Many times we examine our lives and wonder if events we encounter have even been reflected in someone else's life now or in another time. Then, in order to solve our probing questions, we try to envision how others would triumph over their fears and uncertainties in the midst of social insurrections. What we may find is that often seemingly impossible situations are not so impossible. We may toil over the ramifications of our actions, while we simultaneously struggle to do what is right for all involved; when actually, all we have to do is be true to God, to ourselves and to those who truly love us. Many times, though, we abandon this precept and give creed to unfounded social definitions of what is acceptable, and what we forget is that human perceptions, which define societal attitudes, are easily manipulated by each and every individual, who plays a part in this forever, developing nature of mankind. We fail to realize that the answers to our dilemmas can be found in not so far off places and even in our own history.

Love, which is the basis from which all humankind was created and the foundation upon which we should develop as a human race, unfortunately, is one aspect of humankind that falls prey to negative perceptions of society. When we allow others to define our concept of love, be it through social class, ethnicity, age or race, we are betraying the reasons we were put here on this earth as a united brotherhood encompassing many varieties and dimensions.

This narrative is developed to challenge these negative social attitudes toward interracial relationships in our society. It centers around a family, who through many generations, struggles with these attitudes involving love and loyalty, to the point that as the generations pass, they too conform and try to bury part of the Legacy that their forefathers, namely Ned and Sean Logan, fought to bring into the open. This story will hopefully illustrate how history repeats itself, and how we can sometimes find the answers to our troubling questions by studying our pasts and embracing the future by, individually, manipulating the present.

The setting is both 1998 and the late 1800's with scenes taking place in Lexington Kentucky, Ohio, New York and Connecticut. The plot centers around the 7th generation of Logans (Ned Logan's grandfather being the 1st generation), particularly, the eldest son, Sean (great, great grandson of Sean & Marita Logan) and Elana Powers, the daughter of wealthy, African American, real estate mogul, George Powers. Sean and Elana became the closest of friends, while attending a private school together in Connecticut during their elementary and high school years. Eventually, the two fall deeply in love, but because of family and social pressures, they are torn apart with no hope of ever being reunited. Years go by and Sean, at 31 becomes President of Crealite, Inc. majority owned by the Logan family and one of the largest international shipping companies in the U.S. Everyone, including Sean expects him to marry Sheridan Winthrop, daughter of Ronald Winthrop, the Attorney General for Connecticut. Elana, at 29 is an equal partner of a growing New York CPA firm, Powers & Lambert, which she formed with Jonathon Lambert, a very intelligent and handsome African- American man whom she met through her father. Sean and Elana are thrown together after 9 years of separation when Crealite, Inc. falls into a financial scandal and mandates a major business redevelopment in which Powers & Lambert is contracted to resurrect the company. After finding each other again, will Sean and Elana also resurrect the love they only had a glimpse of for each other in their earlier years together, or will they again retreat seeking refuge in the safety of conformity? Only, William Logan, Sean's grandfather, holds the secret to their future happiness and success. A secret, which threatens to forever, be buried in the hidden reflections of the Logan Legacy.