"You ever touch her again and I'll rip your throat out." Hissed a black haired male. He was standing above a purple haired man, who was bloody and afraid. The ebony haired man smirked and walked away, to where a beautiful young girl was sitting silently.

The girl's black hair danced in the wind, while her sparkling emerald eyes shone lovingly at the onyx eyed boy. She stood up and threw her arms around his neck, while his arms were wrapped protectively around her waist.

"Honestly Sasuke-kun! How many times do I have to tell you that violence is not the answer?" Her sweet voice was muffled by the fact that her face was buried in his chest.

"Violence is not the answer? This coming from the leader of the Black Ribbon Girls." The man's smooth voice held amusement and mocking.

Everyone knew these two people. They were Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura 'Rin' Haruno. They were feared and respected, not to mention the two hottest and most popular kids at Konoha High. Sasuke was the leader of the gang Chidior. It's members were Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru Nara, Neji Hyuga, and Kiba. Chidior was known for the fact that all of its members were completely over-protective of their girlfriends. They dealt out beatings that would land a kid in the hospital for months at a time.

Sakura was the leader of the Black Ribbon Girls, a gang that could be identified because all of its members wore black ribbons. Its members were Hinata Hyuga, who wore her ribbon as a bracelet, Temari, who wore four ribbons to hold up her four ponytails, Tenten, who wore her ribbon around her forearm, and Ino Yamanaka, who wore her ribbon as an anklet. Sakura wore her ribbon as a necklace. While their boyfriends dealt out beatings, the girls preferred to play a different game. Of corse these girls would kick ass if needed, but they enjoyed mentally screwing kids up. They would torture kids so much the poor victim wouldn't be able to see a cat without flinching.

A warning bell pierced the air. Instantly kids began stopping their conversation and started heading off to class. Sakura smiled and intertwined Sasuke fingers with her's.

"Hey Sasuke-kun? Have you seen Kenji around anywhere? He's Tenten's partner for the English project."

Sasuke smirked remembering the 'talk' Neji had with Kenji. After that Kenji transferred schools, and Neji got to be Tenten's partner. Looking down at his green-eyed girlfriend Sasuke replied with a simple, "No." Both Sasuke and Sakura had Math first period, since their teacher, Kakashi, was always late, it was just like forty-five minutes of free time.

When they entered the classroom Sakura gave a small smile to Sasuke before skipping off to talk to her friends. "Hey Rin-chan!" The girls greeted warmly. "You will never guess what I heard! Ami is trying to put together her own gang!" Ino could barely contain her laughter as she explained this to her black-haired leader.

A smirk adorned Sakura's face. "I'd like to see her try." The rest of the class period was boring. Kakashi didn't even show up! "Most likely making out with Anko." Temari snickered. The bell rang signaling that first period was over.

The girls were on their way to History with Anko, normally the boys would walk with them, but they had 'business' to handle. That meant they were going to go beat the shit out of some boy. Lovely, right? As they were about to enter the classroom a hand grabbed Sakura's arm and pulled her to the side. Ino, Hinata, Tenten, and Temari followed her. "Oh my god!" Ino screeched, " I haven't seen you in forever!"

Standing before the girls was a man, around the age of 20, who had short jet black hair and sea blue eyes. He was caught up in a hug with Sakura. "Who in the fuck is he!?" The girls turned their attention to a seething Sasuke.

Temari laughed nervously. "Sasuke calm your ass down! That's Kyo-kun, one of Sakura's older brothers." Sasuke froze and regained his composure. Kyo let go of the startled girl and turned his attention to Sasuke. "Kyo Haruno." he introduced. "Sasuke Uchiha." Sasuke replied back.

"Anyway Imouto-chan I come with news! Two of the guys that work for me willing be staying with you and the rest of the guys." Kyo explained. Sakura's eyes widened for a moment. "You mean not only do I have to live with Takuto-nii-kun, Yuki-nii-kun, and Hiro-nii-kun, but now you're throwing in two of your lackeys!?" She screamed.

Kyo let out a long sigh. "Imouto-chan, these two guys are intrested in being some of my dealers, but they don't have much experience. I talked to the guys about it and they agreed to show these kids the ropes." Sakura shook her head in a fit of rage. "Isn't that just great! Now I have to live with five drug dealers!" (A/N Kyo doesn't live with her anymore) Sakura yelled. She looked into her brother's pleading blue eyes and sighed. "What are their names?"

Kyo smiled and hugged his petite sister. "Sai and Gaara!" He proclaimed.

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