Chapter 14

Shigure Sohma's house loomed ahead of them.

Part of Kyo wanted to turn around and go dashing back into the woods. But he wasn't going to do that…especially after the speech Haru had given him…

Kyo turned to the ox and smiled, before walking with quick purposeful steps towards the door.

It burst open just as he neared it.

A blur of colour rushed at him and he felt two arms wrapped around him.


In the next instance, an orange neko stood where Kyo had been.

"Gomen nasai!" Tohru apologised, frantically, "I was just so pleased to see you've returned Kyo! We missed you so much!"

Haru gave Kyo a 'I told you so' look.

"Ahh! So the two horny teenagers finally return from their romp in the woods!" Shigure grinned widely as they entered the house.

Kyo stiffened, his tail standing straight up, his back arching. "Shut up you baka!" he warned, however Shigure was not at all threatened by the small orange fur ball hissing at him.

"We'll I understand that you two may have wanted some privacy, especially seeing as the walls in this house are paper thin, not really appropriate for some loud night time activity, but don't you think you spent a little too much time away, I mean you two must have been real preoccupied! But then I guess it's never too long when you're young! Young and energetic and – "

Hissing, Kyo launched himself at Shigure. He was glad he wasn't in human form at that moment or his bright red face would have completely given away the fact that Shigure's words were quite an accurate description –

"Yep. Kyo and I had a lot of fun. I made him mine. Many times." Haru said as simply as if they were discussing the weather.

Kyo was absolutely flabbergasted. He had imagined that he would try to keep their relationship quite, so as to avoid as much possible teasing from Shigure and Ayame and whoever else he decided to tell and to avoid awkwardness…. Until it became too obvious…but to just blurt it out like that!

Yuki came down the stairs to see what all the fuss was about.

"Sorry Yuki." Haru said. "I only have eyes for Kyo now."

Now that was something Kyo didn't mind hearing Haru say out loud. Strangely, he suddenly felt like sticking out his tongue at the rat.

Yuki nodded as if uninterested. "Good for both of you."

Tohru, who was looking a little confused, also looked delighted. "Waaaah! How wonderful!" she exclaimed.

Shigure headed for the phone, no doubt to call Ayame or Hatori and tell them things Kyo didn't want to think about. But he couldn't bring himself to stay worked up or angry because truly, in that instance he suddenly knew things would be different. Better.

Seeing that Kyo would turn back into his human form any second (minus the clothes) Haru picked Kyo up and said "I'll take him to his room."

Yuki cringed slightly while Tohru continued to smile happily.

"And then," Shigure's voice floated from the other room, "he said they did it again and again…do you remember when we used to be that energetic? Ah good times, right Ayame?"


A few weeks later.

Kyo smiled as he opened his eyes and watched the sunlight streaming through his window. He thought of Haru, as thoughts of Haru were the first things that crossed his mind every morning, and felt nothing but happiness.

It was hard to believe that not so long ago he would wake up and not want to get out of bed. But these days, he was even glad to go to school because that meant he would get to see Haru.

Kyo couldn't figure out exactly why simply seeing Haru made him feel so happy, made his heart swell and his blood rush a little faster, made him unable to stop the corners of his mouth turning up at the sight of the one he loved…

Love. It still sounded so foreign to him even when he thought it. But what else could explain this happiness and peace that had transformed his life?

To the casual onlooker, Kyo and Haru's lives may not have seemed to change much. They still went to school, stayed in their own homes, went to their classes, ate and slept as normal. Kyo still argued frequently with Yuki (though they did seem to be fighting a little less), Black Haru still emerged every now and then and even Kyo and Haru argued like they had used to.

But, someone who knew them would notice that even when they argued, even when they insulted each other they had a light in their eyes when they looked at each other that hadn't been there before. Someone who had always spent time around them would also notice the subtle and not so subtle looks the two boys would frequently give each other when they were together and the way they always seemed to be near each other these days…

But, even though on the surface life was not that different, for Kyo at least, he felt as if his whole life had changed. He never would have guessed that just finding someone who understood him could change things so completely…but maybe it would never have been just someone.

