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Hey peoplez!! All right! I'm a new fanfic author, kay! I thought of dis poem in the middle of the night in like 5 minutes. It's about the FF Cids that I know. And the Cids do not belong to me. They are da property of Squaresoft. Anywayz, please read and review, all right?!

I've noticed that Squaresoft like to pit Cids in their games.

There are many as you can see.

There are Cids of many different kinds

throughout the Final Fantasies.

FF5's Cid is a scientist.

He invented the (crystal) amplifyers.

FF6's Cid is a science guy too.

And he worked for the Empire.

FF8's Cid is a Headmaster

of a mercenary school.

FF9's Cid is a lecherous king

with a kingdow called Lindblum to rule.

But still, the Cid I think is best

out of all the Cids I know

is FF7's Cid.

An astronaut and hero.

He went up in space

with his friend Cloud and Shera, his wife.

And he, with seven other friends,

helped save the Planet's life.

And although Cloud was the leader,

you'd still hear Cid's defiant shout,

as Cid told that pansy Cloud

don't say ''Let's do it!''

say ''Move your #%&%*&^$ &^ out!!''

Ok, weird poem, I know. But whateverz. Just review it.