Sunday morning Niki got up and made breakfast for everyone. Sean and Elana really enjoyed the family atmosphere and as they left they all promised that they would be spending more time together. Sean let Elana drive them back to her townhouse and he was cautious not to go in with her. They kissed each other goodbye and Sean told Elana that he had some things to do and that he would try to see her that night, if not the next day at work. They parted in high spirits, and on a new realm now that the treat of Elana's father was removed. All they had to worry about now was Sean's father, Philip whenever he decided to come home from his trip around the world. Sean actually needed to be away from Elana for a while, so that he would not be frustrated any longer. As he drove home he thought more about the idea of Elana having their child before Sheridan and he was anxious to call the doctor. He also, thought about what Sam had said and decided he would contact the family lawyer to get a copy of the trust stipulations.

The following week came and went quickly. Sean spent more and more time in Elana's office during the day, they went to lunch together everyday and they left together every afternoon. Finally Charlotte began to piece together that something was going on between them and that Friday at lunchtime, she shared this with her friend, Jessica from Collections...

"Well, they must be doing something together, because you hardly see them apart from each other these days." Charlotte told Jessica on their lunch break in the cafeteria.

"I don't think so. I don't see Mr. Logan with a black woman. I mean she's pretty and all, but she is black and he's the president of the company."

"You know how men are. No matter how nice they seem. Most of them have a goal of being with as many women as possible."

"I don't know. Mr. Logan doesn't seem to be that type."

"He may not be, but with a woman like her what man is gonna say no. My take on this is that this Ms. Powers is successful because she probably fools around with all the top executives of the firms she works with. What better targets at Crealiite than the Vice President of the company who is also independently wealthy or the President of the company, himself. I'll bet she does this sort of thing everywhere she goes. You know they say that black women can't control themselves and that they'll sleep with anybody any time. That's why some executives are with them. I'll bet she tried her moves on James Payton and he got tired of her after so long, so now she's working on Sean Logan."

"Wow, that would be really bold of her. Maybe it's just that she has to spend so much time with Mr. Logan because of the audit she's doing here. I just don't think there's anything going on and if their was maybe they really like each other."

"Yeah, but he has a girlfriend already."

"I heard that they broke up." Jessica said.

"Where'd you hear that from?"

"One of the girl's husband's took her to lunch at that fancy place down the street a month or so ago and she said Sean and Sheridan were there and that they were arguing over the break up. Mr. Logan had just broken up with her and Ms. Winthrop didn't like it and said something about taking him to court over it. When it seemed that things were going to erupt he got up and walked out."



"Wow, I didn't know that. So if he's single, that means I may be able to get with him now." Charlotte said.

"Didn't you say you thought he's seeing Ms. Powers."

"I'm not worried about her. Sean has always liked me it's just that he has been so loyal to his girlfriend and now that they're not together, I need to let him know that I'm available."

"Look Charlotte, you have tried this before and Sean never really paid you any attention. Don't make a fool out of yourself. And if he is seeing Ms. Powers, I don't think you want to go treading on that ground. You're obviously two different type of people and she may be more his type."

"What do you mean?"

"Well she's kind of conservative and stylish and she's serious about her work, but you on the other hand aren't too conservative and half the clothing she wears we probably can't even afford it. I remember these alligator pumps she had on one day. I've seen shoes like that in the store windows that I don't go in and they cost a few hundred dollars. Mr. Logan probably is attracted to all of those things about her, so if you ask me Charlotte you really don't have a chance against her."

"What does all that have to do with anything? I'm stylish. And besides she's black and there's no way in the world a man like Sean Logan is ever going to be serious about a black woman."

"All I know is, he's a good looking man, she's a good looking woman and they're both on the same level. Mr. Logan doesn't strike me as the prejudice type, so he may not even care anything about color. Just be careful. Look I have to get back to work. I'll talk to you later."

"Yeah, o.k."

Jessica and Charlotte went back to their offices. Jessica knew from the brief contact she had with her boss that Charlotte was not his type and she could see that Charlotte was about to get herself in over her head this time. She liked Ms. Powers, even though, the woman was not always smiling in her face. She never noticed her flirting with any of the executives in her department and actually admired her attitude and intended to ask Elana for some advice on how to conduct herself in order to succeed in the business world.

The following Tuesday, Elana was in her office and on the phone with Jon. It seemed that one of their staff accountants had some problems with one of their clients in Boston. Jon indicated that someone should go up there and help her out, but he could not go because the Coca-Cola account required him to be at the site everyday. Jon knew that with Elana dating Sean, she would be able to get a way for a few days...

