A/N: Just a little poem I thought of in the shower. Support Talia/Kris!!

You showed me you cared,

When all I felt was empty inside,

You held out your hands in pain,

And with only friendship in me I took them,

As we walked out of the darkness together,

Hand in hand,

I never realized what I would begin to feel.

What you gave to me in return,

Is something I can never hope to repay.

Sweet little bird,

How can I ever hope to begin to give you my thanks.

For your caring melted my ice,

Showed me the reasons why,

Showed mw the way to live my life,

Not in emptiness,

Not in books,

But in life.

While others eyes stopped only at my face,

You reached deeper down,

You were the only one that saw past the packaging,

Past the good looks,

And saw the man inside,

And what you found there,

My heart,

Is now yours,

And to you alone,

Does my heart belong,


You saw me when no one else would,

Straight to the man within.

They think I am an angel,

But my choosing took my wings away,

And you and my companion,

Stole my heart away.

Sweet little bird,

I hope that in giving you my life,

It is enough,

To repay you for the love you have shown me,

Though how I long to have you here by my side.

You can go on now little bird,

To do what you were born to do.

To keep the one we both swore to defend,

Standing tall,

Standing true.

Guide her well, little bird,

Counsel her well,

And stand by her side,

When no one else will or understand.

That is all,

What I wish from you.

Just keep her true,

To all who reside where we defend.