Haru…I'm so lucky to have you. Kyo thought, as he thought everyday.

That night as he laid his head against his pillow he thought back to that mysterious girl who had made this all possible. Truly, he owed her a lot for what had happened, even if it wasn't intentional, but he still felt that he needed to thank her….part of him felt anxious to make his gratification be known because part of him was scared if he didn't Haru might be taken away from him…yes part of him felt that something so good couldn't last.

But then every day, Haru was there, smiling at him, making him laugh…taking away all his worries and pain…giving him a reason to live…making him feel like it really could stay like this forever. He really wished he could go back and thank her…whoever she really was…whatever she really was.

Thank you so much…he sent the thought out to the mysterious girl before he closed his eyes and fell asleep.



He looked up at the sound of the soft feminine whisper and smiled when he saw the mountain, that mountain in front of him.

He looked up further to where he knew the cave would be, to where he knew that mysterious girl made her home where there was a pool of sparkling, magical liquid…

Somehow he only needed to think of it, and in the next instance he found himself there, standing inside the cave.

The girl was there too, hovering slightly over her pool, smiling at him.

Everything seemed to shimmer a silvery blue.

"I heard you call out to me, Kyo." She said. "And so I have brought you visit me in this dream."

"Huh?" was all Kyo could manage to say.

"This is a dream, but it is also real. I'm a woman of many talents." She laughed her musical laugh.

Kyo looked perplexed but then shrugged and smiled. "I just wanted to thank you. I realise I may have been a little rude to you last time we met, but in truth, you've enriched my life more than I can possibly express…to put it simply…now I feel like I actually have something to live for. Thank you."

Her smile grew wider. "What a charming young man you are! You are most certainly welcome!"

Kyo beamed feeling relieved that he had a chance to thank her though he wasn't sure if that deserved him being called 'a charming young man'.

The girl surprised him when she suddenly continued on, "Now, pleasantries aside, we both know why you really can't stop thinking of coming back to see me. You realise my offer to you to make a wish still stands. I have the power to grant anyone who sees me the wish of their dreams if they will only let me borrow their bodies for three days and three nights. I'm sure there's something more your heart desires?"

Kyo frowned slightly. "No…you are mistaken, I did not have that intention in mind."

"But surely…"

"Now that I have Haru there is nothing else I could possibly ever wish for."

"Well, would your boyfriend like to come here and make a wish of his own then?" she asked pleasantly, sending a strange chill down Kyo's spine. He started to get the feeling that, even if this was occurring inside his own dream, he should leave.

"No." he said, shaking his head with meaning. "I was lucky this time, but I don't like to push my luck. While magic may often be a good thing, it also brings with it too much power… it shouldn't be something that is used in greed. I'm very thankful for your help but I know too well that magic can also bring curses along with it. Sorry if it sounds like I'm judging you, there are lots of things I don't know about you or what you could do, but frankly I don't want to find out."

Kyo hated the way he was sounding. He didn't want to offend her when he had come here to thank her! But the sudden feeling that had crept up his spine was rapidly growing worse and worse. He felt like his blood was turning cold and it was disturbing him. He tried to shrug it off but it was becoming almost painful…

"So," he said, trying to maintain a pleasant tone but unable to help his next words suddenly becoming clipped, "Thank you, and this will be the last time we see each other. Good bye."

He turned and walked from her cave.

The girl peered into her pool of sparkling liquid and watched Kyo as he lay in his bed sleeping, his mind drifting off to other thoughts, to pleasant dreams concerning a certain black and white haired boy….

Her lips were still curved up in a smile, but this time, it was slightly sinister as she remembered his words. "So this is goodbye."

"Or is it really Kyo?" she said out loud and then laughed, her once light musical voice turning ice cold. "I don't think so."






The end. )

Well who knows, maybe the girl is wrong and has underestimated the compleate happiness Kyo and Haru have found together...maybe they will live happily forever after!

But maybe…

Well I wanted to leave it open because I actually have an outline for a sequal that I may or may not write in the future! It will probably be called

' Incomplete'. So look out for that one if you liked this story :) than you for reading!