Through Your Eyes

Summary: (Kyo/Haru) Kyo and Haru never seem to get along, all they do is argue or fight. But how will their relationship change when a strange occurrence causes them to switch bodies?! Will they grow to understand each other or will it only make things worse? And more importantly, can they find a way to switch back?

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket or any of the characters.

Setting: during the anime

Chapter 1

"Oi! Quit staring off into space and hurry the hell up, you DUMB COW!" Kyo Sohma shouted to Haru as he waited after school with Tohru and Yuki for the boy to join them.

Haru Sohma, who had been standing motionless on the other side of the hallway, snapped his head up, eyes flashing. "WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME?"

"Finally, a reaction! You heard me, you dumb cow, now get a move on." Kyo insisted impatiently.

"You…. looking for a fight?" Black Haru growled.

"Please, I have better things to do –."

"You just want to start another fight 'cos you want to look good in front of Tohru if you defeat me, don't you?" Haru sneered, well and truly Black now.

Kyo growled. Why does the baka always have to bring her into this?

"You're not going to accept my challenge you weak little kitten? If you were a man –"

As usual, just like it hadn't taken much for Kyo to bring out Black Haru, it hadn't taken long for Haru to make Kyo snap. He lunged at the ox roaring, "Bring it on anytime!"

Standing a safe distance away, Yuki rolled his eyes. "Here we go again."

"Ah…s-shouldn't we stop them?" Tohru stammered.

Yuki simply sighed, looking at his watch impatiently.


That stupid cow, Kyo thought as he dodged Haru's fist and sent a punch back. Why can't he learn to control himself? If you ask me, this ' black side' thing he has going on is just a well-mastered act to use as an excuse to cause destruction and get away with it! Bah! Could he be any more pathetic?

Haru sneered as he attacked Kyo, a spew of insults spilling from his mouth that he knew would keep the boy fired and fighting. So immature… he thought, grinning as he managed to block a number of Kyo's attacks in quick succession. He spends so much time training just to defeat Yuki. It's like that's all that matters in his dumb life. What a baka.

The cat and the ox were so involved in their fight that neither noticed as one of Yuki's fan girls approached him, speaking quickly before leaving in giggling flutter, nor did they hear a word Yuki discussed with Tohru afterwards.

"Ano…Kyo – kun?" Tohru called.

The sound of her voice made him stop and look her way, and Haru used this distraction to his advantage. In the next instance a Kyo found himself flying through the air from the force of Haru's blow.

Haru laughed madly then abruptly reverted to 'White Haru' as Kyo hit the floor, skidded along on his back and came to a rest at Tohru and Yuki's feet.

Tohru gasped. "Kyo-kun are you okay?!"

"I'm fine…" Kyo grumbled, blushing. "Why were we waiting for that stupid cow boy anyways?"

"Tohru invited me over for dinner." Haru said in a bored voice.

"I was just informed of some matters I must stay back and attend to." Yuki said. "Honda-san offered to help me, so Kyo, you and Haru head off and we'll meet you at Shigure's later."


"Why is it that I always get stuck walking home alone with you?" Kyo grumbled. "As if that fact isn't bad enough, I have to keep a constant eye on you just to make sure you don't wander off in the wrong direction without even realising it."

"Actually Kyo," Haru looked straight at him, "this would be the first time me and you have walked home…alone… together." He smirked, knowing the stresses on certain words would both annoy and disturb the neko.

Why is he saying it like that? Kyo thought furiously. Is he trying to start another fight? I really don't feel like dealing with Black Haru…he's so unpredictable. I don't understand that octopus head at all.

"Well one time is one time too many." Kyo snapped, making a huffing noise and turning his head away.

He sighed, staring at the ground as he took each determined step, trying not to look back at Haru. After a few moments however he had to look up to make sure Haru was still following him. He saw the ox, also gazing at the ground, completely lost in his own little world, heading off the path and into the woods.

Typical! Kyo thought in annoyance, opening his mouth to shout at the other boy, but before he could he spied a blur of movement ahead. Alarm shot through him as he realised it was a girl, running, looking intently down at something that she clutched in her hands and not paying attention to where she was going – she was heading straight in Haru's direction!

If neither of them looked up soon they would collide.

Oh no! I can't let her see him transform! Kyo lunged towards Haru frantically, intent on pushing the absent minded boy out of the way. Unfortunately his timing was a little off, and instead of pushing Haru out of the way, he ended up reaching him at the same time as the girl.

All three smashed into each other.


They fell in a heap to the ground; the small bottle the girl had been carrying so carefully flying high into the air, spilling a sparkling silvery-blue liquid over the two boys. It evaporated the moment it touched them and left a fine, shimmering dust, which seemed to cling to their skin. Kyo sneezed as he attempted to brush the strange stuff off him while Haru blinked, trying to remove particles from his eyes.

When Kyo looked up he was astonished to see the girl had disappeared. "Hey! Where did she go?"