"Elana you have to go to Boston and help the girl out. If someone doesn't help her we may lose this account. You know she gets nervous and she may even be a little unsure of herself. If she had some backup, it could make all the difference."

"Jon, I can't just drop everything here and go jetting up there to rescue her. She's going to have to learn how to tough it out. We told her in her interview that we're very progressive and that she would have to know how to handle the pressure. If she can't cut it Jon, maybe we should think about replacing her. This is the second time something like this has happened with her."

"Look Elana I'm not asking you to go and do it for her, just go and help her out a little and let her know that she's doing the right things. This girl has a lot of potential and in the long run she's really going to be an asset to us all. You know Sean Logan won't have a problem with you being out a few days."

"Man, I don't believe this!" Elana said throwing her pencil down on the desk. "O.k. I'll go up there for a few days. Let's see today is Tuesday, so I'll leave first thing tomorrow morning and stay until Monday and I'll come back here next Tuesday. I'll work with her over the weekend. I'm not going to do this again and I'll make it perfectly clear to Sheila when I get up there. Just make sure Barbara makes the arrangements and fax them to me. Right now, I need to go and finish up what I'm doing here."

"Good, just remember to dress warm. Sheila says it's really cold up there."

"Thanks for the tip. Talk to you later."

Elana hung up the phone and was frustrated that she had to go to Boston. She tried to convince herself that it was because she did not feel she should have to do this for a staff accountant, maybe one of the juniors, but what she actually was anxious about was that she would be away from Sean for a week. She knew that since last weekend he was ready to be with her and she was looking forward to it after her cycle went off. She had planned to invite him over and just do as Gail had told her and offer herself on a silver platter to him, but now that would be delayed for a few more days, because of the incompetence of other people.

After thinking about it a little longer Elana realized that she had to stop blaming Sheila, who was a good accountant. She was just young and needed encouragement and Elana knew the young woman looked up to her a lot, so Elana put her own frustrations aside so that she could go help Sheila out as much as she could. When lunchtime came around Sean showed up on time as usual at her door.

"You ready beautiful." He asked.

"Yeah." Elana said as she got up to get her coat out of the closet.

Sean came on in and closed the door and as Elana put her coat on Sean came up behind her to help her out. After he got her coat on he stood and watched her make sure she looked alright. He had been trying not to touch her too much this week because he knew where it would lead after the past weekend they had together.

"I'm sorry I was unable to get by this morning to say hello, but I was so busy working on a few projects that I didn't have a chance." He said. "Don't worry, you look great. I'm starving."

"O.k. let's go." Elana said as she closed the closet door and turned around and let Sean escort her out. When they passed Charlotte's desk Sean asked her to take his messages while he was at lunch.

Charlotte agreed and watched as they made their way to the elevator. She distinctly saw Sean rub Elana's lower back as they waited for the elevator. She found herself fighting jealousy over Elana because Sean had pretty much given Elana free reign of the company. Whatever Elana asked for she was supposed to be given and it did not need to be cleared through Sean as he had told her. Charlotte knew nobody else had that privilege, not even the board members and it only confirmed her suspicions. This also helped her to see that Ms. Powers already had some hold on Sean, but as far as she was concerned that grip was not so strong that it could not be broken. Charlotte became determined that she was going to make sure she was the one with Sean Logan no matter what she had to do.

At lunch Elana had to inform Sean that she needed to be away for a few days.

"How are things going at Powers and Lambert?"

"They're going pretty well. We are having a problem with a Boston account. One of our staff accountants is working on it, but she needs some support for a few days to make sure she's on the right tract."

"Oh, so is Jon going up to help her?"

"Um, no - no he isn't. Actually I need to go, just to look over what she's done and to give her some recommendations as well as help her have a little more confidence. This is her first major account that she's doing by herself."

"Well, shouldn't you just let her ride it out and see how she does. You know none of us can get anywhere if we don't fail on our own a few times."

"I see what you're saying, but I don't want her to fail with my name behind her."

"So when is this going to happen."

"I need to go up there tomorrow and I plan on staying until Monday."

"That's six days Elana! I can't be without you for six days. One day during the weekend is enough, but six whole days!"

"I know Sean, I don't want to go, but I have to. I'm a stickler about our reputation and I can't have this woman messing that up because of her insecurities."

"So what about things here. Will Crealite be put on hold?"

"No, I'll be putting these reports together to present to the executive staff sometime when I get back. We're going to have to apprise them all of what's going on and maybe they'll be able to shed some light on it."

