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Mario Winans - I Don't Wanna Know

Katara hugged her knees to her chest and buried her face in her folded arms. The long, loose strands of her hair blew around her head as she gritted her teeth against the tears that threatened behind her closed lids.

She'd looked into his eyes, had seen the light there, and had believed, for that one brief moment, that he had changed. She didn't know why it hurt now, why she felt betrayed, and she didn't want to know.

Fuel - Innocent (acoustic)

Zuko threw his helmet on the ground, fell to his knees, and tilted his face up to the weeping sky. The cool rain washed away his blood, his tears, and his fire. He heard the approaching footsteps, and knew they didn't belong to any of his men. He didn't turn, didn't move, his soul weary from the fight.


Her voice snapped at him like the lightning that zigzagged in the sky overhead.

He didn't turn.

When she knelt at his back and put her arms around him, he leaned back, and thought that with her, he was still innocent.

Mariah Carey – Without You

The Firebender melted nearly every room he stepped into, nearly dumped himself and her grandmother into the icy seas when the older woman merely commented that his clothes clashed with everyone else's, and essentially alienated most of the villagers during his visit.

He complained about the food, the weather, her, but when it came time for him to leave, she very nearly trapped his ship in a glacier, and if not for his reasonable explanation that the Fire Nation would fall apart without him, she would have. His relief at leaving irked her, but when he held her long enough to make his retainers uncomfortable and to make her brother reach for his boomerang, she'd forgiven him.

Without him, home wasn't home anymore, and that was why, two days later, she was following him.

R.E.M. - Man on the Moon

Katara put her ear to the door, like she did every night, when Zuko came in to say goodnight to their son. She'd promised that she would give her men time alone to talk about 'man' things, as her husband was wont to describe it, but she knew that all Zuko did was tell their three-year-old fairytales that she knew his mother had told him.

"...if you believe, they put a man on the moon," he was saying.

At that, she wasn't able to resist. Opening the door a crack, she smiled when they looked at her.

"Actually, it's a woman," she whispered.

Breaking Benjamin – Had Enough

"You had to have it all, didn't you? Have you had enough? You greedy little bastard," Zuko snarled.

Azula's smile was feral. "You know I'll burn this whole world down before I let you have it."

She came at him with blue fire but he was faster than she was now and he was gone before she could even blink. What she didn't expect was the spray of ice darts that shot out from where he'd been standing or the cool gaze of the girl who'd thrown them.

"Zuko," Katara said, her eyes on the princess.

"Katara," he said, holding swords that burned with fire.

Azula curled her hands into fists. "I thought you changed, Zuzu."

Her brother looked at the girl, then back at her, and she saw his smile.

"I have changed."

And then he charged.

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