Chapter 1

Pansy looked over to Blaise and sighed. Although they had both known this was bound to happen, they were not expecting it to happen so soon. Lucius had finally been sent to Azkaban, where he would never again be able to give Draco any more of that horrid potion. Thankfully they had been anticipating this event and had made an effort to study all their materials six months in advance. This was also the reason why they, along with Draco managed to convince Snape to allow them to take the 6th year exam. While they had barely passed, they scored high enough for them to convince Snape that they would not need to return to Hogwarts for their sixth year, which did not mean that they were able to graduate yet. Thus was the reason why they were on the Hogwarts Express on their way for their seventh year.

They were grateful, although they would never show it, that Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort at the end of the pervious school year. It made it safe for them to come out of hiding with Draco. While they all enjoyed their year in the Muggles World, they had missed the Wizarding World and want to return to everything they had been raised with as soon as possible. Only this time they would be returning in their true forms, rather then in the glamour they had been wearing the past six years. Blaise and Pansy would drop their ever present glamour charms, and Draco would return without the Gatto non tiches potion.

Gatto non tiches was a powerful influencing potion, it was one that stayed in your system for 6 months at a time, it caused it's user to act in a manner fitting of the person who created the potion. It was mostly used in the past by powerful warlords that wanted their generals to be able to make quick and worthy decisions for them in battle, but because it removed your free will and made you a watcher in your own body, it had been banned by the Ministry of Magic.

Draco looked at the two people he considered siblings, and cocked his head to the side. A frown laced his features as he carefully watched them. Leaning over he suddenly gave Pansy a hug.

"Don't be sad, older sister." Draco stated, Pansy gave a small smile.

"I'm not sad, I'm…I'm worried. You…you might find your mate now that that potion isn't stopping you, and you'll finally have someone to care about you." Pansy answered.

"I'm sorry" Draco replied, looking away,

"Oh, it's not your fault that Lucius made you into a Ceraberus." Blaise stated as his golden eyes stared straight into Draco's silver. Draco's cat ears twitched in responded as he looked down suddenly feeling ashamed of what he was.

"Just because you are a Ceraberus, doesn't mean we love you any less." Pansy stated as she pushed some of her long black hair out of her face. They had been through this enough times to know what to expect with the sensitive Ceraberus. "We've protected you, and keep you safe because we love you. We will continue to do so until you find your mate, and even then you won't be able to get rid of us." A smile graced Draco's lips.

"Thank Pansy, Blaise. I love you too." Draco replied.

"I would hope so." Blaise grinned, "Now let's sleep. We are going to be up all night if we are going to convince Snape to give us the 7th year tests."

"You think he will?" Pansy asked.

"Sure, as long as we use the one person he can't say no to." Blaise responded.

"I see. You can really be evil Blaise." Pansy grinned.

"Who?" Draco asked innocently, he couldn't help the cold shiver that went down his back the second the other two people in the compartment looked over to him.

Draco looked around the train, they were halfway to Hogwarts and Blaise and Pansy were fast asleep in their compartment. Deciding to leave the two love birds alone, he decided to look for the pull that had been distracting him all morning. Looking up he realized that the pull was strongest here, from this compartment. Opening it, he made sure his glamour was up, as well his hood. The last thing he needed was for people to start firing curses at him for no reason.

Harry looked up as the door opened. He had been trying to keep this compartment empty while he waited for his friends to join him. However, he was starting to doubt whether or not they were really his friends; after all he had not seen or heard from any of them after he had killed Voldemort over the summer.

It had been a brutal battle; people were killed on both sides. One lost that hit Harry hard was Luna Lovegood, for she had always been a constant by his side. Her quirkiness was something he had quickly found he enjoyed. Although another death, one he had not expected to hit him hard was that of Narcissa Malfoy. It had turned out that she was a spy for the light, and he had quickly started to see her as a mother figure during the short time they knew each other. He had little doubt that she blamed Voldemort for the death of her son, Draco; although he and his two friends Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini were thought to have been missing after the end of 5th year, Harry noticed the intense anger she had towards Lucius, and contributed it to that. She had gotten hit by a curse that was aimed at him and died in his arms. She had made him promise to take care of her son, although Harry believed only she and Professor Snape actually believed Draco to be alive, but since it had been her dying wish, he agreed to it.

Looking at the hooded figure in the doorway, he felt a mixture of feelings overtake him, the first being apprehension towards the hooded figure, there were still several Deatheaters that were trying to kill him to avenge the death of Voldemort. The next was a pull to get to know this hooded figure and the feeling that allowing this person to leave the compartment would bring him pain.

