Aiden opened his eyes hearing complete silence. Olivia was never silent. She was kind of clumsy. He got out of bed and pulled his t-shirt on. He went out and Olivia wasn't there. Her gun and badge were on the coffee table.

He looked around but she wasn't even in the bathroom. He looked out the front window of the apartment and noticed a bag of food spilled everywhere. That didn't look good. He grabbed his badge and gun and quickly went to the window by the alley.

In an instant he ran out the apartment seeing what was happening. He ran down the stairs taking two steps at a time. He sprinted out of the building almost falling over the bag Olivia dropped. He pulled his cuffs out and ran into the alley.

He grabbed the boy on top of Olivia and yanked him off. He grabbed the other boy and slammed them together. He cuffed both of their wrists through a pole and took off running to catch the other two.

He tackled one but the other got in a car and took off before Aiden could get the license plate number or even the kind of car.

He punched the boy and pulled him off the ground.

"Let go!" the boy complained, "I didn't do anything!"

"Shut up!" Aiden yelled at him. "Your under arrest"

He dragged the boy back to the other two who were trying to pull the handcuffs off. Aiden pulled out another pair of cuffs from his jeans pocket and cuffed the boy to a dumpster "Stay there and shut up!"

Aiden quickly went over to Olivia "You ok?" he whispered.

Olivia quickly nodded and zipped up her jeans "They didn't have time. I'm fine," She whispered back.

Aiden took her hand and helped her up. "C'mon" he untied the bandana that she pulled off her mouth when she got her hands free. "I'll call your captain"

"C'mon man!" The boy yelled, "These cuffs are tight"

Aiden grabbed his neck "Not a word."

Olivia noticed the boy choking. She pushed Aiden off "He isn't worth it."


Olivia and Aiden both sat silently in the squad room as the boys they caught were being booked.

Olivia finally looked over at him as he sat on the stairs and sipped his coffee. "Thanks"

He looked over at her in her desk "Don't thank me for that."

She nodded a little "Ok. Want to try and get the name of the fourth boy?"

He got off the stairs and walked over to her desk "Yea"

"Let's interrogate them" Olivia got up and went over to an interrogation room. "Bring one here"

Aiden nodded and went to get one from the cell. He grabbed him by the shoulder and led him into the interrogation room. "Sit" He pushed him into a chair.

The boy said nothing as Olivia came in with a file "Hello Curtis"

"What a fucking name" Aiden sat down on the desk "Is that the reason you rape women? To feel cooler then the name Curtis?"

"His full name is Curtis Benjamin Jones" Olivia circled around the table.

"Jones? Unique" Aiden teased. "So tell me Curtis Jones, who was the guy that got away?"

Jones said nothing and kept looking at Olivia.

Aiden grabbed his face and made him look at him "Keep your fucking eyes on me"

Olivia leaned down so she was by Jones. "I'm not scared of this little boy," She teased with a smirk.

"Who you calling a boy you bitch!" Jones jumped off the chair.

Aiden slammed him back down "C'mon be a man! Who was the pussy that tried to rape this bitch?"

"Be a man Curtis!" Olivia yelled also.

"Fuck you!" Jones yelled at her.

"Fuck you!" Aiden yelled back. "I bet this bitch has more balls then you!"

Jones said nothing.

"Get him out of here. He is pussy. I don't feel like talking to a fag anymore" Olivia pointed to the door.

"I am no fag!" Jones yelled. "You want me to show you how much of a man I am?"

"Did you just threaten a cop?" Aiden grabbed him by the shirt and pulled him up. "Think about this Curtis Benjamin Jones." He whispered "That will add on to your conviction, you will be facing more time then the rest of your boys."

Olivia moved closer "But if you help us, we will make sure no one knows you threatened an officer of the law" She whispered.

"Just a name. We won't even tell anyone you gave us the name," Aiden whispered.

Curtis looked at both of them "Christopher McGee" He answered.

