Plot bunny that refused to leave me alone... a one shot

0. All Hayao Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli's

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4. You write nice, or a cleverly disguised flame (keyword being cleverly), or constructive criticism, I send you... a soot ball?

4. You write flame, I sic an angry Yubaba on you.

5. We all happy.

Chihiro stood on the bridge over the nonexistent river. She had once nearly drowned here, she remembered. All for the love of a little pink shoe. She smiled a little at the memory, temporarily lost in long-ago day in summertime. Her breath misted over in the still-frosty air. It was spring, at least according to the calendar, but nature didn't seem to quite know it yet.

She turned to go; she had groceries to put away, a cat to feed, mail to sort, a thousand thousand cares of the world. She sighed then stopped. At the other end of the bridge was an oddly dressed boy, standing still as the other people passed, on cars, buses, bikes, feet. His clothing was old fashioned, his bare feet shod in straw sandals—wasn't it too cold for sandals?

His green eyes met hers as he walked down the crowded sidewalk, bringing with him an aura of calm to the busy streets. Somehow those eyes seemed familiar. She shook her head. Ever since the day her family had gotten lost while moving, she'd thought she'd seen green eyes like that out of the corners of her eyes from time to time.

"You dropped something, Onee-san."

She held out her hand, unthinkingly, and he dropped a sparkling violet hair tie into it. She stared at in for a bit, uncomprehendingly, grasping at small hints of memories unremembered, and looked back up to thank him.

But he was gone.

Chihiro shrugged then mechanically tied back her long black hair with the hair tie. She'd had it, she didn't know from where, but she supposed she had picked it up somewhere; it was odd, but she didn't feel comfortable without it somewhere on her person. She picked up her grocery bag and began walking again.

Apparently, Miyazaki said that he didn't want Chihiro to remember her time in the spirit world... so I have written according to his wishes. She remembers nothing of Haku, or Yubaba, Zeniba, No Face, Kamajii, etc. She's just grown up, living on her own (still young, though), and is a normal person... right?