"What if one of them is responsible for this. Won't having a meeting revealing your suspicions give that person a head's up and make them try to cover their tracts."

"That's exactly what I'm hoping they will do if one of them is responsible. I've pretty much traced every piece of paperwork that has come into and left the collections office for the past three years. So if someone tries to go back and cover something up, I'll be able to catch it once I go back over everything near the end of this analysis."

"Hum. I see. Well, I want you to be cautious who you deal with around the company because if someone is stealing money from the firm there's no telling what else they may be capable of, so just watch yourself."

"I will. Now there is something I wanted to give you." "Here."

"Hey, What's this? A Gift for me?"

"Yeah, go a head and open it."

Sean opened the neatly wrapped package and found that it was a picture of the two of them when they were in college and Sean had come to Georgia to see her for the last time before they were separated. "Elana, where did you get this?"

"I had the smaller picture that I had kept for years, but I recently found it while I was doing some cleaning and decided to get it blown up for you and me, so that we could remember how happy we were together then and I also think it'll help us pick up where we left off."

"You're certainly right Elana. You're even more beautiful now than you were nine years ago. Look at us. Who would have thought we would go through what we have to get together? So many wasted years." Sean said as he stared at the picture.

"I definitely think you're sexier now than you were then, but I do miss you wearing more hair on your head. You know I loved to run my fingers through it, but now you only have a little on top."

"Yeah, I had to get rid of some of that hair." Sean sat across from Elana and began to stare at her imagining what might have been if they had not been apart. "Elana?" He said taking hold of her hand.

"Yes." She said looking up at him and responding with an affectionate smile.

"Do you remember what I told you later on that night, after we almost made love?"

"I remember very well, Sean. I remember that weekend more vividly than anything else in my life."

"Well, just know that the same is true now. Sheridan and this baby haven't changed anything. I still intend for us to be together as husband and wife, so don't get discouraged or think I'm holding back for some reason."

"I won't. Thank you for telling me that. I was starting to wonder."

"Yeah, I know. I heard what you said to Niki last weekend." "But look it's getting late I have to get back to the office. I have meetings all afternoon and I know you have a lot of work to do before you leave today."

Sean motioned for the waiter and he paid for their lunch then he and Elana went back to the office. When they came out of the elevator Charlotte had messages for them both.

"Mr. Logan your lawyer is here for your two o'clock meeting. He's been waiting for a few minutes and Ms. Powers your secretary called with your travel itinerary and faxed it."

"Where is it?" Elana asked.

"It's over in the fax machine." Charlotte said as she pointed at the fax machine as if to tell Elana to go get it herself.

Sean interjected. "Could you make a copy of that Charlotte for me and then give it to Ms. Powers."

"Sure I'll have the copy right away Mr. Logan. Will you be having a long meeting? If so I can bring in some coffee for you and Mr. Rothberg."

"That's nice of you Charlotte. I don't want any, but I'll see if he would like some or anything else."

"No problem Mr. Logan. You know I'm happy to do whatever it is you need me to do to make things run more smoothly around here for you."

Elana was standing there waiting for any other messages she may have received, but Charlotte had her eyes so glued on Sean that Elana was almost invisible.

"Excuse me Ms. Braumly," Elana interrupted knocking on her desk. "...but are there any other messages for me."

"Oh, yes here you are." Charlotte handed Elana a pile of almost illegible messages that she had scribbled down haphazardly.

"I don't see the message from Barbara did she need me to call her back for anything?"

"I don't remember, I just took the message that she was faxing your itinerary."

Elana could see that Charlotte was intentionally slighting her and she was about to give her a piece of her mind before Sean started to speak.

"Come on Elana. I have to get that material from your office before I go into this meeting."

"What mat..." Before she could finish asking her question, Sean was holding her arm and walking her into her office, then he closed the door behind him. "Sean what material are you talking about?"

"I don't know that was just a rouse to get you in here." He said as he took her coat out of her arms and put it on the chair next to them. "I'm not going to see you for six days so I just wanted to say that I love you and I'm going to miss you. Actually I miss you already. And thanks for the picture of us. I think this may be the only one we have."

"I think you're right. And I'm going to miss you too."

Sean moved into her and hugged her waist and kissed her tenderly. With each moment their kiss became more fervent and expressive knowing they would not have this for almost a week. They did not want to let each other go and were parted only by Charlotte's voice on Elana's speakerphone

"Mr. Logan?" She called, but neither of them answered at first. Then Charlotte called again "Mr. Logan?"

