Olivia sat in the bar and just sipped her beer as she sat at a table in the corner. All the other detectives went home but she was still there. She didn't really want to go home.

The waiter came over and placed the same kind of beer she was nursing in front of her "From the gentlemen at the bar"

Olivia looked over at the bar at who sent her a drink. No one was there. The bar was completely empty and the bartender was watching a football game that was on.

"Made you look"

She jumped to the voice and turned around in front of her. A man was sitting across her at the table. "You sent me the drink?"

"Yea. You seemed lonely over here" He smiled a little. He had a nice smile and stunning violet eyes that mixed in with a little brown. He had short brown hair that was spiky in the front. He put his hand out "Aiden"

She shook the strangers hand. "Olivia" Normally she didn't pick guys up at a bar but she just wanted some fun tonight. No strings attached. She didn't even want a boyfriend. Just a one-night stand would do.

"Olivia. That's a nice name." He nodded. "I never thought a girl like you would be drinking beer out of the bottle."

"A girl like me?" She smiled in a flirty way. "So you buy me a drink and now you know me Aiden?"

"No. You just seem the type to be nursing a pink Martini, not a Miller Lite. You seem like you had a hard day at work judging by your voluntarily isolation over here in the corner. Maybe you want alone time."

"I did. But you disturbed it." She took a sip of the cold beer she received moments ago.

"Yea I was never a fan of following rules." He leaned over the table a little "So what job is this that has you all worried about?"

Olivia thought for a second. She didn't want him to find out and then run off. That was the last thing she needed when she just wanted one night of just casual sex with this very handsome stranger. "I rather not say"

Aiden nodded a little "Ok. What are you like a contract killer or something?"

This caused a small laugh from the hard as nails detective. "No. It's legal."

"And to think I had my hopes up for a contract killer"

Olivia shrugged a little "If you want I could kill you"

Aiden got quiet for a few seconds and just stared at her. Olivia stared back. He burst out laughing at their small quiet moment. "So you drink beer, you have a job you don't want to discuss and you sit alone even if you are gorgeous."

Olivia could see he was thinking by his gorgeous eyes. She actually wanted to know what was on his mind at that point. Luckily for her this one said what he was thinking.

Aiden bit his lip and looked around to make sure no one was around them. He looked back at her "You like men…right?"

Olivia tried to hold her laughter at the bluntness of this guy. He was very honest and maybe a little too honest. "What if I said I didn't?"

Aiden shrugged a little and his cute smile disappeared. "I would be very embarrassed."

"Luckily for you I'm straight" She smirked and took a sip of her drink. "I just drink beer because I'm not a big fan of hard alcohol."

He nodded and blushed. "Sorry if that offended you"

"It's fine." She shook her head "Had to find out one way or another right?" He nodded. "So Aiden, are you a homosexual?"

Aiden started blushing extremely and let out a small laugh. He leaned over the table and placed a small kiss on her lips "You tell me"

Olivia blushed lightly. He was a very to the point kind of guy. She was starting to like that since she wanted those types just so she could sleep with. She didn't want a relationship right now in her life. "Straight. Defiantly straight"

He nodded a little and just watched her beautiful brown eyes size up his body. He didn't mind at all since he wasn't ashamed of his body at all. He worked out everyday.

Olivia met his eyes and he was just looking at her eyes and not her body. She figured he was enough of a gentleman for a one night stand "You want to get out of here?"

He nodded and put money on the table for her drinks. "Let's go" Both were after the same thing. Just sex with no strings attached.


Olivia closed her eyes as this stranger moved against her body. He was fast but slow. He was rough but gentle. She never experienced this before. Complete release with someone she hardly knew.

Aiden met her lips and kissed her as they had sex in her apartment. All the lights were off and the only noise was coming from their lips and their naked bodies against each other's.

Olivia let out a small moan as his warm tongue gently massaged hers. She tried to think of what she knew about this man that was inside of her right now. Aiden. She didn't even know his last name. 35. One year younger then her.

He was extremely smart. She picked that up on her own by the things he did and said. Aiden, 35. That's all she knew and yet she was letting him touch her in places she hasn't let a man touch her in a long time.

Aiden collapsed down on her body and both breathed hard against each other's sweaty bodies. He rolled over and looked at the clock on her nightstand. 4:27. "Maybe I should let you get some sleep for the job that we can't discuss."

Olivia nodded. They finished round two. "Yea."

He sat up and finally caught his breath. "Olivia?"

"Yea?" She pulled the blanket over her chest and sat up on her elbows.

"What's your last name?"

"Benson." She answered. "You?"

"Hamilton" He answered and grabbed his boxer briefs from the floor. He pulled them on and then got off the bed. "Can I use your bathroom?"