"More importantly, why didn't we transform?" Haru asked.

"I guess we were just lucky this time," Kyo alleged. "But how dumb can you get? You should really pay more attention to your surroundings you big, stupid, fat, DUMB cow!"

Haru growled low in his throat, eyes flashing. "What did you just call me?" He whispered with menace before attacking Kyo. "I'm not dumb!"

Kyo mentally groaned. I'm not dumb? What is he, a five year old? Crap, how come I always seem to bring out Black Haru so quickly? That baka really needs to learn how to control himself…


Much later, Kyo and Haru finally arrived at Shigure's house. Shigure greeted them at the door noticing their completely battered appearances.

"I see you two couldn't keep your hands off each other, could you?" Shigure teased. "Ah the vigour of youth!"

"SHUT UP!" Kyo screamed.

"You would think with all the practice I kindly provide you with, you would have defeated Yuki by now, Kyo." Haru piped up, unaffected by Shigure's comment. "It's shameful really."

"Fighting someone as unskilled as you is NOT considered practice!" Kyo yelled. "AND I WILL BEAT THAT DAMN RAT, JUST YOU WAIT AND SEE! IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!" He stormed off to shower.

Once in the bathroom, Kyo looked at himself. Where did all that strange dust go? he wondered. I was absolutely covered in it; surely it couldn't have all fallen off?

It was almost as if it had simply soaked into his skin…


Kyo turned off the water and stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel but was distracted by the sound of the door creaking open...

Haru poked his head in and was rewarded with the lovely sight of Kyo, fresh from the shower, hair sexily mussed up, tanned skin slippery, wet and glistening, one droplet of water sliding down his chest, over his tight abs and down –

"YOU PERVERT!" Kyo screeched.

Haru blinked, his face blank. "Honda asked me to tell you that dinner is ready."

Unable to stop the flaming blush that was spreading rapidly over his face, Kyo grabbed his towel and slammed the door.

A few minutes later he was dressed. As he exited the room, he was alerted by a sound from the other end of the hallway. Looking up he saw Haru, opening a door and poking his head inside.

"Nope, that's not the right one." Haru said to himself and meandered over to see what the next door held in store.

Kyo rolled his eyes. I can't imagine being so dumb I actually get lost in a house, and one I've visited so often at that. Muttering to himself, he walked briskly over to the ox, grabbed his arm and dragged him in the correct direction.


"Aww! How nice, now their holding hands!" Shigure chirped as Kyo and Haru arrived at the table. "Kyo and Haru realised their burning desire for each other this afternoon," he informed Tohru cheerfully.

"Huh?" she looked baffled.

"WHAT?!?!" Kyo yanked his hand off Haru's arm. "I WAS NOT HOLDING HIS HAND!"

Shigure laughed merrily.

Yuki sighed, putting his head in his hands.

"Yuki." Haru said, going to the rat's side at once. "Are you okay? Do you feel unwell?"

"Mm. Yeah. It's just a bit noisy..."

"Kyo. Shut up." Haru ordered.

Kyo twitched. "Don't tell me what to do!" But he sat down quietly anyway.

The neko chewed angrily at his food as he glared across the table. It really pisses me off when that cow comes over, he thought. He hated having to watch little love hearts practically pop into that dumb cow's eyes every time he glanced Yuki's way. Today for some reason, witnessing this spectacle seemed to be pissing him off to a greater extent than usual.

His thoughts were shredded as a sudden almost violently dizzying feeling rushed through him. What was that? Kyo shook his head slightly, trying to clear it. Maybe I'm just tired…

He excused himself from the table, and stumbled up the stairs feeling more and more dizzy with each step so that by the time he reached the top he was reduced to crawling.

I just need a little lie down then I'll feel much better… he tried to reassure himself.

Meanwhile Haru was experiencing a similar feeling.

"Gomen nasai." He apologised to the others. "I'm feeling slightly unwell all of a sudden. I think I should call Hatori so I can go home and lie down as soon as possible."

"AHH!" Tohru cried as Shigure went to call Hatori. "Was it my cooking?!"


Kyo blinked blearily as the sun shone through the window the following morning. He sighed heavily, Damn…school…wonder why my alarm clock hasn't gone off yet…he reached over to the table by the bed to switch it off, not wanting its piercing alarm to sound and abuse his eardrums unnecessarily.

Where was it? Not where it normally was. He moved his hand, blindly trying to find the clock. His fingers brushed against an object he didn't recognise in his room. Something smooth, cool, hard… He opened his eyes to see what it was. It was a shiny, metal chain and it looked suspiciously like something that Ha-

Kyo leaned closer; it was so shiny that he could see his reflection –

He froze as he looked into it and realised the reflection was not his. He slowly turned around to check behind him.

No one was there. Even slower now, he turned back to look at 'his' reflection and blinked rapidly. The face of Hatsuharu Sohma blinked back at him.

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