Finally Sean reached over and pushed the speaker button, but he still did not remove his eyes from Elana's as she softly rubbed his chest muscles. "Yeah Charlotte! What is it?"

"Um, I was just reminding you about Mr. Rothberg. He's been waiting for almost fifteen minutes now."

"Thanks Charlotte. You don't have to call me again." He said as he hung up the speaker function, then spoke to Elana. "When I ask you to marry me Elana I want the mood and the atmosphere to be right, so that I'll be pretty sure of your answer, and I promise it won't be long from now."

"You should already know the answer Sean before you even ask me."

"I don't want to assume anything." "Let me get out of here I'll try to see you before you leave if not I'll call you tonight and every night until you get back."


"Yeah, I promise." He said smiling at her. "O.k. I gotta go. I love you."

"I love you too Sean."

He left with his picture still in his hand and picked up the copy of Elana's itinerary from Charlotte before he entered his own office.

"Mr. Rothberg how are you?" Sean said as he came in and extended his hand to the family lawyer.

"Fine Mr. Logan. Just fine."

"Please excuse my delay, but I had some matters to attend to that took a little longer than I anticipated." Sean explained as he made his way to his desk and put down the materials in his hands.

"That's quite alright, sir."

Sean was now hanging up his coat in the closet. "May I ask Charlotte, my secretary, to get you anything?"

"No, that's quite alright. I'm fine."

"Do you have the material I asked you to bring?"

"Yes, I do." Mr. Rothberg said as he put his briefcase on Sean's desk and opened it. "I brought the complete written document to the trust fund that you wanted to see. There's not much to it. It seems that your great, great grandmother initiated it after the sale of their tobacco fields in Ohio and before they moved to Connecticut. Your great, great grandfather signed it and it hasn't been changed since. What exactly is it that you need to know."

"Well, I wanted to know the provisions of the trust. Does the inheritor have to be a legitimate child or does it include the illegitimate children also?"

Mr. Rothberg thought this was a strange question for Sean because he had known him all of his life. He knew Sean had been dating Sheridan Winthrop for some time now because her father was one of his good friends and business associates. Within that few seconds, he noticed the picture that Sean had put face up on his desk, so he surmised that Sean may have gotten this woman in trouble and was now worried about the effects it would have on his family trust.

"If we look here under the beneficiaries of the trust, that question will be answered for us. As you see here in paragraph two it states: 'The benefits of this trust shall be distributed solely to eldest legitimate offspring of the eldest Logan child. In the case of multiple offspring during the initial birth, the siblings shall divide the proceeds of the trust equally.' I believe she put this part in the trust because she and her husband had twins as their first children."

"So, am I to understanding that illegitimate children are not included in the trust?"

"That's right Mr. Logan, you have to be legally married to the mother and no provisions are stated herewith to provide for children produced outside that stipulation. That would fall on the individual to take care of his responsibility in that matter." Mr. Rothberg purposefully added.

Sean felt a sense of great relief knowing that now his and Elana's first child would receive the benefits of the family trust. "Well, thank you Mr. Rothberg. I needed to know that because I plan on getting married soon and it's not to the woman who is pregnant with my child right now, so I wanted to make sure that the future children my wife and I have will get the benefits of this. And I do plan to provide for this baby that is on the way."

"Sir, I have to say that Ms. Winthrop is a very understanding woman to still agree to marry you after hearing this news. She's the type of woman who seems to be able to take any situation and make it positive. Does she even know about the pregnancy?""

Sean suddenly remembered Rothberg's relationship with Sheridan's father and was cautious of what he said after that. "She's well aware of it."

"Good. So when do you two plan on marrying?"

"Mr. Rothberg I wish I had more time, but I don't. I appreciate your coming up here to give me this information. You'll never know what a burden it has lifted off my shoulders."

"Why anytime Mr. Logan. Just call whenever you need us. I'll be out of the office all day, but if you have any other questions, please leave me a message."

"Sure Mr. Rothberg. Thanks again."

Sean happily saw the lawyer out. As he went about the rest of his day he felt he could now deal with Sheridan on a more equal level. He was unsure as to what her reaction would be to knowing that she would not be getting her hands on the Logan trust fund, but he knew it would not be pleasant. He decided he would not mention it unless she did. At the end of the day after finishing his business, it was late and he knew Elana had gone. Before he left, Sean picked up the picture of him and Elana and Elana's itinerary, then headed for home. He wanted to call her before she got too busy packing.