimaru's shaking form. He held the slightly taller man close to his chest. He could feel Orochimaru's racing heartbeat, wondering if it was a good sign or a bad one. Orochimaru looked up, seeing the other emotion he didn't want to see…


"Come break me down"

Orochimaru pushed away from Jiraiya, causing tears to form in the other's eyes. Orochimaru grabbed his head, covering his ears and closing his eyes. He didn't want to hear anything Jiraiya could say or see any more emotions.

"Break me down"

He had to keep saying it. It was the only thing that he could count on. He had to say it. He had to… He had to keep Jiraiya away! He felt an unfamiliar wetness on his cheeks, rolling down the sides of his face. Some got to his lips, tasting salty against his tongue.


"Break me down"

He fell to his knees, holding on to his head so hard his nails were beginning to pierce the skin on his skull. He felt a small amount of warmth on his finger tips, indicating that he just cut his skin. His breathing was coming out in uneven intervals. His tears were flowing freely now. He kept his gaze on the ground, only moving when he heard Jiraiya's knees connect with the ground.

Orochimaru looked up, making eye contact once again with the crying male. Jiraiya wrapped his arms around himself, a sad smile on his face.

"What if I wanted to break?"

Orochimaru's eyes widened as he stared at Jiraiya, his hands falling limply by his side. Jiraiya's words stabbed him directly in his heart. Everything he ran from… everything he tried to get rid of… had finally caught up with him. He had fallen in love once again.


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