Gakuen no Bender

By Danielle Franklin

Chapter 1: Welcome Ladies & Gentlemen...

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Ah ha... Ever since I saw the "school time shipping" short on the avatar escape site, I've had this story in my head. may be a little over done, but I need to write it to get it out of my mind. High school drama, grades, and young love. Does it get any better?

NOTE: Don't be fooled by the title. It's not set in Japan, or anywhere near. Although, this story originally took place in Japan, when I first came up with it.

P.P.S: I am currently developing and avatar SIM Dating Game. I'm going to create a site so you guys can track the development status, get game screen caps, and current news.

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He was infuriating. The way he talked, his stride to his locker, even the way he wrote her name pissed her off. Yet, she found it cute, almost borderline adorable. Spinning the dial to her lock on her gym locker, Katara fumed as she remembered the days events.

"Hey, Katara, are you going to the rally?" Toph asked coolly as she nabbed the last burrito from the snack line.

"Hey! That was mine!" Yelled an annoyed jock-looking teen. "Stuff it, jockstrap!" Toph retorted in response as she flipped him off, a class ring glittering on her middle finger.

"Sure. Why not? I heard Jet is going to be the rally commissioner for this one." Katara giggled as she reached for bag of Lay's.

"Do you know how bad those are for you?" Suki piped up as she entered the long line of kids.

"Yes, and I don't care." Katara said with mirth as she opened the bag and placed a chip on her tongue, slowly chewing it, savoring the sour cream and onion taste. She closed her eyes and moaned a little as she swallowed.

Suki raised her eyebrow, a glint of silver caught Katara's eye. "When did you get your eyebrow pierced?" Katara questioned as she handed a disgruntled looking lunch lady a five-dollar bill.

"Oh, last week. It was an impulse purchase." Suki quipped as she followed Katara and Toph over to an abandoned lunch table. The girls sat their respective lunch items down onto the creaky looking table, took their seats.

"An impulse purchase? Gum is an impulse purchase. This..." Katara raised her perfect right eyebrow as she pointed to Suki's piercing.

"Hey, it works for me, doesn't it?" Suki asked she stuffed a few pieces of lettuce dripping in ranch into her mouth.

"I like it. It's very... you." Toph told her, mouth full of refried beans and "fiesta" sauce. Some of the sauce had managed to drip out of her mouth, making a stain on her brand new jacket.

"Miss Manners, you got some sauce on your face." Said a masculine voice from behind Suki.

"Thanks, asshole. I appreciate it." Toph said with a huge grin as she wiped the sauce off her chin with the back of her hand.

"Hey you, what are you doing here?" Suki asked the source of the comment. "Just here to see my girl and my little sister. So how are you, Freshmen lover?" Sokka cracked at his sister, taking a seat next to


"I'm fine, you ass. And if you call me "Freshmen lover" one more time, I'm going to tell Gran about your "collection"." Katara said with a fake smile, dripping with disdain. Sokka's eyes opened wide in horror at her remark, then narrowed as he saw a potential new target enter the lunch room. "Okay, but I think you might like to know that your boy-toy has just entered the room. And he looks like he is going to ask you...something." Sokka told her with an evil laugh.

Katara froze at her brother's words, slowly craning her head to look over at the lunch room entrance. And there he stood, in all his glory. A tall, gangly teen, about 15 years old. A dark blue beanie covered his head, messenger bag unfastened, papers falling out as he looked around the lunch room for a certain someone. Quickly, Katara gathered her books, blue Jansport backpack, and half-eaten back of chips into her arms. "You never saw me." She said in haste as she almost ran out of a door on the opposite side of the room.

X o x o

Throwing her things onto the white and blue tiled floor of the girls' bathroom, Katara heaved a sigh. "Fuck." She whispered, looking into the dusty mirror that hung over the sink. There it was again. His ringtone.

"You've been waiting so long
I'm hear to answer your call
I know that I shouldn't have had you waiting at all
I've been so busy, but I've been thinking about what I wanna do with you"

The 15-second ringtone made Katara feel sick. The music started up again, making Katara's head droop in guilt. Looking down at the caller-id on her cell, she read it aloud: "Mi Amor". Throwing the sidekick back into her backpack, she sat down, leaning against the cold tiled wall. "Me & U" faded out, only to replay about thirty seconds later. Katara looked at her phone sticking out of the smaller pouch of her backpack, deciding if she should answer it or not.

She decided not to, standing up to look at herself in the mirror again. Her hair was shoved into a messy lop-sided bun on the top of her head, wisps of hair falling into her eyes. Her neat bun had come undone during her quick escape earlier. Hastily, she pulled the black band out of her hair, reworking it into a semi-neat low pony.

A loud, obnoxious bell sounded overhead, leaving Katara more annoyed than ever. "Back to the grindstone..." She said with another sigh as she heaved her book-laden backpack over her left shoulder and headed out of the bathroom.

Swinging the blue door open quickly- THWAK.

The door repelled Katara, making her stumble. "Oh shit!" She cursed as she quickly gained her balance, looking outside the door to see who she had slammed the door into.

A familiar looking teen quickly stumbled to his feat, attempting to gather his scattered books and papers. 'Christ...' Katara thought as she leaned down to help her "Mi Amor".

"Katara! I've been looking for you every where! Have you been in there all of lunch?" The teen asked her as he finished gathering strewn papers, despite the laughs that rumbled through the hall.

"Uh- um- Yeah." She sighed in defeat. "No, not exactly." Katara replied as she handed the boy a mean looking book that read "Advanced Geometry".