Olivia smiled a little "Down the hall. Second door to the right"

"Thanks" He grabbed his jeans and shirt and went out of the room.

Olivia let out a deep breath. She was relived he wasn't pushing for more sex. She actually started round two. She got out of bed and wrapped the bed sheet around her body. She found a t-shirt and some panties and pulled them on. She got in bed and wrapped her blanket around her.

Aiden came back completely dressed. He sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled his shoes on. "Is this just a one night stand?"

Olivia bit her lip "Yea"

He nodded and gave her a kiss "It was nice meeting you Olivia Benson"

She smirked a little and kept wrapped up in her blanket. "It was nice meeting you too Aiden Hamilton"

He looked around "Did I get everything? I don't want to leave anything here and never get it back since I don't even have your number"

Olivia looked around her room "You get your wallet?"

"In my pocket"


He touched his wrist "Negative"

Olivia chuckled a little at his way of answering her. "Look under the bed"

"You make all your men do this?" He got down on the ground and searched for his watch under the bed. He finally found it and put it on. He got up and sat down by her. "I should go"

"Yea" She nodded. "Bye"

"Bye" He gave her a kiss on the lips and got up. He left her room and then her apartment.

Olivia turned to the side and slowly drifted off to sleep. Catching two hours until she had to be up for work.


Olivia looked up at her captain "Why do I have to go undercover?"

"Because they need a female teacher. You are the only female detective I trust with this. If were going to catch these perps we need you in there."

Olivia nodded. "Teenage boy rapists. How hard can it be right?"

"You know this case Olivia" Cragen handed a file to her. "It's a gang of teenage boys that rape women. They jump them and one commits rape while the others watch guard or hit the victim. I need you to find out who is in this gang."

Olivia got up "What's my cover?"

"You are a health teacher. Rachel Andrews. Transferred from a New Jersey public school." He handed her an ID.

Olivia nodded. "When do I start?"

"First bell rings at eight. The principle is having a staff meeting cause Ms. Andrews is new to the team. Only he knows that you're a cop and he is not telling anyone. I suggest not telling the other teachers."

Olivia nodded looked at the ID. "Health teacher. Well this is going to be fun" She waved at her captain and left his office.


Olivia sat by the principles office around 7:30.

The door opened and an older man peeked out. "Ms. Andrews?"

Olivia nodded and got up. She went into the office and closed the door behind her.

The man looked at a piece of paper "Detective Benson right?"

"Yea" She nodded.

"Principle Madden" The man put his hand out.

Olivia shook his hand "Nice to meet you."

"If you need anything just let me know." He handed her a piece of paper.

Olivia looked over it and it was her schedule of classes.

"Staff meeting. Let's go" Madden went out and Olivia followed.

They went into a classroom that looked more like a lab. Olivia sat down as Madden talked.

"This is Ms. Rachel Andrews. She is from New Jersey. Our new Health teacher." Madden introduced.

Olivia slightly waved at the other teachers with a small smile.

The door opened suddenly. Olivia heard someone come in and then followed by a loud thump.

Madden shook his head "You ok?"

Olivia turned around to see what was going on. She spotted Aiden quickly get off the floor obviously tripping a few seconds before. She quickly looked back up front so he didn't see her.

"I'm cool" Aiden got off the floor. "I overslept. Sorry" He started to tuck in his dress shirt. "What did I miss?"

"Other then a comb?" One teacher chimed in with a smirk.

"Shut up" Aiden fixed his messy hair. "Anything important or no cause I need to use the bathroom before class starts"

Madden pointed at Olivia. Olivia bit her lip realizing Aiden was going to see her now. "Our new health teacher. Rachel Andrews"

Aiden looked over and spotted the reason he was so sleepy. "Rachel huh? Hi Rachel"

Olivia blushed and waved a little. "Hi"

Aiden sat down on a desk and kept watching Olivia wondering if that was even her name. He drank last night but not that much. He knew she told him her name was Olivia.

The meeting ended and all the teachers left before class started. Aiden kept sitting on the desk. Olivia kept sitting in her seat waiting for the whole room to clear.

Aiden watched as the last teacher left the room and closed the door behind them "Hi Rachel"

"Shut up" Olivia mumbled. "My name isn't Rachel" She got off the seat.

"Oh big trouble. Lying to the Board of Education like that." He got off the desk "You couldn't tell me you were a health teacher? Ok I guess that is kind of embarrassing"

"I'm not a teacher either" She looked at him. "You look like hell by the way"

He rolled his eyes and tucked his shirt in. "Well I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Excuse me. What do you mean you're not a teacher? You realize you shouldn't be telling me this right?"

Olivia bit her lip and moved closer to him "I have another job" She said quietly.