Aiden nodded and let go of his shirt. He opened the door to the interrogation room and led him back to the cell.

Olivia sat down at her desk and looked up Christopher McGee.

Aiden came into the squad room and sat down across her. "Can I use this computer?" He pointed to Elliot's computer.

Olivia just nodded since Elliot was on a case in New Jersey and wouldn't be back for a couple of days. "His password is his badge number. 6313"

Aiden nodded and typed in Elliot's password "What's your password?" He asked with a playful smirk.

Olivia looked up at him "None of your business" She went back to her computer

He let out a small laugh. "What are the odds that its your last name spelled backwards?"

Olivia looked up at him and started blushing. How the hell did he know?

He just nodded "Damn I'm good." He logged onto the FBI database as Olivia logged into the DMV for the address of McGee.

"Hey Aiden?" Olivia looked over her computer. "How come you were in that school for two years when this whole thing only started one year ago?"

"I was there for another case." He answered. "When I learned about this case I just decided to stay."

Olivia nodded and looked at her computer "Found him."

Aiden got up and went around to her desk. "Print it out" Olivia printed out the information as Aiden went to the printer and got the papers. "Let's go visit him"

Olivia got her jacket and followed him out.


Aiden leaned on the wall as Olivia once again knocked on the door. "C'mon" She muttered to herself.

"It's eight in the morning. I bet he is sleeping after getting his rocks off attacking a woman" Aiden shoved his hands in his hoodie.

The door opened and a man was standing there "Can I help you?"

"Christopher McGee?" Olivia asked as she held up her badge.

"That's my son. How can I help you?"

Aiden got off the wall and pulled out his own badge. "Special Agent Macalister and my partner Detective Benson. Is Christopher here?"

The man nodded and looked to the side "Chris get your ass over here" Olivia and Aiden just exchanged looks by the father's reaction.

Chris came to the door. "Yea?"

Aiden smiled "Christopher we believe we owe you a thank you" He held his hand out.

Chris looked weirdly at him and went to the door. He took his hand.

Aiden yanked him out of the apartment and pushed him against the wall "Your under arrest."

"Hey!" The father yelled.

Olivia got in front of him "Don't make this worse sir. You can meet us down at our precinct" she handed him her card and followed Aiden down the hall.


Olivia sat at her desk writing up her paperwork after putting all the boys in the system. The case was closed finally. She looked up hearing Cragen's door open and Aiden shaking hands with him.

She went back to her report on her table. She kept writing for a couple of seconds when she felt someone sit by her on her table. She quickly looked up and spotted Aiden "Hey"

"Hey" He smiled "How's the paperwork going?"

Olivia playfully hit him with her pen "Would be easier if you helped"

He shrugged "Feds don't do paperwork. We just throw it at the cops"

"I noticed"

He chewed on his gum and kept looking at her "Want to go celebrate?"

She shrugged "I…I have paperwork. I can't"

"What if I helped?" He asked with a smirk.

"No. It's cool. Don't you have some FBI stuff to do?"

"I do. But I still want to buy you a drink" He took her pen from her hands "One drink?"

Olivia rolled her eyes playfully "One drink"

"One drink" he grinned and held up her jacket for her.

Olivia pulled it on. He placed his hands on her back and led her out.


Aiden leaned on her wall as she unlocked her door. "I thought you were going back to the station to finish paperwork detective"

"I think they won't mind if I took half a day off after closing a huge case" She smiled and unlocked her door.

"Fair enough" He nodded.

Olivia turned around to look at him "I want to thank you for everything."

He rested his arm on the doorway over her head "Everything?"

"Well not everything" She smiled playfully. "The stuff that didn't almost cost me my job, and the things that didn't put my undercover job at risk and-"

"I get it" He cut in with a laugh.

She bit her bottom lip and tried not to grin at his gorgeous violet eyes. "So…um…when do you have to be back at work?"

He just shrugged "I could go back now. But if you want I could go back later."