"Well, do you have time to talk?" He asked with a sincere smile as he shoved the books back into his bag. Katara couldn't resist the smile.

"Sure not..." She told him as she started towards the gym. "Walk me to the Girls Locker Room?" She asked him, a smile on her lips.

"Yeah, okay!" Aang said enthusiastically as he followed her. "Oh, I was going to ask you-" Before he could finish his sentence, Katara placed a hand over his mouth.

"If you are going to ask me to go to that stupid dance with you, it's a no." She said as her eyebrow twitched, removing her hand from his mouth.

"Oh. Okay..." Aang said, looking defeated and dejected.

"But before you turn into emo-boy on me, I would love to finally go to your house." She said with a smile as she took his hand. Aang flushed, looking at her with surprise.

"Oh my god, not for that!" Katara loudly whispered as pink graced her tanned face.

"Then what do you want to visit my house for? To visit my crazy uncle? Or mabey to mock our furniture?" He asked as he placed an arm around her shoulders.

Katara let out a laugh. "To study, ya dope." She said as she took a piece of paper out of her pocket. "I got transferred into one of your classes. AP Geometry, I do believe..." She said as her shockingly blue eyes scanned the half-sheet.

Aang took the paper from her hands, then backed her up into a near by locker bank and placing a kiss on her lips. He dropped the piece of paper as she returned his kiss, letting the pathetic thing fall to the dingy floor. Their kiss quickly escalated from chaste peck to full-blown make out. His hands caressed, her hands messaged, he deeply leaned into-

"What the hell are you doing to me sister?" Demanded a pissed Sokka as he pulled Aang from his sister by the boy's bag strap.

"Sokka! What are you doing?!" Katara yelled as she tried to pry her brother's hands from her boyfriend's bag.

"That's what I should be asking you, LITTLE SISTER." He emphasized his last words.

"What does it look like, meat head?" She retorted as she grabbed Aang's arm, leading him down the hall.

"Bah-bye, Sokka." Katara said casually as she lead Aang down the hallway.

"Katara, get back here, now!" He screamed at her, only to be ignored.

"Hey, hon, just let it go. They are just kids, like we let them have a little fun. And we'll have a little fun too..." Suki told her love as she grabbed his hand, leading him off to fifth period.

X o x o

Standing in front of the blue doors that lead to the girls' locker room, Katara placed a kiss on Aang's lips. "Sorry about Sokka..." She said between kisses.

"It's okay...I like a little excitement in my day..." He replied as he gave her another kiss. Taking her hands in his, "So, meet me here during passing period?" He asked as he gave her another heart-melting smile.

"Okay." Katara told him as she gave him a quick kiss before heading into the locker room. Aang smiled to himself as the last bell rang, signaling that he was now late for fifth. He didn't care, it would be his first tardy all year. Aang strode down the hall, humming the lyrics to "Shorty Like Mine" to himself as he went.

X o x o

Taking her Phys Ed clothes from her locker, she saw Toph enter the locker room and wave. "Hey, I heard Sokka caught you and the freshy playing hanky-panky outside of Dean Bumi's office. Nice one!"

She congratulated Katara with a slap on the back. Katara squeaked at the sharp pain that shot to where Toph has slapped her. "Don't do that!" She complained as she rubbed the sore spot.

"I have volley ball after school today, I don't want to be more sore than I absolutely have too." Katara complained as she slipped her jeans off, then pulled her blue gym shorts on. "Whaa... Don't be a baby."

Toph mocked as she pulled her camo hoodie off and threw it into her locker.

"So, how's the freshmen?" Toph asked as she pulled her gym shirt over her head. A strong smell hit Katara like a wave. "Um, hon, when was the last time you took your clothes home?" Katara asked as she sniffed her shirt.

As Toph pondered the question, Katara yipped: "If it takes you this long to think, you really need to wash them." Katara reached into her locker and pulled out a plastic purple bottled and tossed it Toph.

"Victoria's Secret. Use it." Katara informed her as she slipped her gym shoes on.

"Love Spell?! What the hell is this shit?" She laughed as she looked to Katara and tossed it back at her.

"Good stuff." Katara laughed as took out another bottle from her locker, she then sprayed Toph with the heady fragrance. "Thanks! Now I have to spend the day smelling like..."

"Apples and hay!" Katara let out a loud peal of laughter as she fell to the ground, clutching her stomach .

"You bastard." Toph said as she too joined Katara in an uncontrollable peal of laughter.

X o x o

Tick. Tick. Tick. TOCK. He watched the clock with extreme annoyance. 'Why can't this day just be OVER WITH?' A disgruntled looking teen whispered to himself. The teen tapped his pencil against the top of his desk, creating a beat to get his mind off the clock.

"Detention is time to reflect on deviant behavior, Sir Tap A lot. Not to create the next beat for Snoop Dog's newest song." A mean looking little man said from behind a desk that sat in front of the brightly lit, and disturbingly silent room. Zuko rolled his eyes at the teacher's comment and began to doodle in his notebook. When he was finished with his piece, it resembled the detention instructor. 'X's where his eyes should be, and his tongue sticking out, Zuko couldn't help but let out a small laugh.

The teacher, upon hearing the laugh stood from his desk and walked over to where Zuko sat, and took the paper. "Well, this masterpiece has earned Picasso here another detention. Congratulations." The mean little man said as he handed Zuko another pink slip.

Zuko sighed and let his head fall to his desk. It was going to be along week.

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Well, that's chapter one. X3 I hope I did okay! It was my first attempt at an "AU" ficlet. If you guys like it, 2 should be out by tomorrow night. M'kay!

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