"Can…Can I stay here?" A timid voice asked. Harry paused a moment, staring at the figure in front of him, he nodded. Telling himself he could use the company. A relieved sigh came from hooded figure as he sat down across from Harry. "Thank you for letting me sit here, I wanted to let elder brother and older sister have some time alone."

"You're welcome…but who are you, and what year are you in?" Harry asked.

"Umm, older sister said I was not allowed to tell people my name, but I am a seventh year." The hooded figure stated.

"Really? So you survived the war," Harry stated.

"Oh…you mean the war against Voldemort?"


"Elder brother, older sister and I left for the Muggles world. We only came back because we had to take our seventh year exams, they didn't tell me it was over yet. Maybe Elder brother will let us stay the year. It would be nice to see Uncle and Mother again."

Harry's heart went out to the hooded figure, he sounded so innocent when he spoke about his family, that Harry wished that he would speak about him like that. Harry decided that he wanted to get to know this boy more, that is, until the hooded figure discovered who Harry really was and decided to abandon him like everyone else had.

When Pansy awoke she sensed that something wasn't right, looking up she realized that she was lying of Blaise's chest and if that wasn't bad enough, Draco was missing from the compartment. Jerking to a sudden awareness, she started to shake Blaise awake. Quickly telling him that Draco was missing, the two separated and went to search the train for the missing Ceraberus.

Opening and closing countless of compartment and finding some things she did not want to see, she finally found the compartment she was looking for.

"DRACONIS LUCIAN SEVERUS BLACK MALFOY!" Pansy screamed as she tackled the Ceraberus, knocking his hood off his head.

"Older sister, what's wrong?" Draco asked as he blinked his silver eyes owlish.

"What's wrong, what's wrong? You disappeared on us and you ask what is wrong. Do you have any idea how worried I was?" Pansy scolded.

"I'm sorry Pansy, I didn't mean to worry you, but I wanted you and elder brother to have some time together. Plus I started talking with Harry here, he is really nice. Did you know that Voldemort is dead? Do you think that it'll mean we will have to leave after the exams, we can spend some time with Uncle and visit Mother, right?" Draco asked.

Harry watched as an attractive black hair woman tackled the hooded figure knocking down his hood. He was shocked to see the trade mark platinum blond hair of Draco Malfoy, although the sudden shouting of his name had helped in the discovery of the hooded figure. As he watched the two interact with one another he was shocked to discover that the woman was in fact Pansy Parkinson. Two of the three missing Slytherins had just turned up after being thought to be dead for the past year.

"What do you mean 'Harry'?" Pansy asked as she finally turned to look at the person sitting across from Draco. "Oh bloody Morgana, It's Harry Potter. Damn it Draco, the one person you should have avoided and you hook up with him."

"I'm sorry Pansy. I didn't mean to…but I was pulled here," Draco stated, tears forming in his eyes. Petting him on his head, Pansy gave a small smile.

"I'm the one who should apologize, I shouldn't have shouted at you, I was worried, and that's all."

"Wait, am I missing something here?" Harry asked as he watched two people he thought he knew interact. This was not the way Slytherins were supposed to act.

"Potter, I'm thankful that you kept Draco safe. But this is none of your business." Pansy stated.

"Well Parkinson, I am curious as to your new looks, and to why you two came back after it was said you were all dead." Harry replied.

"Dead? Who said we were dead? Didn't you ask Snape, he would have told you that we had gone to the Muggles world; the last thing we wanted was to be slaves to Voldemort. We would have become them if we had stayed, and I for one would have rather died then to see Draco in Voldemort clutches." Pansy stated.

Suddenly the doors slammed open,

"Pansy…you won't believe what I have just found out,"


"Elder brother,"

"Potter" Blaise's eyes narrowed as he noticed him with his family.

"Elder brother be nice to Harry, he's my new friend." Draco stated as he stood in front of Harry a frown in his face. It was in this instant something flashed on both Pansy's and Blaise's face.

"Draco…"It was all Pansy was able to say before she burst into tears.

"Parkinson?" Harry asked worriedly.

"Older sister, I'm sorry, don't cry." Draco made to hug her but was stopped by Blaise.

"Don't Draco, We understand. She just needs to get over the fact that you don't need us anymore." Blaise answered.

"What in Merlin's name is going on here?" Harry shouted, the three Slytherins looked over at him.

"You don't realize it, do you?" Blaise asked. "Draco, take off the glamour." Draco nodded and murmured a Finite Incantium. His ears appear on top his head, as his eyes grew larger and his pupils became slits. His blond hair grew down to his waist. "Draco here is a Ceraberus. He is the only one of his kind in existence, and he had just found his bond mate…you Potter. It looks like we'll have to spend the year in Hogwarts after all." Blaise smirked.

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