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Chapter 1 - Meeting

Mikan came running down the corridor after lunch break. She was late for Jinno-sensei's class. Again! Breathing heavily, she ran around a corner – and bumped into someone.

"Watch it, polka-dots, before I burn your hair", Natsume said, frowning. Before the girl could answer, he walked past her and entered the classroom.

Sighing, Mikan stood up and opened the door. Her math teacher turned to her and said

"Late again, Miss Sakura. This will mean another detention. Talk to me after class."

"But Natsume…"

"Stop complaining or I will be forced to judge you harder. You are lucky that I am in a good mood today."

With that, he continued his lesson. Mikan wasn't in the mood to get shot by her best friend's Baka-gun and simply took her seat next to her partner, resting her head on her arms. She felt tired and had deep shadows under her eyes. Yesterday had been a rough night since she had to learn for an upcoming test. Why did she always have to come late? She didn't do it on purpose.

"Your fault, polka-dots. You shouldn't mess with teachers and just come here on time. Idiot."

Natsume expected her to be shouting at him for calling her that, but she didn't. She just looked at him, a sad smile on her face, and said, almost too quiet for him to hear

"I know..."

At that moment, the young boy wished he hadn't said anything. He had a strange feeling he couldn't describe. Annoyed, he shook his head and spent the rest of the lesson ignoring her.

The bell finally rang, and Koko asked

"Who wants to go to Central Town?"

Natsume left the classroom; he had to go on a mission today but hadn't told Ruka so he wouldn't be worried.

In the end, Mikan, Hotaru, Anna, Yuu and Nonoko agreed to come with him.

"How about you, Ruka-pyon?" Mikan asked, being her cheerful self again.

Even though she would have to do garden service later that afternoon, she smiled happily at the thought of going shopping.

"Sure, why not. I guess Natsume wants to be alone for a while, since he left after the bell rang."

Mikan, who hadn't noticed that, said

"I'll go look for him. I think I know where he is, just wait for me at the bus station."

She then ran off, leaving the others behind.

Hotaru had a knowing smile on her face, but as usual, said nothing.

Mikan was at the Sakura tree, where Natsume usually sat reading his mangas, but he was nowhere to be found. Instead, a mysterious person stood there, wearing a mask. She walked innocently to him, asking

"Have you seen Natsume? He often sits here."

The man simply looked at her, then said

"You have the nullification alice, am I right?"

"Yes… I wished I had something like Natsume though, or Hotaru. I don't know what to do with this power, it doesn't seem to have a use."

"Don't say that, I think that you have a quite extraordinary alice. If you want, I can show you. I can help you get better at it, just like Natsume. How does that sound?"

Mikan looked up at him, her face lighting up in a smile.

"You would do that? I would really want to learn how to use the nullification. I will work hard and be a good student. I want to become as good as the others, so that I can help and protect them. What is your name?"


Again, Mikan smiled, and Persona stretched out his hand. The little girl hesitated, then said

"I'm supposed to meet with my friends now and go to Central Town…"

"You can go later, can't you?"

"No, I have detention", she said her voice dropping a little. She didn't want to admit from the beginning that she wasn't a very good student.

"That doesn't matter, I will talk to your teacher and ask them to dismiss this punishment. If not, they could postpone it. As for your friends, you can go to Central Town another day", he said, smiling to win her trust.

He would lose it fast enough anyway, just like Natsume's. Mikan thought for a moment, the nodded.

'For my friends', she thought.

Then, she took hold of his hand and followed him deeper into the woods.


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