Aiden nodded "I wish I had another job. Being a chemistry teacher doesn't really spark great conversations"

Olivia started to laugh, "You are a science geek"

"I don't like that!" He crossed his arms on his chest "That's mean. You're a health teacher named Olivia or Rachel. I'm not sure anymore"

She smiled a little and looked at her watch "Class starts in five minutes." She looked at her schedule. "Where's room 217?"

"Right across from this room" He pointed to the door. "Looks like were neighbors. This is my classroom"

"What classes do you have off?" She asked as she kept looking at her schedule.

"First, fourth and sixth. You?"

"Second, fourth and sixth" She smiled with a shrug. "Want to do me a big favor?"

"I'm scared to ask"

"Come to my first class. Just sit there and grade papers. I'm nervous" She pleaded.

"Fine. But you have to tell me what is going on ok?"

"Deal" She nodded and walked to the door. Aiden followed. He opened the door for her and followed her into her classroom. "What do I do?"

"You have a lesson plan?" He asked as he grabbed a chair and sat down by her desk.



"No" She shook her head.

Aiden opened a drawer and pulled a book out. "Basically put all this stupid crap into slang for the kids. Health is the easiest class to teach"

"Thanks" Olivia opened the book "Hey Aiden?"


"Which stupid crap do I teach?"

Aiden shook his head and groaned "Christ woman, start from the beginning."

Olivia went to the front of the book "No!"


"I don't want to teach the reproductive system" She whined and sat down by him.

Aiden let out a laugh. "Good luck. These kids are teens with crazy hormones. Say penis and they will giggle." The bell rang. "Vagina" Aiden quickly whispered with a smile.

Olivia shot him a look and looked through the book. Kids starting coming into the class being very noisy. Some sat down and some were still standing up talking to each other. Olivia looked at Aiden.

Aiden shrugged "Control your class"

Olivia got up nervously. "Ok calm down guys." Some kids settled down. A group of boys were still goofing around. "C'mon sit down and get quiet" She looked over at Aiden pleadingly.

Aiden whistled loudly. "Down"

The boys sat down quickly. "Sorry coach." One boy apologized.

Olivia nodded at Aiden gratefully. "I'm Ms. Andrews. I'm your new health teacher" They heard someone whistle from the back. Olivia quickly started blushing and some kids laughed.

Aiden smiled a little and kept watching her start to teach the class. He pushed the book her way to try and help her out with some terms.

Olivia took the book and blushed a little not really wanting to talk about this in front of kids. She looked at the book then Aiden.

Aiden kept watching her since he found her extremely sexy in jeans. He spotted her pleading him to help her or start her off since he could tell she was very nervous. "Sex" He said out loud. "Can be one of the best things in life or the worst."

Olivia nodded at him as a thank you. He nodded back. "I'm pretty sure all of you guys know how a baby is made right?" Olivia asked with a smile. The kids laughed and nodded. "Well I still have to teach you all of this even if all of you know it."

"Worksheets" Aiden quickly spoke up. He opened a drawer and pulled out a stack of papers. "Label the body parts in scientific terms please" Aiden warned "I see a word like Dick or pussy in there Ms. Andrews will fail you" He warned.

"What about boobs?" One boy asked with a smirk.

"No. The proper word is Breasts. You want a date Logan you learn what your date has on them." Aiden tossed the papers onto Logan's desk "Even if your date has a penis." The kids burst into laughter. "Pass the papers out."

Logan got up and started to pass the worksheets out.

Olivia sat down by Aiden "Thanks" She whispered.

He nodded a little. "I'm next door if they get out of control ok?" He whispered.

"Ok. Thanks."

He got up and left the class so he could get ready for his own class next period.


Olivia let out a deep breath as the third period finished. She was half done just with her first day. She was already exhausted.

Aiden came into her room "Lunch?"

"Please" She got off her chair and followed him into the hallway.

He opened the door to his class. "I got McDonalds for us. Figured you would want to tell me in private what's going on."

Olivia nodded and followed him into his class. "It's a long story actually"

"Don't care" He tossed a bag to her and then sat down. "Start explaining. That was part of the deal."

Olivia sat down across him. "My name is actually Olivia Benson. I'm a cop"

Aiden slowly looked up at her. "Seriously?"

"Yea. I didn't tell you last night since I thought you would freak out and-"

"Not sleep with you?" He asked with a smile.

Olivia started blushing. "Shut up. I was in a bad place and I just…casual sex that was all."

He nodded and started to eat his food. "So you're a cop. What are you doing here?"


"As Rachel Andrews?"

"Yea. I work for SVU"

He thought for a second "Sex crimes right?"

"Yea." She nodded. "Can we keep this between us please?"

"Of course" He nodded and stole one of her fries. "You're one night stand works in the same building your supposed to be a teacher in." He stated and let out a laugh.

"Shut up" She mumbled and started to eat her food.

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