She smirked and took his hand. She opened the door and led him inside. Aiden closed the door behind them and followed her into her bedroom.


Olivia walked into the FBI building to find Aiden. "Excuse me?" She put up her badge to an agent "I'm looking for Aiden Macalister"

The agent pointed down to a door "That's his office. If he isn't there you can ask the captain. I'm not sure if he has the day off"

"Thanks" Olivia nodded and knocked on his office. No one answered. She went into the office and looked around. His office was somewhat messy. There were stacks of files on his desk and a couple of sweaters on his file cabinet.

She went around to his desk and spotted some pictures there. Some were of him and a woman. He looked extremely happy. There was one of him when he was much younger and was with someone who looked younger then him. She guessed it was his brother that died.

She quickly looked up hearing a knock on the door.

"Can I help you?" A woman asked.

"Oh…I'm looking for Aiden" She put her badge up.

The woman nodded. "I'm his partner. He has the day off today. Anything I can help you with?"

"Do you know where he is? I have to talk to him"

The woman nodded "He is probably at the cemetery. Are you Detective Benson?"

"Yea" Olivia nodded. "How did you know?"

"Well Aiden told me all about you" She smiled "Special Agent Emily Marshall" She put her hand out.

Olivia shook it "Nice too meet you. Olivia Benson"

Emily nodded. "It's his wedding anniversary with his ex-wife. He probably went to visit his families grave"

Olivia nodded. "Thanks" She walked past her and went out.


Olivia parked the car at the cemetery and spotted Aiden sitting in front of a grave. She went out of the car and walked over to him "Hey"

He looked over and quickly got off the ground "Hey. How did you find me?"

"I'm a cop," She answered with a smirk as she walked over to him.

He smirked and nodded "Right"

"Your partner told me," She explained. "She told me it's your wedding anniversary also"

"Well Emily likes to tell everyone I'm single. She says it's my best quality other then my eyes." He smiled a little and looked over at the tombstone.

Olivia playfully shrugged "Well you are a liar, part of you is an asshole so yea your eyes and being single is the best qualities you got"

He smirked and rolled his eyes. "Well I'm glad you agree. What are you doing here?"

"I'm not sure." Olivia answered and looked down at the tombstone of his parents and brother. She knew exactly what she was doing there. She needed to tell him she was pregnant with his child.

Aiden kneeled down and fixed a flower "Boy I don't want to be buried here when I die. It's like my whole family in one place."

Olivia kneeled down by him "My mom died also. No dad in the picture and never had any siblings."

"You are too stubborn to die" He playfully nudged her in the elbow. He looked at his watch. "I should get going" He got up.

Olivia stood up also "Going to visit your ex-wife since it's your anniversary?"

"God no" He laughed, "She hates me. She might stab me if I even show up."

"Sorry" Olivia shrugged a little "I wonder why she hates you"

He chuckled a little "Simple. I lie so much on the job that I couldn't keep my lies straight. She got tired of me always being undercover and in my office and it ended."

She softly nodded. "You want to have dinner tonight maybe?"

"I wish" He looked over at her "I'm leaving for Washington in a couple of hours. I'm scheduled to be there for at least a year on an undercover job" He grinned "It's big. I'm excited."

Olivia opened her mouth to tell him about the pregnancy but she quickly decided against it. She wasn't going to ruin this for him seeing he was happy about this job. "That's great"

"Yea." He nodded "I should get going. I didn't even pack yet"

Olivia nodded "Be careful"

"I will" he gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Did you need to tell me something?"

Olivia looked at him for a second. She wasn't going to be the reason he missed out on something that made him happy. She could handle this pregnancy on her own "No."

He nodded and softly hugged her. "I'll see you around?"

"Call me when you get back ok?" She hugged him tightly.

"I will" He nodded and placed a kiss on her cheek. He let go of her and walked away to his car.

Olivia bit her lip watching him drive away. It was for the best.

The End

A/N: I'm working on sequel now. Thank you for reading!